Monday, 15 August 2022

More Sacred Temple of Erwadu Playthrough

So we did some carousing rolls for followers outside the dungeon and some battled an old lion and helped meddle in a family struggle and a few gained levels.

Party inside dungeon managed to finish the main ground level, went through the caves below, dodged a dragon turtle, and recovered all the rune stones needed to advance. Finally got ready to the upper level and last few rooms. Went crazy with a potion od clairvoyance and peeked into areas they had avoided. Possibly they could have skipped the giant dragon turtle cave but they decided it safer to do the adventure properly to get the best success. I've allowed them to avoid several encounters with cunning like a player in the form of a tiny dragon avoided touching stuff and got a runestone and left an offering in its place avoiding a Gorgon that could have killed them and a curse. The thief has proven invaluable and players glad brought several clerics. A few scenes of vapourising undead went from fear to cheers in a few rounds. Party have come to hate fear powers of mummies.

Lots of tight battles and creatures to chat with. Was a good room where a bone devil split the party with ice walls and caused lots of trouble. He released 30+ 1hd scorpions that were scary and annoying and climbed onto the fighters trapped by ice. The draconic shape shifter blasted them with fire after punching through an ice wall and a cleric and some spells stopped the devil. Most of the party had only a few spells and half HP. A few potions and healing spells left.

Met three witches and two adventurers brave enough to roll on a weird blessing/curse table and got a level up. People did burn through my homebrew luck points too. Spells not being recoverable has been a challenge and all casters are wary. Burning those scrolls and wands instead which is why you hoard them.

Finally had a bunch of lions and 3rd lv warriors that were difficult and watched by a judge Shedu. after the fight he rewarded them with healing and a feast before going to the upper level.

The room set-ups and monster tactics are above average and concise and easy to read and prep for and run on the fly. Probably one of my fave 80s style adventures yet. I mentioned the other one by same company about a silver planar tower and players were keen.


  1. Great recap. Sounds like a lovely time, so much of it is up my alley! Love the runestone swap especially and I share their hatred of mummies. Is there a write-up on the spell mechanic you're working with, as I also find people hoard magic kit far too long when I'd rather it be an in/out sort of treasure and keep players thinking of it as useful options rather than stuff at the bottom of a list of possessions for "maybe, if, when" rainy days.

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  3. the dungeon is a lock in test of the gods and they stop spell recovery. players enjoying and being thorough and careful at 8th Lv. Yes using stockpile of scrolls and potions is great.

    module lots like classic C1

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  5. sale here and print versions available
    2 new ones on the way


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