Sunday, 23 June 2019

d100 Wizard School Missions

Series i have planned for a while. Next week need to hunt a new house, possible some deceased estate money coming through, can legally sell house, school ok getting extension and offered a job if i can complete enough units shortly. So promising upturn on adulting stuff.

Hoping to make missions increasingly difficult so you could roll a d40 or d60 for a lower level perty. Will do similar ones for temple, guild and merc company possibly more.

Starting to work on Shadelport map again. A big one with buildings marked.

d100 Wizard School Missions
01 Some kobolds stole a scroll from their master and fled to the sewers, recover it
02 An apprentice went missing exploring a hole he found near a graveyard, bring them back
03 A overdue book is needed by the library, recover it and fine the borrower 100gp
04 A wizard needs a escort into the Weeping Woods to copy inscriptions from a monolith
05 A wizard dropped a wand down a drain and needs it recovered
06 Wizard wants someone to harvest seeds of his carnivorous garden
07 Alchemist has problem with mutant rats in his drains and needs them removed
08 Necromancer had a box of crawling hands get loose and wants them captured
09 Wizard has stirges in attic needs them driven out so he can rent it to students 
10 Wizard wants a goblin mushroom farmer kidnapped to work in his cellar
11 Thieves kidnapped wizards familiar, he wants them dead and familiar returned
12 Librarian wants pterodactyl wings to repair a book, has map to island to find them
13 Gatekeeper knows students sneaking out somehow after curfew and needs to know how
14 Alchemist has heard of a magic fountain in a cave wants samples
15 Wizard requires unicorn dung for study and needs someone to find in the sylvan woods
16 Student has been having affair against school celibacy rules, wants love affair stopped
17 Wizard made some orcs who stole his wand and ran away, kill them and get the wand
18 Student has been sharing spells with rival school, find who and report
19 Wizard wants a giant crab spider captured to make spell ingredients
20 Wizard stole magic honey and giant bees menacing his home need stopping
21 Rascally imp loose in a library causing mischief needs catching or killing
22 Wizard turned cat into tiger wants it caught and brought back, answers to Mr Tabby
23 Wizard offers water breathing potions to any who brings sceptre of fish folk underwater shrine
24 Wizard wants rubbings made of prehuman buried temple complex that seems safe 
25 Students of rival school stole the mascot a rust monster, bring Rusty home
26 Wizard was caught by rednecks and had beard shaved in a bar, wants everyone in pub beaten and joint trashed
27 Village has trapped an apprentice, planning to give them a trial and burn them, break them free 
28 A gang of fanatics has been attacking familiars and needs a lesson they will never forget
29 A wizard has heard magic fish are living in a cave pool and wants some caught
30 Wizard needs some non wizard seconds for a dual to make sure no cheating occurs
31 Wizard has summoned magical concubines needs guinea pigs to test them
32 Wizard needs a magical fruit picked from a mountain only available once a decade
33 Bandits stole a shipment of books intended for school, librarian wants them all dead and books back
34 Wizard needs a wyvern tail for some reason and knows where to find one
35 Wizard knows location of a necromancers tomb he wants the book brought to him
36 Wizard wants documents from a ruined tower, details on operating a horrible artefact
37 Wizard wants gem eyes of a non human temple idol, he finds them too horrible for trade
38 School secretary notes several apprentices did not return from holidays and wants them back from trip so parents not upset
39 Take out apprentices for field trip with master to a dungeon to see how adventurers work
40 Wizard wants a frozen block of ice with monster inside brought down from mountain
41 Wizard wants agent to trade with mushroom folk for certain magic fungi and find out what they want
42 Wizard needs lover protected from enemy assassins until he can destroy their master
43 A crypt of ancient wizards holds the last known copy of a spell and the librarian wants it
44 Alchemist needs six ingredients for a potion and knows a forest they are all found in
45 Wizard has several potions of rock to flesh, needs them taken to revive several victims of a medusa in her sculpture garden and return them
46 Wizard wants several monsters captured to stock training dungeon for apprentices
47 Wizard wants a pegasi for daughters birthday, gives direction for mountain valley
48 Professor being blackmailed by thieves guild, wants them dead and love letters  returned to him
49 School nurse concerned lycanthropy broken out in a dorm, round up the students quickly
50 Wizard needs a meteorite he saw crash in a swamp and wants it brought to them for making magic weapons
51 Wizard had brother eaten by dragon and wants family ring back, provides a map
52 Wizard wants to be rescued from a dryad in about three days no matter what he says then
53 Wizard knows of a golem guarding a wizards crypt, destroy it and bring employer the pieces
54 Wizard wants to fake being a goblin god to help him steal the relics the tribe guard, requires some helpers to assist and in case anything goes wrong
55 A wizard has defected to a rival school with a spell book and the school want them back
56 Wizards plan to turn foundations of a castle to mud to punish noble who is against their cause. Need guards to protect them from the lords men
57 Wizard seeks a cloud giant castle in the clouds that holds a crystal helm they desire. Adventurers are needed to storm the castle
58 A wizard needs help in tower making a flesh golem, besides needing some corpses worried the golem could be dangerous
59 A wizard has a painting that acts as a gateway and wants some brave souls to explore and document it
60 A wizard knows of a imprisoned in rock demon tat can give advice and needs guards for the journey
61 A forbidden cult of wizards are teaching evil spells to commoners and need to be stopped 
62 A wizard believes that minions of hell are entering the city sewers and recruiting cultists. Nobody believes him but he wants adventurers to aid their search
63 A wizard has fallen in a mirror to the nightmare realm and the school want him back 
64 A wizard wants to trade magic items with dark elves and needs guards
65 A wizard wants to un-petrify some ancient monoliths in a hilltop circle to see what creatures they are
66 Wizard wants to test spell to resist energy drain touches, wants someone to watch him when he summons a succubi to question for a few hours, needs guards to make sure all goes well and she does not charm him or summon more demons
67 A senior wizards menagerie has broken loose and needs to be re caged
68 A party of school wizards are to be teleported to a conference in a distant land and the school want escorts to protect them
69 A magical teleporting beaver demon has been eating magic wands and staves and the school want it trapped
70 A wizard wants to trade spells weith a dragon as ancients did long ago but wants guards
71 Wizard wants milk from a gorgon cow and knows a swamp where a family live
72 Wizard has gnome engineers build a fantastic travel machine for an amazing voyage and needs brave helpers
73 Wizard's pet owlbear Blinky ran into a painting and needs to be brought back
74 Wizard wants help melting an evil artefact in a volcano guarded by giants
75 Wizard needs a shipwreck treasure recovered, provides water breathing potions
76 Wizards golem did not return on mission in dungeon complex, recover it
77 Wizard has gate to world where all  life has been killed, collect any writings from a ruined city of wizards found by viewing through the portal
78 Teacher and students on field trip captured and held hostage, bring them back and kill kidnappers
79 Apprentice stole wizards automaton lover and need it back, bonus for bringing apprentice back alive
80 Wizard made some displacer cats and they are loose on the campus, please bring back alive
81 Alchemist requires sap from ever burning trees in hell if you could just pop over and get some, has a magical gate taken from cult
82 Students have been dueling and knife fighting for sport off campus and head teacher wants guild organising it killed and any students or masters involved brought back
83 Wizard researching dinosaurs and lycanthropes on island lab has stopped replying to messenger pigeon, check up on them and help if possible
84 Wizard wants a djinn or efreeti in a bottle recovered from desert crypt
85 Wizard wants a t-rex for his zoo to cross one with a wyvern or dragon, knows a island where one lives
86 Wizard wants a deal made with a hidden giant kingdom to trade spells, needs escort to not be eaten
87 Wizards child wants to go on a dungeon crawl for birthday needs babysitters to give kid a murder hobo experience (but not to gory and only make it look deadly)
88 Wizard needs some dragon eggs for secret purpose go fetch some please
89 Wizard wants a crystal key recovered from a pit, surrounds have grown into a crystal mirror maze with strange properties
90 Wizard needs the magic murder maze of dead uncle probed to find uncles spellbook
91 The librarian has become suspicious of students learning forbidden spells. Suspects a minion of hell has a gate to the black library hidden somewhere, even inside the school
92 A wizard believes the avatar of the lord of evil ice elemental lives in a glacier cave and the wizard wants some of its fur for a winter hat to impress their peers
93 Wizard wants a item recover form a pit where a sad friend jumped in to end it all. Is in a ruined temple of daemons of the outer darkness, so might be a tentacled horror do deal with
94 Someone stole a wizards crystal balls, stolen by a stranger with a limp who walked funny. Get it back and find the thief
95 Wizard needs contracts taken to hell to file in the infernal bureaucracy, don't take any guff from low rank devils, absolutely must be filed overnight 
96 Wizard needs tax record he threw into a bottomless pit in a rage recovered
97 Wizard wants a angel feather quill, find a feather no questions asked 
98 Wizard neglected lab for a few years and golems have gone crazy and taken over, please destroy them
99 Wizard's lover stole a spell they worked on together for years to summon a elder horror and they want spell and lover  
100 Wizard's favourite hat stolen by failed student, travel to the kingdom the brat came from and read this magic scroll at their family estate then make a quick getaway


  1. Cool stuff! I'm linking here on the blog/podcast this week.

  2. Well done ! Now i want to play a "Magicians (the Series with the annoyingpost-teens) meet D&D" RPG...
    I'll keep your tables in mind when i do, though !

    1. ive done a wizard prep school before here and wizard school tables and magic library tables too

  3. Campaign idea: The One Ring was thrown into the fires of Mount Doom, what about “The Nine?”

    With Sauron gone, each of the riders in black attempted to become the new final boss of the game. Each time Gandalf recruited a new fellowship with a new ring bearer to stop it. The players are the latest in the succession of heroes to destroy evil not merely by killing it, but by plunging the remains into a volcano!

    What happens when the volcano erupts?

    As it turned out, the evil artifacts of the past were not destroyed and are now scattered across the land. A strange idol, nearly molten from the volcano, lands on a character’s house and starts a fire. Thankfully no one was home, but searching through the burnt remains, they find something they don’t recognize. Logically only an adventurer would have something like the relic, but there is one good thing about statues.

    The players won’t remember which adventure the idol was from, but there are a few ways for it to serve as an adventure hook. Researching the ancient idol reveals its history, right up to the point it was thrown into the volcano. Trying to sell it leads to an appraisal that could give similar information. Otherwise the evil statue eventually starts talking.

    It does that even if the PCs well it, it is just that the statue corrupts whoever they sold it to.The talking statue can serve the GM as a source of device, it may evil be able to sense the presence of nearby items after sharing a volcano with them.

    Meanwhile the “meteor” being studied by the wizard’s college turns out to be a cursed magical sword. A weak apprentice suddenly gains enough physical strength to bully the teachers into casting spells for him. Bypassing the schools normal defenses to attack at close quarters, the teachers are helpless and the incomplete education of the apprentice causes him to ask for impossible things. He might just be doing it to be a jerk and force his head wizards to admit their power has limits, but all the magic is becoming unstable.

    May I remind you that the original One Ring had the power to turn people invisible? (Inspired by this thread)

    1. Im not sure how this led to this

      im thinking more like young adult mafic school for new players with sandbox tools not really into mega plots myself


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