Wednesday 11 October 2017

d100 City Mysteries for Meddling Kids

So when living every day in Shadelport you tend to hear all kinds of mysterious happenings going on. I started one game with players as street urchins who eventually made first level and dealt with all kinds of petty problems in their neighborhood. Eventually they made enough to pay rent in a haunted house and they even found some old books inside and made enough cash to get equipped and look for dungeons. While living in some back alley hovel above a shop many strange things might draw a party to take a look.

d100 City Mysteries for Meddling Kids
01 The pie shop downstairs has many strange comings and goings and sounds by night but their meat pies sure are popular
02 In a rear lane strange wet footprints are found and local homeless have all fled the area
03 One of the neighbors points out the local urchin catcher does not wear a badge of the city which is technically unlawful. I mean who would catch children for free?
04 A local shop is seen selling black candles, silver daggers and black robes from under the counter
05 A local shop has a strange idol visible in a back room and seems to attract many suspicious layabouts with shaven heads and filed teeth
06 A certain drain hole in a alley has weird squeaking and drumming sounds coming from it at night and there are no alley cats in the area
07 Human bones keep being found in a alley way by locals
08 Locals keep talking about a witch child in the area, some say lives in a empty house
09 A local landlord has found with hex marks in chalk on one of his empty houses and he offers a discount rental fee for a lease if the fears of locals can be put to bed
10 Many houses have tiny fenced off tiny plots of overgrown vegetation and headstones. Some locals are convinced ghouls are stalking the streets by night

11 A local rag and bone man use to find dumped bodies in this back lane all the time but somebody keeps beating him to them. Nobody has seen anyone come or go from the alley
12 A robed figure keeps offering local children treats, so far locals have shooed the strange person away

13 Someone has been killing local street walker girls and local men are mad they have to go further away now
14 Several men have disappeared of late and locals say they were seen with a strange high class prostitute in the area before vanishing
15 A new local tenant seems to be holding too much influence on locals. He is a fat and greedy and lusty slob and people keep giving him food and gifts when they cant even feed their own families
16 A house full of drunken barbarians has taken up a lease and at first people were not pleased. But one had a fight with a wolf and people now respect them. Since then the wolf has killed someone once a month but few ever see it or know where it hides
17 An old woman in the street has been accused of witchcraft. She stays indoors now peering out the window. Several locals have had bad luck and several children and pets have vanished
18 At light a flesh eating huge ape has been wandering the streets. Who would keep such a creature
19 By night a black poodle has been wandering the streets. Several tried to catch it and wound up horribly murdered
20 A tribe of sewer children have been moving into the area, driven from their sewer home by something. Locals wary of the increased petty thefts
21 Several local homeless of late were found to be zombies when the militia tried to move them on
22 A chaos goat has been in the area eating garbage and butting locals at awkward moments. Locals have raised 20 copper pieces to who can drive it away
23 A house of locals were found skeletonised seated around their dinner table
24 A household brewer died recently and a local inn keeper wants someone to search his house for the recipe for his tasty beer
25 A old widow says something is in her attic and will pay a dozen pieces of silver to who can drive the thing away
26 Locals say a cackling witch has been heard flying over the area and people are sure she must be local
27 An old man has been complaining of huge rats for months but now he says they have been whispering to him through the walls
28 A new tenant who moved into the old empty sorcerers house has complained of strange dreams and several locals have vanished
29 A local man cleaned up some old trash in a alley for scrap and found a old rotting wooden door that nobody remembers
30 A local homeless man has been trying to sell his treasure map of the sewers for weeks but now a gang have come looking for the map and people think it might be real
31 A old haunted house has been avoided for years but recently a man shot a ghost he saw and it ran away bleeding
32 A local one eyed ginger tom turned up with a huge catfish which cried like a human baby. The cat's owner ate it of course but some say it was related the race of catfish men wizards who lived in the city long before man 
33 Several cobwebbed wrapped desiccated corpses have been found in a alley recently and everyone has been keeping their children indoors
34 Strange coloured blood has been found several time latley
35 A tiny troll has been seen chasing rats in alleys and some think it grew from that troll hand a adventurer brat was flashing about last week. Hopefully someone stops it before it gets too big
36 Huge foot long maggots have been found in the garbage filled alley ways chasing children and cats
37 A local sausage maker has been seen chasing rats at night and locals are not pleased. People have raised 15 coppers for someone to give him a beating
38 Burt the turtle man has been teaching children a drill to avoid wizard fireballs. What does he know?
39 Several people have been half eaten. Some say a mimic is disguised as garbage is to blame 
40 A nest of stirges has taken roost in someones attic again but the militia say it is not their problem but will fine whoever is harboring them
41 Several locals have been paralyzed by something crawling up through their cellars at night while in bed. One of the victims was found a mass of shredded skin a few days later and everyone is worries
42 Muddy footprints have been appearing by night and several homeless men were found drowned in sewerage
43 Since burning a local witch locals have been attacked by a huge black cat scratching their faces and nobody sees coming. One man says he heard it talk
44 Recently a local midwife kidnapped several newborn babies. When a mob came to her home she was found rotting obviously dead for several months
45 Beautiful singing from the sewers has drawn several to investigate and not returned. The story of sewer sirens has been spreading
46 Several locals have been lucky enough to find strange lumps of gold. Some say it is fairy gold or cursed fish man treasure but nothing bad has happened yet and everyone is keeping their eyes peeled
47 Strange writing has been found on walls that nobody can read but a student who saw it says it looks like the script of pre human monsters
48 Someone was expanding their basement and found a strange stone plug with weird glyphs carved on it
49 A gang of adventurers brought a mermaid in a bathtub into their rented shack and people can hear her sobbing and crying out at night
50 A local found a strange green stone on a corpse and refuses to sell it or let anyone see it. Now each night a strange fog comes over the streets and something has been trying to enter his house
51 Pegleg Pete a local drunk was found dead and everyone has been searching him and his home for the treasure map some say he had hidden from his pirate days
52 A local has a house kobold slave and it keeps telling people it is a princess and her father will reward whoever returns her to the family dungeon in the hills will be rewarded
53 A local man has a miracle talking fish in a barrel and charges a copper coin to see it. But all it does is cry and claim its kin will come to rescue it
54 A local overseer has had his favorite whip stolen and offers a handful of silver to whomever returns it. His friends have been beating homeless in search of it
55 Someone has been stealing cakes, pies and bread left to cool and the local wives promise to beat whomever is responsible
56 Old man Scathers sez that all the giant alley rats have gone. Most think this is a good thing but he thinks there is something worse scaring them
57 Several homeless have been found with holes bored in the back of their skulls and their skulls empty. Some say a cloaked stranger was last seen near them
58 A stray dog pack roam early after sun rise and have attacked several people. Now locals want someone to find where they live and kill them. A local sausage maker offers a copper piece per dog body 
59 Someone has been collecting body parts from the usual dead bodies found in the area. Who what or why would anybody do this?
60 The mob attacked a lone old mans house suspecting he was a child kidnapper but inside they found boxes of robes, strange lumps of gold and several squat idols of squid faced sea demons. The man escaped through his cellar into the sewers and people are convinced he was working with others
61 A long lost sailor returned to his family and within a few nights fishmen found him and by night stole his family. He is frantic and sure they are somewhere nearby
62 A overcrowded house of students has brought the street into further ill repute. The law will not act but locals say the students have robed strangers come and go by night and sometimes they bring goats inside which are never seen again 
63 Old mother Ginny used to sell good luck charms which some swore by. Recently someone beat her to death and took all her lucky rabbit foot charms, a popular item
64 Buggery Lane is full of flop houses and shacks full of drunken old seamen. A family are sure someone in one of these took their daughter and would be grateful if anyone could take a look without enraging the drunks 
65 A gang of local urchins say they have seen strange comings and goings from the old witch house but nobody will listen to them
66 Nobody has seen Miser Wallace's family in years but they do see him bring in animals like old donkeys he says are to feed his family. Locals have begun gossiping about what his secret is
67 Local urchins playing in the sewers were chased by something and little Timmy Tinkle had something snip off his leg. Luckily a sweatshop have offered him a job but some people think the creature will strike again
68 Several locals have been attacked on their privies by a hideous giant tapeworm. Some managed to kill the head but attacks seem to be increasing
69 A mysterious flute playing hobo has been wandering the streets with a swarm of giant cockroaches following him. Nobody knows what he is up to
70 Someone has seen Mr McGregor sneaking into his house carrying a bucket of blood several times and some locals wonder what he is feeding. He says he gets the blood cheap from a friend to make sausages but that's a lot of sausages
71 Mysterious cold spots have come over the area and several ice slicks have been found in the morning, everyone is puzzled
72 A harmless old man who collects and sells pamphlets and posters was beaten and robbed by robed men looking for something last night. He offers a magic healing scroll to whomever gets his property back
73 Malus Grim returned from a trip to the far north bringing many artifacts like idols and strange stuffed animals. Recently he was found horribly murdered and some blame his strange servant from the ice nomad tribes he returned with
74 Someone keeps sticking bodies in the local washer woman's laundry chute and she is sick of it. She offers free laundry for a year to who can stop it
75 Some local drunks got in a brawl in the street and one got stabbed.He left green blood and now all the men are under suspicion of being fish men hybrids
76 Several strange children have been borne in the street this month. Many of the mothers husbands are suspicious of some local bard or supernatural creature
77 A ferocious hairy pig with fangs has been seen running around in the early hours and several mauled homeless corpses have been found
78 Several strange zombies have been killed by the locals that seemed to have plant matter growing in their skulls. A old retired adventurer said a plant somewhere is making them and people need to find it and burn it. "They aint like regular street zombies"
79 Something has been taking heads from locals and nobody knows what did it or wants to find out
80 A local play writing bard who writes scathing lampoons of the rich was found badly beaten and locals want to know who dunnit 
81 Several locals have gone mad like rabid dogs of late. Some say it is some disease but a few say it is a mad spirit seizing control of the hosts. Several of the victims are in the lock up or mad house and don't remember anything
82 Someone has been starting fires, an offence punishable by death. The militia have offered a reward of 25gp (possibly rise to 40gp if more fires start). Some say it is not just a madman
83 Shamus McGimp has been tormenting local crabmen for years for fun but now the crabs have been clawing at his house every night and nobody has any sympathy for him. He offers 30gp to whomever can smooth things over with the crabs or make some kind of deal before they break in and eat him
84 Something has been eating various slave house kobolds and goblins in the area and locals are fed up having to do their own chores. Several kobold slaves have been offered as a reward to who can stop the killer
85 Zombies have been kidnapping homeless men in the street and taking them somewhere. The survivors offer the friendship of the beggars guild to whomever stops the zombies and who is sending them
86 A headless figure has been roaming the streets at night beating anyone outside to within a inch of their life. People say the haunted figure must rest somewhere by day
87 Giant centipedes are swarming in the area and some say their must be a nest which must be stamped out. Some will pay for centipede bodies for meat and poison
88 A local brownie has been stealing pennies for years and recently he was killed by Vinegar Tom a local cat. People speculate a vast hidden pile of coins must be hidden in the area
89 Something horrible has been urinating on peoples doors at night leaving them stained and rotting. Locals are angry and some say it is a imp ion some animal form
90 A well known local man and his comical old dog were well liked by the locals. Recently the mad has disappeared and the poor old pup has been moping around whining and trying to make people follow him
91 An old sailor has always been a loner but of late people have heard the bleats of sheep come from his house. Nobody ever saw a sheep enter the house but someone said he has been selling women's clothes to the rag and bone man. People are getting suspicious
92 One of the boarded up old houses has recently had lights seen on the second story and locals are saying the house must be haunted
93 A closed grog house, The Bleeding Stool has been closed for years since all the patrons and the innkeeper were found dead years ago. But several times of late people say they have heard the sounds of drunken singing come from the boarded up old place
94 A old man has been doing well selling old artifacts he gets from somewhere of the pre human inhabitants of the city. Many of the items are pristine. Sometimes he is gone for days and even his wife doesn't know where he goes. Some say it all started when he inherited a strange wooden cabinet years ago
95 Several local hobos have been seen recently eating corpses and have become ghouls. Some say a ghoul cult has been turning the men into monsters for some strange reason
96 There is a strange boarded shack at the end of a lane. Sometimes people hear music from inside and the local children say don't go in if you see the door open
97 Widow Crawliegh has been chasing children off her front yard wall for years. Now several children have gone missing and the kids say she is a witch who ate their missing friends
98 One of the local gangs has converted a house into some kind of sweatshop employing homeless from other suburbs to work their. Nobody knows what is going on but strange smells come from their
99 Strange slimy green eggs have been found in the area but mostly the locals eat them. Some might not have been found though and some ask who or what is leaving them around
100 Something or someone has been running and leaping across roofs at night. Lurid stories of spring heeled warlocks and imp-goats have been spreading but nobody really knows 


  1. This sounds like a job for Giant Boy Detective!

    1. enough for a whole zero level meddling youth adventure gang going for several seasons adventure

    2. It wouldn't even have to be kids. If one were to run a peasant campaign, even a solo peasant campaign, this is an amazing list of hooks.

  2. There are really three of you typing this stuff up right?


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