Tuesday 29 January 2019

Brief Summaries of Three Games

Three most recent games. Back in adelaide have my regular cthulhu game starting next week and fortnightly marvel game. Have a game of EMO dnd coming soon too.

EMO D&D Rules - Last Game With The Kids
So this was my quickest game ever. Also my alignment system was to blame which is actually ok by me. So in my game as you gain levels you may optionally put a point into part of your alignment and take a oath and gain a benefit. The results of this have been extreme and resulted in parties turning on each other. I'
m ok with this as it means players need to take alignment more seriously and it effects your behavior. You can only take a point in a alignment if DM happy you have acted accordingly. If you eat corpses, desecrate the dead, mistreat you followers good chance you are evil, the most likely to create conflict in a party. 

Anyway the dwarf beserker with INT6 wanted to start a donkey cult as a scam to riches (???). He paid for posters, held a meeting with free meal and beer and failed every possible roll. So a half capacity crowd came for free food and beverage. He gave his speech offering 1cp for life membership, a free paper mashe donkey mask (worth 1cp) and discounts on donkey merch and events. one guy joined and he declared they were the no2 ranked member and gave him 50gp to procure a meeting shed. The guy was a crook and quite happy. The donkey guild came round demanding he join up. He swore at them.

Next day they called again demanding 10% and legal threats. He swore again.
They sent him a note asking to meet in a barn outside of town at midnight.
Went straight to the guild hall with most of party and demanded entry.
They shut and barred all the doors and windows.
Locals started to watch as militia came.
The party including a fighter, his dog, two thieves and a battle donkey knocked out the militia.

The dwarf compelled by oaths wrote in chaotic evil dwarf runes on the guild door with militia blood.

The chaotic good fighter thought this went too far and attacked. a theif joined him. The other thief sat back and watched. The dwarf won by being full beserk till he died of blood loss and the unconscious thieves dog attacks. The battle donkey finished off the dog. The remaining neutral thief took everyone's treasure and the donkey and fled. She changed her name and bought a cottage to live with her animals.

More militia came to back up the first lot. They put the dwarfs head on a pike at the town gates and the other two unconscious were thrown into prison and the dog got cooked and eaten by the mob. The absent from this wizard later broke them free from prison so they could search for the thief.

So about a half hour game with a hour and a half discussing what happened.

Cthulhu One Shot
Modern Australia, recruits all orphan wards of the state sent to gather data in abandoned deep one taint internment camp on emu flats south australia (near atom bomb sites). An overweight hideous bouncer, a short boxer and a hacker. Explored site as part of training but also they all unknowingly had monster god dna. As latent psychic phenomena caused san losses they began to have dreams and odd reactions. A deep one in base sewerage system hibernating was the last straw.By end the bouncer was a avatar of Ygolnac and attacked the military. The hacker crawled into the sewers to replace the killed deep one and the boxer flew into the freezing void of interstellar space to serve his father Iquatha.

TSR Marvel Super Heroes - Ongoing Campaign
Heroes battled cyborg gang members. Discovered the clown gangs and war vet cyborg gangs supplied by branches of exotech. Found ex mayor Horatio Kane also funded by exotech. Suspicious of kane aerospace success they built from scrap from the space facility Jack worked on to get to build own remora like launch vessel. Went to orbital station and found Kane helping alien transmorphing robot aliens. After some debate they beat up robots and alerted millitary.

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