Tuesday 29 January 2019

How did you find us in the dungeon?

Lazy table for dungeon drop insHoping I have not done this already....
I looked but it gets harder to find my old stuff for some reason.
Based on a post by Dyson about introducing players into game swiftly.
This one is for meeting the party in a dungeon.
Whole party could start like this if you wanna skip the tavern trope.
Might do a rural one...

Fed up trying to finish my sea beast folk thing after losing two whole races somehow....
Before i could delete it lots of ppl had linked it but it remains unfinished...
Like my mutant book....
It's stopped me doing new stuff so screw that...

How did you find us in the dungeon?
01 Captured by wandering monsters outside and dragged in as a prisoner
02 Got lost following blood and looted corpses
03 Delirious from fever wandering totally lost
04 Drunk and following what you thought were adventurers in here
05 Drugged by press gang and escaped wandered in here to get away
06 Chased by wandering monsters came in here to escape
07 Chased a valuable lost animal in here for a reward
08 Looking for some lost children who went missing
09 Got sold a treasure map said this place would be mostly empty
10 Humanoid killed someone you liked and fled in here
11 Had a strange dram that showed me the way here
12 Charmed by a evil sorcerer who fled when i broke the spell
13 Asked by local sheriff to see if anything in here
14 Told by a old drunk adventurer they left hidden loot here
15 Saw wandering monsters rob and kill travellers and followed them inside
16 Struck by confusion magic and found self lost in here
17 Escaped captivity from monsters cells
18 Has been a slave for a while to monsters and finally escaped
19 Sole survivor of rival adventurer party and trying to escape
20 Kidnapped by cult who brought you here for a ritual
21 Kidnapped by thieves guild who tried to sell you to monsters for food but escaped
22 Fell into a underground river and crawled out of a well or sewer down here
23 Hid in a crate while monsters attacking, crept out when they left crate alone in lair
24 Possessed by a spirit who used your body, got vengeance on foe and let you loose here
25 Sent to recover item for a church
26 Sent to recover item for a good friend who helped you
27 Monster revived your stolen corpse testing with magic item
28 Sent to prison, governor sold you to dungeon monsters on the sly
29 Mischievous faeries sent you here by putting glamour on you
30 Attractive person invited you home, drugged you and woke up down here
31 Mob accused you of crime, tied you to donkey and chased it into dungeon as punishment
32 Fell down an old mine shaft while on hunting trip woke up down here
33 Knocked out by owlbear who brought you to lair to eat but you escaped
34 Paralyzed by carrion worm which brought you to nest, you escaped but can feel parasites eating you from inside
35 Giant flies captured you and threw you into cesspit with maggots but you crawled out
36 Convinced to come in while dunk on a dare and separated from others
37 Goblins saved you from poison bite and made you work for them for months and just let you free
38 Some guy hired you as a escort but you realised they were a mad dungeon boss wannabee and fled
39 Out one night late home and a crypt keeper in the graveyard teleported you here
40 Offended a minor deity and one of its servants teleported you here
41 Read a cursed scroll which teleported you here
42 Caught a magic fish which turned out to be a spirit who bedazzled you with magic and wound up here somehow
43 Giant grabbed you in sack sold to monsters, you just got out they thought you were dead
44 Bumped angry wizard in street who randomly teleported you with a wand
45 Exploring a crypt and stood on a glowing stone disc and teleported here
46 Found a magic puzzle amulet after playing with it for hours teleported here
47 Church sent you here to atone for a act of blasphemy you accidentally committed, this or a cruel death
48 Blackmailed by a cult to explore this place who have a good friend held hostage
49 Guild have fraudulent documents indicating you are a traitor to the realm and want you to scout this place and bring them a map
50 A charlatan sold you passwords to get past the monster guards so you could rob the place and the first guards let you through a you seemed so confidant
 Dungeon boss hired you for something and your on your way out +d100gp
52 Village idiot wandered in here and village folk want their idiot back offer a free cottage for a year
53 Alchemist paid you to test a potion when drunk and woke up here +d6gp
54 Guards let you in thinking you were hired by the dungeon boss but now you realise the story about easy gems covering the walls is probably false
55 A cursed intelligent weapon brought you here, it may try to control you again but it has some benefits despite the black outs
56 Were dragged into a mirror by a demon and wound up here
57 You fell into a shadow and brought here
58 An attractive person in a painting drew you close and dragged you in and wound up here
59 Touched glowing runes on a treasure chest and were teleported here
60 Lured into room of a succubi or incubus who drugged you and brought you here for mischief
61 A wizard teleported you here for revenge for some petty wrong and even now they are observing you with magic to see you die
62 Swallowed whole by a subterranean giant worm who vomited you up here when it decided you taste terrible
63 In another dungeon and you went through a trapped magic door and would up here
64 A mysterious mist swallowed you up and deposited you here
65 A mysterious powerful planar being in human form said you were needed urgently and brought you here with a healing potion and a lit torch
66 You exposed a evil doer who turned out was a disguised devil, nightgaunts took you and carried you here in revenge
67 You insulted an old person in your path who was a god in disguise who sent you here with a wave of their staff
68 A petty god came to visit your lodgings and after days of annoying behaviour you finally insulted them and they sent you here in a puff of smoke
69 Monsters attacked your camp and thought you were dead, awoke in their larder and escaped
70 Found a magic ring and was playing with combinations of dials on the gem settings and teleported here
71 A invisible stalker dragged you from your bed and dumped you here sent by some wizard

72 Goblins paid you to kill a lizard and you got lost on way home d4 magic mushrooms that heal a d4HP
73 A new friend brought you here but after a few days you realised they were a evil dungeon boss and you slipped away
74 Met person in alley with glowing eyes and soothing voice and woke up in dungeon
75 Hired to guard a wizard but they wanted to stay down here and your looking for a way out
76 Sent to infiltrate dungeon and find a hiding criminal but now lost
77 Sent to recover relic by priests but now realise the place is inhabited
78 Heard a friend or loved one disappeared in here  and lost searching for them
79 Looking for a magical goblin market but hopelessly lost
80 Fell into a fairy ring and woke up here thanks to mischievous dark faerie magic
81 A stranger gave you delicious fruit and you fell asleep and woke up here
82 Sent to follow the party by a mysterious patron who gave you a magical tracking wand with no more uses
83 Paid to follow the party by nobility suspicious of party long term goals
84 Given directions and d100gp to get here by a mysterious gnome wizard calling himself the Dungeon Master
85 Man in alley offered you entry into a secret night club through a strange secret door
86 Had a strange dream something evil was stalking you, woke up here
87 Someone nearby was tampering with a magic item that imploded sucking you into another plane and exiting you here
88 An evil knight with supernatural powers killed your friends and you pursued it here
89 Thieves stole your valuables and you pursued them here
90 Cultists murdered your kin and you pursued them here
91 You were told by a priest to find the party and warn them of a great impending peril
92 You followed a giant floating eyeball sent by a enemy wizard to spy on the party

93 A necromancer wants something from the dungeon and paid you 100gp but it is tougher than his warnings indicated
94 A sorceress charmed you into seeking a treasure here but something broke the spell
95 You were polymorphed as a monster and lived here a while before the spell was broken

96 You were petrified some time ago and your party left you, but somehow you were returned to flesh
97 A giant spider snatched you and carried you down here but you escaped the webs and fled. Now you are lost
98 You came as escort to someone meeting the level boss but they argued and your group were all killed but you, now you are lost
99 A mysterious hooded robed being appeared and saved you from near death and brought you here
100 You had a job down here but someone betrayed you and now the dungeon monsters have all turned on you

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