Tuesday 8 January 2019


Had to do this one as lots of bards in current game

Prime Requisite: Charm; high score grants additional spells
Arms 2/3 Arts 6/1 Languages 2d4/1
Leather Armour

Short Sword, Dagger, Knife, Light Crossbow, Self Bow, Javelin, Hand Axe, Club, Staff, Darts
-3 unskilled weapons +1 to hit every 4 levels
Prerequisite Charm Bonus provides extra spells

Spell Casting

Spell casting can choose as per one type like a
  • As wizard from a literate arcane scholar tradition using arcane magic
  • As priest from a temple performer tradition using divine magic
  • As sorcerer from a cult or bloodline of some entity granting arcane magic
  • As druid from a cult or priesthood of nature deities and spirits
Bardic Songs
Song Duration round per level
Songs Per Day one 
per level 
Level 1-5 +1 Level 6-11 +2 Level +3 12-17 +4 18+ +5
I per Lv +Charm bonus radius effect command radius
Get a new song every third level
Range 1 per level radius

Bless Song + hit roll Standard beginning song
Courage Song + morale or fear saves
Work Song + skill roll
Save Song + saving throws
Endurance Song + hours per level extra march oar rowing or work
(Attribute) Song +adds to attribute once per day only, each separate song/Stat
Hero Song + to HP
Marching Song + to move rate
Guardian Song + to AC
Magic Song + to spell Lv once per person per day
Healing Song + to HP recovered at end of song once per person per day
Counter Song blocks other magical song effects such as monsters or other bards
Fascinate 1HD/Lv of living creatures with performance if they fail save

Wandering Minstrel Subclass
Arms Dagger, Short Sword
Arts - Gossip, Etiquette, Diplomacy, Streetwise, Music Lore, Carousing
+1 Fast draw Short Sword +2 Bluff +3 
Typical independent scholar bards
0 Level Wizard Magic, Candle, Whisper, read magic, detect magic
1st Level Spell: Charm Person
(+1 Comprehend Languages +2 Identify)
(+3 2nd Lv Spell: Magic Mouth)

all weapons skilled with 20 shots of ammo if any, tool kits for skills, leather armour, hooded cloak, common robe, performing costume, instrument, scribe set, journal, wine skin, sacks, d6 days food, flints, hat, lantern, lamp oil 3d6x5gp


  1. Curious choice of art, that's a promo poster from "The Ultimate Warrior" 1975. I think I saw it the first time on CBS-late night 1979/80 back when they showed acually entertaining films (on CCS)

    1. loved the actor
      good post apoc film about bulleys
      standard streets we have seen in dozens of films


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