Wednesday 19 June 2019

d100 Prehistoric Monuments

These are common all across the country side of Sour Hill region and other places

How do you get to Sour Hill

lost it's church and steeple
lost its crown then fell down
lost all of its people

Every mile you travel in the region you come across some monument

d100 Petty Secret Societies

01 Man sized block with symbol, old border stone between clans
02 Doorstep on a abandoned cottage has ancient symbols carved into it, a yard long stone block with serpent designs
03 Oldest section of graveyard has crude ancient menhirs
04 Turf patterns of animals and symbols cut into hill, maintained by locals or wild folk 
05 Local odd shaped hill alone in flat area with several large stones on top 
06 Stone foundations exposed from ancient village
07 Large mound with procession of stones by sides of path to front
08 Ancient graveyard with several designs used for headstones over millennium, slate box crypts, obelisks or just large crude knee high stones
09 Carved stone spheres, some cracked open by treasure hunters
10 Ornate spiral pattern carved in rock used as marker by locals
11 Huge stone head covered in moss half buried
12 Crumbling stone crypt set into hill still sealed
13 Hole in ground opens into chamber with hundreds of bones and trash
14 Waist high stone with niches where skulls were kept 
15 Hill under turf is a midden heap of shells and bones going back thousands of years
16 Crude stone hut used by hermits made for shelter for ancient travellers
17 Ancient well surrounded by stones, drops into flooded sinkhole 
18 Row of knee high stones for hundreds of yards
19 Stone circle with knee high stones 20-30 foot wide
20 Stone circle with waist high stones 30-50 foot wide
21 Stone feet on pedestal with other unrecognisable chunks scattered about from former statue
22 Rock outcrop with dwarf figure carved into it, badly weathered
23 Relief carving in cliff with elf and dwarf rulers meeting and text in both languages from ancient peace treaty 
24 Relief carving in cliff of forgotten giant size king watching smaller minions behead prisoners with heads in piles. Ancient text in giant decrees he is ruler of the world forever
25 Relief carving of goblin gods being worshipped with text thanking them for granting them this land of their own forever
26 Relief crude carving of orc chief killing and burning prisoners, high orcish text declaring orcs own this land by strength of arms 
27 Relief carving of skull and ancient text declaring victory in battle by ancient necromancer kings
28 Cliff with pictograph carving of stick figures with weapons killing wizards and heaping bodies in a fire
29 Pictographic carvings of dancing goat folk and witches in a ceremony around a monolith
30 Pictographic carvings of stick figures dragging huge stone monoliths and erecting them
31 Stone circle with man size stones 40-60 foot wide
32 Ancient stone quarry with several menhir partially cut from rock
33 Hole in hillside with ochre deposits used by ancients
34 Hole in hillside with flint deposit and chips of flint partially formed tools
35 Hole in hill with bark tubes with mummified bodies inside
36 Hole in hill with ancient skeleton with cave bear or mammoth skull and flint tools
37 Foundations of ancient stone village 
38 Hole in hill with carved niches with skulls
39 Hole in hill filled with bones, some human some from huge long gone animals, and broken flint  tools
40 Cliff face with crude carvings of hunters chasing animals
41 Hole into hill, stone lined with niches for skulls and funeral urns
42 Cave under a farm, notorious for "devil writing" actually has several wizard spells
43 Tree overgrown some strange non human stone head with fused roots partially covering face
44 Cave with carvings of demons on walls
45 Cliffs with ancient pictographs partially covered by passing clerics adding holy symbols and names of travellers 
46 Hand prints on sheltered cliff face 
47 Faded cliff paintings under shelter of great age
48 Lower part of a pillar from an ancient empire not considered to be here
49 Ancient stone arch fused with roots of tree, used to be used for rites 
50 Remains of ancient path, surprisingly with edible plants by sides
51 Border stone with carvings of animal totems
52 Huge grinding stone used long ago when clans gathered for feast
53 Hole in cliff up high has ancient mummies in bark coffins 
54 "Lucky Stone" locals say if you can wrap your arms around it and touch you will get luck
55 Stone by pool used as ancient altar
56 Huge ugly rock said by locals to once have been a demon or troll or giant
57 Sheets of slate arranged like a box, contain a grave, sometimes locals break them open looking for treasure 
58 Trail if huge footprints in stone said to be a giant or demon
59 Trail of dragon footprints in bottom of river in ancient stone
60 Footprints of a god or primordial colossus left aeons ago
61 Many dozens of small mounds scattered over area, ancient graves
62 Cliff with dragon bones of stone that locals wonder at 
63 Stone skulls and bones of dragons on exposed rock surface
64 Basalt pillar 40 foot tall, unlike any rock in area 
65 Row of giant stone heads, rest of figures long buried
66 Basalt plug capping an ancient sinkhole long ago
67 Strange pock marked stone, whistles in the wind a eerie tune
68 Great cyclopean wall section, rest is buried 
69 Crude stone gate with lions carved above doorway  
70 Grassy square artificial hill once a great temple of a village
71 Pond with sacrificial remains in bottom, including bones and rusted bronze weapons
72 Remains of gigantic skeleton of a colossal beast
73 Boulders with huge claw marks of ancient dragons
74 Huge rock with plants growing on surface, one side has large agonised face  
75 Two large stones with third balanced on top
76 Dolmen crude single chamber table like tomb structure of great rocks balanced on each other
77 Row of reptilian worn statues
78 Great green worn statue of octopus headed sea demon
79 A great standing ring like a doughnut standing on side
80 Huge sixty five foot tall menhir 
81 Over a hundred waist high menhir stones in rows
82 Ten foot high monolith with a square hole through middle 
83 Rows of worn dwarf statues
84 Gigantic stone phallus 30 foot tall
85 Carving in hillside of reclining lizard man dreaming blissfully
86 Worn sphinx statue on pedestal
87 Stone reptilian head half buried in soil
88 Huge stone sword buried in earth
89 Headless great stone statue
90 Crude standing humanoid figure twenty foot tall
91 Several huge stone elf heads half buried
92 Stones laid out in shape of boat with grave mound in the middle
93 Worn human size statues look fearful, humans turned to stone long ago 
94 Circle of stone trolls petrified long ago
95 Strange black glass slagheap
96 Stone with carved moulds used by ancient smiths
97 A great stone henge circle with circular mound and ditch around outside
98 Procession of huge stones forty foot high extending for half a mile
99 Huge earthwork circle once had wooden posts around it but now long gone
100 Stone wall of huge perfectly fitted rocks several hundred foot long


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