Saturday, 29 June 2019

Stupid Campaign Ideas: Rolling Thunder

 So i spent a few days dreaming this when working in on layer deck plan of a mobile city. Basically the goal is to cross a field in a city and avoid or fight past the kaiku. Mountain tokens hide needed missile depots for more ammo or slumbering smaller kaiju. Once one of a type is activated they are all activated on the battlefield. The small ones are fast but vulnerable to the 8 las cannons on the city. The big one starts opposite the city and moves slowly and is immune to lasers. Only the cities atomic cannon can hurt that beast or destroy a mountain. Las guns hit 1-3 on d6 Atomic cannon hits right hex on 5-6 on d6 (on a miss hits a adjacent hex using scatter table). Craters are placed where a mountain is destroyed or a nuke hits. Craters cost one movement point, mountains block movement but small kaiju can enter hex and hide. Mountains block laser fire if in way. Nukes can be fired over mountains.

I need to test this a bit to get right but the city can only kill the big monster with limited atomic cannon shots. The city should be able to limp over the line damaged but win. The las cannons do 20d8 4 hex range and the cannon 150d8 to a hex and 50 each adjacent one at 10 hex range. The cannon has 10 shots each depot has 2 more. Damaged units go slower. Small Kaiku ignore 10d damage have 50HD and move 3 hexes and inflict 20d damage. The Big kaiju moves 1, ignores 50d hand has 1000HD and inflicts 50d damage. The city has mov1 10HD armour and can ram for 60HD with 500 HD. Anything at 50% damage loses a move point. The city can repair 10HD if it sits still for a round. Possibly the Salback can slow city while the birds jump on board and attack.

The Kaiku player hides lesser kaiju and depot tiles under mountain tiles. Big kaiju and city start any hex on edge of their side. Still deciding if kaiju player places all mountains and possibly puts a crater under each so they look like they have something under them. Possibly could take turns placing mountains then kaiju hides stuff under them.
In rpg game players can use cannons or steer or other things. 

So will test this a bit to get economics right. If goes well I could bring out new units. Could build as a miniature game. Luka of Volet Grasslands have discussed this stuff a bit and Psychon book has city generators and I think I did some tables on D100 mobile cities. I can imagine srtipping the body of a hotwheels off road car for base for the model and toy dinosaurs and some terrain for a con game.

Tweaking still.

Suggestions welcome.
If anyone wants to test go for it
Photos appreciated too.
As long as city barley makes it im happy

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