Wednesday, 2 January 2019

EMO Spread Preview

That's saving throws obviously, 2nd game on sunday
cept old players chose stuff outside this project including bards and beastmen
need to make up list of song abilities for bard but i kinda dislike classes with finicky abilities per level

Quick test of spread of my emo book I'm hoping to have basics done for my next game on weekend.

Current projects...

Still editing mutant book but now pg 47 of 80
mostly late due to life stuff but also most heavy edit making 2800 table entries written over several years more consistent so getting close. Will crank out some one-sheet dungeon adventures also as catch up for my patreons.

Probably do a gnome burrow complex and a ruined city sewer system i can use in my Exilon game

will be working on my 32 page players book
sharing features on my google docs broken right now otherwise id encourage ppl to see work as it goes. It might just be my gobbling up broadband - sharing options broken but might try my phone as a modem...

thinking a 32 pg masters book with stuff like
-more on alignment
-combat basics
-some basic monsters
-combat effects like poison, confusion, hallucinations, madness, curses
-encounter tables (a3 sheet for exilon coming)

Future book projects include a overdesigned long stairs inspired book of modern Australian army vs dungeon dimension and Goat Quest

Silver city (Broken Hill Map/guide) for gamma oz

Revision of murder hobo book with all the village maps of evolving hobo shanty town into a castle over several years

that should last until my birthday...

gaming wise hope to keep my cthulhu game (masks) and my marvel game running and get a regular dnd...

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