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Gamma Age Urban Location Key

Made these for my gamma urban mapping project and still may but as they sat here a while i thought i would put here. Probably need a d10 sub table for each so here goes....

Was worried would conflict with this

But turns out all aok. This more generic gamma stuff rather than broken hill post. Also gotta fix that typo. Was hoping these icons could be on a map. Maybe i could get some dice printed with these symbols....could be good in a book too.

d10 Settlements
1 Struggling hungry dirt farmers with scrap built structures and mutant farm animals 
2 Nomadic settler camp seek long term home, now satisfied with water and game
3 Shacks of extended family, wary of strangers with several beast and stragley crops
4 Farmers in walled compound, thriving off strange crops like triffids or fleshy mutant plants
5 Farm with tall fences keeping slaves inside who grow crops and herd mutant animals
6 Occupied ruin, semi repaired with some limited technology, partly hidden 
7 Fenced village with militia, farming and some other source of income
8 Rooftop settlement hard to detect from ground with good lookouts
9 Settlement in ruins camouflaged and hidden with warning system and traps
10 Sizable walled town with mixed economy, a local trade hub

d10 Military
1 Concealed outpost with sniper station and signal system (heliograph or radio)
2 Watch tower with several warriors with telescope and heavy or long range weapon
3 Checkpoint or gatehouse in choke point with well armed warriors
4 Campsite with soldiers on guard, well dug in with trenches and sandbags 
5 Concealed base inside ruin with minimal signs on surface
6 Fortified camp with wall, barbed wire and possibly mine field and watchtower
7 Armed compound with mounts or vehicles and some heavy weapons
8 Occupied ancient fortified base erected at dawn of war with prefab buildings
9 Prison converted into a fortress complex with concrete walls and towers and gatehouse
10 Castle or fortress built of concrete, rubble and rock with moat and heavy weapons

d10 Merchants
1 Campsite where travelling merchants regularly stop at to trade
2 Shack where trader lives often with a pet and secure hardpoint or panic room
3 Several shacks and open area multiple traders visit often with weekly market day 
4 Ancient mini mart or shop opened by survivor, often has several guards 
5 Ancient super market with multiple traders and armed guards
6 Campsite where merchant caravans rest with guards and trade with locals
7 Walled complex with an inn, several stores and guards
8 Parking garage filled with scrap merchants, with gang who charge protection
9 Slavers compound with cages and slavers block for victims
10 Ancient mini mall with a great market seasonally operating guarded by allied factions

d10 Science
1 Area being excavated for artifacts by a faction motivated by learning rather than just loot
2 Ruin with a lone scientist with guard, robot or pet to defend their research
3 Secure ancient lab sealed with security system, shunned by locals
4 Ruin with multiple scientists and guards conducting a secret research project for a faction
5 Scholars with guards fortified a ruin, trying to repair a large machine of ancients
6 Ruin where a cult guard holy relics of ancients and keep greedy looters away
7 Ruin occupied by sect dedicated to recovering lost lore, studying ancient records
8 Ruined educational facility where scientists work on multi generational project
9 Ruin where a cult worship and study from a ancient AI they follow as a god
10 Former black science bunker researching ancient weapons for a faction

d10 Hazards
1 Radioactive zone contaminated by bombs or waste drums or meltdown
2 Toxic death zone with discolored soil and corroded drums of industrial toxins
3 Psychotronic mind control weapons in effect in area modifying behavior causing madness
4 Ruin contaminated by necrovirus crawling with undead horrors
5 Minefield, unexploded munitions or automated weapon system make area dangerous
6 Damaged war robot or AI tank thinks war still on and hostile to life 
7 Monster lair of some huge great beast or pack of deadly hunters
8 Swarm or colony of small but deadly in numbers creatures
9 Psionic weapon system attacks living minds in area, reprograms into hostile combatants
10 Area has mutant disease or spores in groundwater from ancient bioweapon

d10 Bunker
1 Burned out partially collapsed complex, contaminated by radiation, poison or spores
2 Badly damaged ruin of bunker now a dangerous lair or monster or type of creatures
3 Damaged bunker with gang of feral outlaws and cannibals using as hidden base
4 Dilapidated bunker where occupants have hidden for generations but now need parts 
5 Worn bunker with survivors operation as a trading post and welcoming visitors
6 Fortified bunker with hostile survivalists unwelcome to strangers and independent
7 Sprawling multi level bunker with various sections some inhabited others feral
8 Hidden sealed pleasure bunker operated by AI keeping occupants in ignorant bliss
9 Complex corroded overrun by ecology of mutant life forms, robots and savages
10 Intact secret bunker with paranoid survivors who observe surface and have spies

d10 Data
1 Communications tower, can be operated and might receive distant signals
2 Ruined media outlet with studios and offices full of clues to the apocalypse as it happened
3 Schoolhouse where local children educated by older scholar or wise elders
4 Ruin converted to monastery of sect preserving ancient books and data records
5 Ruined school or university where adventurers face dangers in search for ancient lore
6 Film studio set with fake scenery, prop treasure and holographic illusions
7 Ruin occupied by scholars working to understand various relics found by adventurers
8 Data temple with terminal to commune with AI god, often protected by servants 
9 Cult gathering ancient relics and data to destroy them, and  scholars awaiting execution
10 Ruin where tribes folk meet to share songs and paint stories of the apocalypse

d10 Medical
1 Camp where a healer or drug dealer often visits to help locals
2 Shack where a healer lives and aids locals, most locals aid and protect them
3 Ruin with intact auto medic worshiped by locals as a holy healing shrine
4 Ruined clinic where several healers work together to heal those needing constant care
5 Drug lab hidden in ruins with dangerous lab operated by criminal gang or cult
6 Old folks home attended by robots wary of feral survivors disturbing long dead clients
7 Abandoned hospital often battled over by gangs and factions seeking medical supplies
8 Medical centre with intact AI, medbays and a cult of healers guarded by people saved
9 Hospital ruin overrun by undead from failure to control necrovirus outbreak in end days
10 Crionics centre where frozen ancients are stored, often with terminal disease or undead

d10 Factions
1 Campsite with markings of a notorious gang, cult or secret society
2 Shack with several members operating a faction safe house
3 Temple built in ruin where a religious faction gather to worship
4 Compound of a faction run by a charismatic dictator served by fanatics
5 Ruined building with hidden cell of a unpopular faction in hiding
6 Large ruined building occupied by a faction, well defended and well supplied 
7 Small settlement dedicated to faction with banners and symbols on display
8 Massacred settlement destroyed be enemies in last few months
9 Battlefield with rival faction camps fighting over a ruin for months
10 Meeting ground where factions occasionally meet in peace to deal with threats to area

d10 Technology
1 Great garbage dump where scavengers dig and fight over ancient treasure
2 Ruin controlled by robots serving an AI (possibly insane or hostile)
3 Ruin controlled by androids mostly hostile to humans due to enemy virus
4 Garage or workshop operated by scavengers selling and repairing technology
5 Factory complex with ruined machines, often occupied by gangs or creatures
6 Cyborg gang in fortified ruin, kidnap and modify victims in service of mad AI god 
7 Ruin pristine and guarded by robots for centuries
8 Ruined remains of colossal construction mech, AI works but can't move
9 Mine site occupied by gangs or mutants with damaged great machines
10 Factory ruin where workers slave on construction or excavation project under guard


  1. You've got bigger bunker that gold.

    1. true but this is to quickly fill in cities


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