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Followers for an 8th Lv Cleric of Girra

So some prep for sunday game. While Players are imprisoned inside a magic ziguratt their followers have been outside possibly carousing. So making some rolls for them. Our new priest of Girra the god of fire and purity has a small temple he is responsible for in the kingdom of the Sun God. So we didn't do his followers last game but now we need some on hand. Ive been letting people adopt other classes as followers quite often if they meet such people in play or recruit after some public deed. Carousing is a good way to meet followers. Part of the plan is a skeleton staff run the small temple allowing the adventurer time to adventure.

So start getting followers at 5th Lv and every level after 1d4 zero lv or one 1st Lv follower

Also can have your charm bonus +1 in followers selected in play as long as 0Lv or 2HD less than your level. Can be horse, dog, lover, sibling, adopted child, servant whatever and recruited with a roll and some smooth roleplaying

1st Lv Has two slots from attributes and are most flexible type of follower
-Reformed thief zero acts as a scout and servant
-Dumber younger adopted bastard brother Zero Level man-at-arms
5th Lv 2 Zero level students wanting to be priests
6th Lv 1st Lv warrior bodyguard
7th Lv 1st Lv priest
8th Lv 1st Lv priest

So with Lv creep:
1x 6th Lv Thief - Arad Nusku
a scout for wickedness in the night or on streets HP 30
has a +1 dagger, elven boots and 3 scrolls of cure light wounds
1x 6th Lv Priest- Lubad
a life-long friend younger adopted bastard brother HP 30
+1 Mace +1 Sheild scroll or cure poison and cure disease
1x 3rd Lv priests - Lu Dugga
an admin scribe and scholar, temple secretary HP 15
has a magic lamp and +1 staff and a cure light wounds scroll
1x 3rd Lv priests - Er Gibil 
a red smith and temple armoured HP 18
bronze plate and a +1 hammer
1x 3rd Lv warrior - Bakish
a bodyguard and konga chariot driver HP24
+1 shortsword, composite bow
1x 2nd Lv priestess - Arzi
lamp, mace, staff, 2 incendiary pots with fuses
 the fire altar keeper HP 10
1x 1st Lv priestess - Zuweni
 the temple household overseer and cook HP 5
rolling pin, knife, cleaver, bronze frying pan

So Arad the thief and Bakish the charioteer are the regular followers who go adventuring while the rest of the crew stay at home now and adventure less often. Lubad runs the temple currently but likes to slip away if possible from duty to follow his master. So the temple has a stable of Konga, a brewery, kitchen, a fire altar, a smithy, some cattle, goats and swine. Also, keep a wonderous ox that is not allowed to work but secures stud fees for temple who is quite tame.

I'm considering at 10th Lv of offering weirder followers like non-humans and cult-preferred Abhumans. One character has a minotaur follower basically. So perhaps weirder heroes and creatures and demihumans or beast or elemental folk. I guess the attribute-derived followers you can grab on day one in play will always be your best and possible replacement character. I'd like this to be a feature more. I'm happy for adventurers to have time skips to find followers running the show and your ex-fave follower runs everything. Followers from class levels tend to be one-off so if they die that's it. Players in my games often raise their dead followers and ex-wives if possible. The stat-derived followers can leave you or be replaced again and again but you'll get a bad wrap like Hercules.

Followers in my games tend to die lots for their player character friends. Most players are quite keen to do this. Cept that one time player debated raising his ex-dead wife now that he could afford to raise dead spells. He worried if the fact she was an orc and he was remarried to three kobolds and the higher level was a problem but they worked it out. He was always willing to marry humanoids to bring peace. Certainly, players became vindictive to who killed their minions. In my SF game characters have all followers brain scanned with clone back ups. In fact they could grow an army of them.

Followers at low levels can really help the whole party survive that first resource-based horror crawl. At higher levels that can make things too easy. And then you get those wimpy low level followers that seem to frail to come along in case you get fireballed. Letting them run the player character's estate, business or other matters is a good way to tie them up. You can leave excess followers to settle a village or work on a lab or go on adventures for you. They could glean those dungeons you cant be bothered with finishing and perhaps adventure in a secret level you missed.

Charisma is the most popular stat in my games and Strength is the main dump stat.

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