Friday, 4 January 2019

EMO Book

Left a page blank for now but this work makes many older ones of mine obsolete and many many blog posts. Was good to update every 4 hours and have feedback on fly. Hope to use on sunday but print shops all booked up for 2 days post holidays. Also learned my top 10 words i consistently dyslexic spell wrong. Probably most spare time ive had in 6 years since i last wrote my first version of my homebrew rules.This is more like the 4th version.

notes from this older post on my oaths will be listing a simple version on the current last page

other book will have more classes
demihumans dwarf elf gnome halfling then
abhumans changelings giants
druids sorcerers monks bards sorry
druidic spell list
expanded weapon lists and hitting rules
expanded movement and morale
some basic monsters and encounter tables
expanded skills
starting equiptment
cults and more premade sub classes
treasure system and common magic items

could do a pdf of all the demi and non human types all reskinned as trolls from the pre human age ive always meant to make a thing in my setting - troll wars

Dwarf = rock  troll
Elf = arcane troll
Gnome = hill troll
Halfling = hedge troll or house trolls
Abhuman = cave troll
Changeling = spirit troll
Giant = war troll

not octopus tako trolls that would be silly

terrible alignment idea for bonus spells
Law & Chaos = Arcane
Good & Evil = Divine
Neutral = Nature
Balance = Mental

if i did sf book would add
mutant robot psionic outsider
still wanna reskin my robot class as a golem


  1. I love the familiar and their level abilities - adds a ton of flavor (especially level 5)!


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