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Apocalyptic Carousing: Rum, Sodomy and the Lash

So my carousing laws not based on money or xp as both are fairly unimportant game features. They are for when a player away or characters hope to spend time with wild abandon and risk rolling here for fun. You can roll as a group (possible safer) all solo. Perhaps one roll together and then a solo each for later part of night if nothing too terrible happens.

d10 Quick Types of Carousing
01 Drinking 
02 Drugs
03 Fornicating
04 Thrills
05 Tech
06 Crime
07 Factions
08 Past
09 Celebration
10 Opportunity

01 Woke up spewing, save or barely able to move 24 hours
02 Woke up in strange bed and house with vomit handprints on walls
03 Woke up in a gutter to d4 1=law officer 2=urinating dog 3=urchins poke you with a stick 4=a stray farm animal is asleep in your arms
04 Wake up in cell d4 1=loacal law 2=cannibals 3=slavers 4=cultists
05 Wake up chained to a radiator by a moral zealot who wants to save you from sin
06 Caught in a barfight d6x10% of HP lost or play it out d4 1=arrested 2=charged with damage 3=now you have new best buddy 4=a gang has sworn to end you
07 Woke up in gang compound with gang tattoo and clothes, these guys love you 
08 Had night dancing and drinking and made a d4 new contacts and possibly a deal
09 Woke up near a sly grog shop tent in pool of your own vomit
 Sophisticated night of cabaret and cocktails in a secret speakeasy, met some classy local elites
11 Woke up in bush after a mushroom induced nightmare
12 Passed out ofter massive bong session now hungry enough for three meals now despite sleepiness
13 Woke up laying in a grave cuddled up to a skeleton 
14 You tried a d4 new drugs last night, save for each or you really would like to start a habbit
15 Took pills at a feral dance party now you on a love bus full of hippies and punks on the road somewhere 
16 You were high in a forest and helpless as a kitten, Cha save or some animal had a few pips at you. On success, curious animals hang out with you
17 You developed nasty skin infections from dirty needles, save of have some life-threatening disease (curable by ancient tech). Save you just have a horrible rash for d4 weeks 
18 You made a new friend with some stuff in common and you ran amok around town
19 You attain telepathic contact with some plant or fungal consciousness, it whispers to you for a d4 days to come and meet in person
20 Have series of strange visions about the past and future and felt like your soul leave your body
21 Angry farm clan with a gun to take you to your wedding or awake in your new home
22 Awake in a shack in a mutant shanty town with your new tentacled mutant lover with memories of mutant village orgy
23 Awake to an angry person causing you of sleeping with their lover or love interest
24 A robopimp demands money for you spending night with their sexbot or android
25 You spent the night with flirty attractive youth who immediately ditched you without a word
26 Met an interesting lover but they are somebodies slave or in debt and cant leave town
27 Spent night with an attractive lover but their home you awake in is part of a cultist compound and this is how they recruit people
28 Awake married in a fancy outfit in your new partner's home and meet your new family
29 Met amazing love interest but they are under the thrall of family, faction or current partner
30 Hook up with lover but turns out they are d4 1=shape shifting mutant preditor 2=host for parasites 3=work for secret black lab and you are experiment 4=agent of a faction wants to recruit you or travel with you and report your activities
31 Spent night drunk playing with punks on playground or athletic course and lost a d4 HP but someone else was decapitated or impaled using equipment in non-prescribed manner
32 Stole a vehicle with new party pals and ran over some gang members and crashed vehicle. Your new friends gang members and now your wanted by several hostile groups
33 Hanging out drinking on fire range and blow half your ammo. Only a d4 people were injured make save to see if one was you
34 Ended up in gladiator fighting pit (play this or roll) d4 1=made friends with team mates and d4x10% HP loss 2=was beaten by huge psycho lose 2d4x10% HP 3=horribly killed someone by accident and local psychos think you are so cool 4=lost d4x10% HP but won a bag of coins from bets and were treated to celebration by some local boss like a VIP 
35 Got into a car race and are liable for damage d4 1=deadmans canyon, who can stop the closes 2=on vehichle gladiator kill team, possibly invite friends 3=race through course with hazards and dangerous encounters 4=make a daredevil leap over canyon or rooftop for a dare, if fail drive attempt end up near death and broken
36 Drunkenly with new friends got into firefight with new friends, you got to loot a d4 gang members 
37 Got into a fight and only lost a d4 HP but some boss mad you and offer and the crowd gave you lots of drinks
38 Hanging out with some well off local in the bar and someone tried to kill your companion if you save them they reward you with a nice firearm and ammo and a place to stay and party for d4 days
39 Went hunting while drunk with rednecks d4 1=some monster ate several hunters and their clan hate you for escaping 2=catch a fearsome monster and celebrate with a barbeque with new buddies 3=lost in wilderness hungry and chased by monsters for d4 days 4=found interesting bunker hatch nobody else saw and can go back later to look
40 Smashing up windows and fixtures on ruin with drunken vandals when a security robot turned up d4 1=knocked out and everyone else missing 2=fled in terror while it butchered vandals 3=You got to loot d4 piles of electronic scrap  4=robot security lockup in secret underground cop cave, robot judge demands payment or d4 days lock-up, extra days if you disrespect robots authority 
41 Found ancient addictive gambling machine and hooked all night, save or keen to repeat 
42 Played awesome addictive videogame console with some punks, save or you crave your own console
43 Found small smelly cinema operated by gang showing ancient pornography
44 Came across gang with a huge comic collection and read all night, learned of the everyday godlike lives of the ancient heroes and their pre-war mutant powers with these historic documents
45 Got to watch lots of old vids over drinks in a camp and if you have data media can trade files and double your collection
46 Played dance video game for money vs a gang member with a massive crowd
47 Got to play chess with an AI
48 Some nerd showed you how to adjust stunners into more pleasure based nueral frequency and it was a blast
49 You met someone wonderful but turns out they were synthetic d4 1=android 2=robot with meat epidermus 3=replicant agent of a secret faction gathering information 4=cyborg body used by remote AI or person
50 Tried out ancient device to mind meld with someone which was strange
51 Got into heist scheme with some dudes, save roll or caught in a cell on success got some loot and gang go separate ways
52 Caught a thief and got into conflict with a gang in public
53 Made some friends to party with and got involved in a gang battle
54 Did some favour for a guy and turns out his enemies think you have something of value
55 Some mobster run venue claims you owe for all the stuff you thought was on the house
56 You met someone you liked but they are owned by a gang and are afraid to escape
57 You defended someone but turns out they were mob money collectors and they have gone to get more thugs
58 Met a gang boss and he offers you reward if you wipe out some rivals quietly so nobody can blame them
59 Party with a gang and now other locals more distant and fearful of you
60 Got to party with some gang hotshotsand witnessed several shootings and stabbings

61 Meeting some tribal folk and brought back to camp to party. Now you know a few words like hello and a few locals recognise you favourably

 Woke up with some object that various factions all looking for
63 Invited to play one of the brutal post apocalypse sports for a team short on members after a fatal incedent
64 Shown a secret cache of technology by a cultist who shouldn't have
65 Taken to a cult party d4 1=tried to sacrifice you 2=ate some human flesh 3=cult orgy 4=you acted along and escaped before some bizzarre initiation like marrying a goat
66 Meet a bunch of local millitary or militia or bailif in uniform of duty and hear some amazing possible capers you could profit from
67 Met a motor gang and went on some joy rides in wasteland all night, d3 days to walk back but know some mechanics and drivers
68 Met some local mutants and they were ok and they thought well of you for not being a anti mutant bigot. Now a few local mutants wave at you
69 Met animal abhumans and got to be the token human in their drunken wild sports and dances 
70 Met a bunch of guys and their robots, offered you cheap cyborging and tech
 Found someone you used to know now a homeless beggar with memory loss
72 Some jerk you hate from past experience is a local cop or gang luitenant 
73 Some crazy exlover has found you and harrased you all night and scared off your firends
74 Met long lost childhood pal somehome here alive after years with a great story how they arived
75 Met a missing parent or relative hardened by the wastemand drinking themself into a stupor 
76 Saw some guy in town you remember was a member of a hated dangerous faction here for trouble
77 Saw some slavers you had a bad time with once and would like to make them pay or get information about missing friends
78 Long lost peer now member of some faction or gang. They invite you along but they have changed and their faction is toxic 
79 Met some merchant of grifter who owes you money and shake them down for some money and a odd piece of technology
80 Meet a lookalike of someone you know and they avoid you, turns out they are a copy like a android replicant, clone or plant pod person. If you bother them they try to kill you and they have some strange goods and valuables you plunder
81 End up at party in biggest mansion in area with over a hundred people drinking and feasting
82 End up in a gang camp that swells by night into a huge party of gang members, you get to know local gangs and recognise leaders
83 Huge crowd at local sporting event celebrating often on sports field or club house with everyone in team cult colours 
84 Taken to farmers ranch for huge celebration with a hundred or so ranchers and farmers who try to convince adventurers to take up farm life
85 Huge festival celebrating some local event like a grand final or historic or cult event
86 Join what turns into a massive cult event with robed and masked weirdos, chanting, weird horns and drums and electronic sounds. Nothing horrible just weird or arty performance
87 Party by water, beach or river or lake or swimming hole. Mostly dangerous creature free and lots of swimming fishing and drinking 
88 Food festival where some local speciality is celebrated with people in streets gathering to eat and swap food with music and dancing
89 Local wedding and strangers invited to local event often involve important local clan or merchant caravan family
90 Local event where locals hunt some local creature as part of a festival. Some eat creatures in feast or contest, others make creatures fight or race. Some even release but creatures don't like it one bit
91 Taken into a secret bunker complex to meet a hidden struggling people who also happen to need something and offer rare technology
92 At a semi legal drinking place a fight broke out and was revealed some participants in disguise d6 1=mutants! 2=cyborgs 3=replicants 4=plants 5=shoggoth 6=insectoid horror
93 While laying in field after party carried away my minute secretive mutant faerie creatures who party all over you. d4 1=let you free 2=escaped and fled 3=convinced them to free you and receive a gift of rare medicine or tech 4=end up partying with you and one wants to be your new companion 
94 While celebrating you are noticed by a secret bunker dwelling faction or AI who want to recruit you to their cause. You are invited in for a meet and greet where they tempt guests with luxury and technology
95 An AI contacts you by some electronic device and offers you a trip to some strage place where you will get great rewards d4 1=an intact bunker complex 2=orbital temple of the gods 3=moon or mars 4=in a difererant climate zone or state on same continent where some of AI cult in trouble
96 At some outback party that gets flooded by multiple gangs united under a warlord who makes speeches about destroying civilisation, managed to sneak out before the bloody and masochistic ceremonies began and the army set off to destroy a town
97 Managed to save a confused youth from harm at a party and important family reward you with a gift 
98 Met an important faction hero who wanted to meet you for an opportunity to size you up and possibly offer you work
99 Offered a rural town or village if you can keep it, mayor will sell to you at scrap price
100 While partying in a compound in ruins accidently found a metal hatch going into the deep, you locked it and hid it as nobody has bee down below

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