Monday 9 October 2017

A new Arkham Sandbox game

Made a Players guide for my upcoming Cthulhu game. When I moved to Sydney it was Cthulhu whos smooth tentacle action got players in. Then i was doing historic Cthulhu. Then DnD. So might be a repeat here. I had very little interest in retro mor any old games. Some interest in LOTFP and did a few sessions of Xor but struggled to to get regular gaming fix. But Cthulhu is the bacon of RPGs and gets bums on seats.

This book has: 
All my CoC portrait sheets
An older character sheet
Summary of basic character gen
Occupations for players first characters
A shitty blurry Arkham map
Guidelines for the kinds of conditions that might account for sub normal stats
Military experience system from Green & Pleasant Land

I think there are a few 7th ed rules I like but overall I will run 7th ed as Pulp Cthulhu. I'm using old rules because they are meaner and characters are less likely to be killing machines and more likely to be seriously flawed.

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