Thursday, 11 August 2022

Pulp Dungeons Series2 Vol1-4 + Monsters of the Multiverse

So some more of these old zines
Link to Series 1 Vol5-8

These follow the same basic formatting which is an advantage. They are all supposed to be one interlinked dungeon, but they would mostly be fine as short dungeons. Lots of the dungeons seem like mad wizards had some influence in each to some degree. Maybe I need a d100 things mad wizards did to the dungeon. A few interesting mechanical and magical things I wonder why not in D&D. 

Series 2 vol 1: The Element of Terror
So this is a sequel to the "The Forsaken Elves" series one vol1. These are the witches who messed the elves up and made them crazy in some incurable way. A good mixed of built and cavern complex and a nice dungeon. Lots of witches, cats, crows and some demon stuff. Has a gage of curses. Eventually, adventurers are in a trap and getting out is a risk. Probably one of the better ones.

Series 2 vol 2: Ogre Smatch
Small dungeon with mad wizard design features the ogres live in. Some weird temples and strange sages who help you get out and you might horribly kill them. The Intro staircase has kobold paste everywhere a nice touch. Some good prisoners too. Starts straightforward and gets weird. The boss has a pet undead rhino which is an awesome horror.

Series 2 vol 3: A caves of the Accursed Wings
So a wilderness adventure on a magic mountain that comes and goes made by a mad wizard who hates birds and flying kind and made this place to torment them. You get to free some cosmic imprisoned rock and other creatures and get to learn what a jerk the wizard is. Its pretty weird and with a bit of work might fit in my current game because of the mythic scale of the weird wizard. 

Series 2 vol 4: Dragon's Fountain
A magic dragon made this place to outdo wizards for fun. A weird-designed dungeon that is really a trap with lots of super dangerous monsters. Like mechanical dragons and the mechanical beast the dragon spars for fun. Spectacular interesting themed treasures too. A nice sewer fiend monster. This would make me scared of dragon lairs for a while and quite interesting and weird. A mad dragon's dungeon.

I have 4 more to read then some comics.
I did a review of an Avengers comp elsewhere I'm tempted to put here - its as weird as a RPG campagn.

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