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Post Apoc Locations 1 - Wasteland & Wilderness

So im playing video games sorry and being offline more. Am reading lots too so some more reviews coming and I got a few days ahead on writing.

So when making adventures you might need a location for something. It might be mentioned in a map or a prisoner might offer a cache stash for freedom. You might need a meeting place or a hideout of someone and possibly have some own atmosphere and mood. Whatever the case here they are. You could roll 2 or three times and combine them.

d10 Quick Location Types
1 Rural ruin
2 Farms
3 Tourist Attraction
4 Roadways
5 Bush
6 Wetlands
7 Desert
8 Rocky
9 Industrial
10 Tainted lands

d100 Wasteland & Wilderness Locations
01 Small shop and post office
02 Garbage dump with rubbish from many eras
03 Rusted and wrecked farm machines and vehicles in a field
04 Crude wooden shack surrounded by scrub
05 Ruined pub or hotel, often from colonial times
06 Oval with changing rooms, clubhouse with bar, tuck shop and sheds for groundskeeper and storage
07 School with several buildings, sports field and playground
08 Remains of scrap built a shantytown where mutants lived
09 Rural small hospital (12-30 capacity) often with a small airstrip for flying doctor service
10 Old church buildings with damaged roofs and a graveyard
11 Colonial farmhouse ruin, usually roofless and decayed
12 Settler farm shacks incorporating some repaired ruins
13 Ruined farmhouse with intact barn or sheds
14 Huge concrete water tanks or towers often with graffiti
15 Windmill with cattle troughs often attracts wild animals
16 Shed with old water bore pump
17 Shearing shed or dairy
18 Farm supply store in a large shed
19 Remains of wild fields and huge rusted and wrecked agromech
20 Fenced automated farm tended by robots behind an electric fence
21 Fairyland Village with animatronics robots living in mushroom cottages
22 Rangers shack often near the park entrance or on a hiking trail
23 Adventure playground now full of traps and critters
24 Caves with a tourist shack on top
25 Historic Mine with a shack on top and intact tunnels below
26 Tourist farm, specialising in some ancient produce like wine, chocolate, emus
27 Camping area with toilet and shower block with many camp sights
28 Aboriginal art site with remains of the tourist office, art gallery and prehistoric rock art
29 Tiny Town miniature village with miniature famous buildings, mini-golf, restaurant
30 Water park with pools, rides and water slides now decayed and vermin-infested
31 Ruined roadhouse or fuel station
32 Remains of a toll or truck weigh station with wrecked vehicles
33 Ruined motel complex
34 Huge billboard with fading advertising and campsite
35 Rest stop with campsite, map on a sign and ruined toilet block
36 Famous crossing where roads and or rail crosses
37 Highrise highway, often collapsed in sections, some even settles or with plants and animals
38 Transit tunnel for rail or ground cars through some obstacle
40 Bridge or overpass with wrecked vehicles and many hiding spaces or securable camps with limited access. Some bridges have hollow spaces used as bomb shelters
41 Thick scrub forest difficult to cross and undergrowth so thick
42 Gigantic gum trees often animals here or even a treehouse
43 Huge trees signs once used for native canoes or tribal markers
44 Pleasant tribal camp area with water and shelter from the wind and aeons of rock carvings
45 Burned area destroyed in a bushfire, now ghostly quiet and haunted
46 Remains of logging camp with wrecked forestry mecha
47 Fenced of former woodland wildlife park with cages and lots of sheds and ponds
48 Strange forest of eucalyptus trees that glows blue at night and give off strange fumes
49 Forestry reserve occupied by cloned pine trees and blackberry bushes
50 Area overgrown with titanic fungus growths and full of bugs
51 Waterfall with spectacular pool hidden by rocks and scrub
52 Marshland, bog or mangrove swamps
53 Bridge over water, mostly repaired over water
54 Rusted old iron bridge from 1890s, partly damaged over water
55 Salt lake seasonally flooded mostly surreal coloured salt crust over mud
56 Lake or river bend or beach with old holiday shack ruins
57 Ruined ferry crossing (might be in use)
58 Pleasant beach or river shore with rock pools and old warf
59 Billabong, part of river cut off forming pond, a favourite place for bunyips or camping
60 Huge wrecked marine vessels partially sunken, now overgrown and decayed
61 Sea of fine dust, white or yellow or red
62 Barren area with scrawny shrubs and skinny trees
63 Gigantic termite mounds like buildings
64 Cacti forest often mutant prickly pear or other varieties
65 Colourful desert flowers grow here and any rain brings forth spectacular colours
66 Broken rocky barren ground and loose red soil inhospitable to most life
67 Crater ancient missile attacks, contaminated, possibly a test range or miss
68 Huge skeleton of some mutant behemoth
69 Tribal campsite with water source hidden in rock outcrops if you know where to look
70 Sandy area with strange mounds and pits and burrows of some hazardous creature, mutant ant lions, moles, worms or some other menace
71 Old airfield with a small tower, sheds, wrecked aircraft and tattered windsock
72 Fenced off ruined military base, either damaged or pristine maintained by robots
73 Railway stations, often colonial buildings, some with various train sheds
74 Industrial complex for mining, agriculture or industry
75 Electrical substation or industrial solar battery
76 Caravan park with up to a hundred caravans and wrecked motorhomes
77 Wreckers yard with stacks of wrecked vehicles, robots and an aircraft. Also crushers, cranes and other machinery to strip wrecks, possibly working robots or wild dogs here
78 Pipeline once for water or gas or oil, often buried in actions or may have inspection points or crossings under roads or may have a walkway or pumphouse
79 Solar farm in barren flat land, semi-buried in sand
80 Wind farms in a windy area, hundreds of huge windmills
81 Quarry with machine wrecks and flooded pit
82 Open pit mine with tunnels and wrecked machines
83 Weathered canyon with limited entries
84 Toxic dump, fenced pit flooded with floating drums and strange colours
85 Spectacular natural rock formations a local landmark and colourful name
86 Cave complex or sinkhole into the deep
87 Cliffs and scrub where goats like to live, sometimes remains of native rock shelters or art
88 Area full of old mineshafts and rubble mounds, can be a hazard but often some underground dwellings or lairs
89 Collapsed sinkhole into an underground tube train tunnel that may go for any amount of distance. Long ago was a vacuum maglev train tube for hypersonic transit now a shelter for many creatures
Remains of a ruined prison built from prefab structures often ruined and covered in graffiti and fire damage
91 Concrete bunker with a rusted door
92 Aircraft or space shuttle crash site
93 Craters from ancient warhead strike, contaminated and strange coloured
94 Contaminated pool of strange coloured fluid, surrounded by stunted mutant plants
95 Remains of prison camp from prefab buildings and skeletons of polydomes and biohazard containment drums. Medical equipment and waste is plentiful
96 Remains of the military checkpoint with prefab buildings and an antenna and barricades
97 Ruined bunker complex with tunnels and exposed open entrance
98 Radar dish for defence and astronomy with control building
99 Large windowless building surrounded by fences and defence robots and dishes on top. An AI installation and formerly date security site may be intact or ruined
100 Battlefield contaminated and strewn in wreckage on bones, often dangerous mutants and scavengers lurk here and worse hazards

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