Sunday, 9 June 2019

More Copper Hill Kobolds

So some more of these geomorphs so I can run big kobold crawls. I like idea of letting people get deep inside with little trouble but signs of habitation, candles and warm food about. Then they stumble on kobolds in worship who are outraged at defilers on high holy day then players running and trying to find way out. Pick off lots of followers on the way. Kobolds might be willing to seal some entries from outside as they have time and man power to reset or dig new ones.

Might cut up a set ready to use soon I hope...

Oh and here some more kobold appearance....

d12 Kobold Appearance
1 Covered in scars from battle or accidents
2 Has a missing eye
3 Plump and dislikes running fast
4 Scrawny and desperate for food
5 Old timer missing some teeth and wrinkly
6 Young and naive
7 Wears clothes
8 Wears harness with tools
9 Has tattoos
10 Overconfident
11 Has skin disease
12 Drools and brain damaged

kobold workers use tools as weapons d4
warriors use proper weapons for a d6
low tech kobolds use stone tools and shamanism,
average tech kobolds use tin copper bronze iron and holy magic
advanced kobolds use steel, gunpowder, crossbows, alchemy and wizardry

most kobolds have single d4 HD
veteran have 2d4
elites have 3d4
heroes have 4d4
king kobold has 6d6
each extra HD above first gets to roll a mutation or hero feature
king kobold has one king feature and d3 hero features or mutations, granted by the kobold gods and has gold crown worth 2d4x100gp
mutants mostly lower status but church protects them

d12 Mutant Kobold Freaks
1 Two headed or siamese twin one always awake
2 Abnormally tall has 2d4 HD
3 Abnormally short only a foot tall but sneaky
4 Claws and teeth d3 unarmed attack
5 Berserk, fights till -10 HP +1 hit and damage
6 Bulging cranium has ESP once day
7 Crab claws or hook hands d4 unarmed
8 Centaur like but lower body of dog, 2d4 HD move +25%
9 Can smell metal, never surprised if foe has metal
10 Immune to fire, often uses burning oil
11 Explodes on death as grenade 2d4 to 10 foot square save halves
12 Eyes like burning coals 1HP dam if stares at you for round or can light a fire

d12 Kobold Hero Features
1 Wears chainmail
2 Very strong +2 hit and damage
3 Uses big d8 weapon with both hands
4 Sneaks and hides as well as thief
5 Expert archer +1 hit & damage, extra shot per round
6 Knows a d4 level zero spell cantrips
7 Uses poison on weapons +2 save +2d4 damage
8 Has d4 pet dogs 5 HP d6 bite
9 Carries d4 incendiaries or grenades and flints
10 Expert net thrower +1 to hit
11 Can throw 2x d6 damage hand axes a round
12 Carries a 2d4 HP healing potion

d12 King Kobold Special Feature
1 Is a 4th level spell caster
2 Regenerates wounds 1hp/round except fire or acid
3 Has a magic weapon +1
4 Immune to sleep or charm spells
5 Kobolds are fearless in presence
6 Spit a 4d6 fireball three times a day
7 Kobold god teleports away if unconscious
8 Kobold god curses any involved in killing king
9 Only harmed by magic, tin or bronze weapons
10 Can turn into a dog and back at will with possessions
11 Has extra melee attack per round
12 Huge muscular body +3 strength and damage

d12 King Kobold Special Guards & Pets
1 Rust monster
2 A dozen fanatic veterans
3 Four loyal elite kobolds
4 Two heroes
5 4th level kobold wizard
6 4th level kobold priest
7 Four loyal dog folk warriors
8 Dozen suicide bombers with incendiary or grenade
 A dozen loyal dogs
10 Hell hound
11 Fire Toad
12 Imp

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