Tuesday 4 June 2019

Class Languages?

So wizards have language of magic

Thieves have cant and are codebreakers. Look up Victorian underworld slang, it is amazing.

Used to be a underdark sign language - no idea if it is a thing now

Turns out European monks had sign language because the didnt talk which is pretty interesting. A interesting book above has diagrams of signs for basic communication.

Got me thinking why not others.

I've always like having a ancient language which wizards and priests know and is common on ruins. Priests having secret languages is interesting too to keep secrets to the educated. 

In my setting alignment languages are outer planar languages not spoken by most humans but used by some cults and churches. Monsters and demihumans might use too.

Fighters I've had use a battle signs language used to signal units in mass combat using flags, trumpets and included reading heraldry.

Anybody out there tried stuff like this?


  1. Druids tell things to the wind and birds
    Barbarians leave messages built out of piles of skulls
    Assassins leave a very simple message indeed
    Warlocks can communicate via their patron

  2. In 'Dune' there was battle language Chakobsa (based upon the idea of the real language Chakobsa), which was, AFAIR, in this universe, a brief language useful to issue commands and coordination in battles. It wasn't sign language, ASAIR, because in a heat of the battle, sign language was problematic to use, although I might be mistaken.

    Real-life aerospace uses Simplified Technical English which is constructed/refined language to specifically suit the profession where poetical ambiguity could be lethal.


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