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d100 Strange Headed Magicians

These are strange magician villains. Most of them are mid weight dungeon bosses. They are mostly incapable of fitting in with humans. Strange sad freaks only belong in a dungeon. Im working on getting less incomplete projects in my draft bin. Must get back to ossimancy and fliechcraft magic. Today caught up with some backlog blogs and argued with cosplay kids  about appropriating tribal culture.

d10 How Did They End Up Like This?
01 Obscure race from another plane
02 Cursed by gods, elves or spirit
03 Mutant freak tainted by chaos or mutagens
04 Abhuman who became magician
05 Changeling can go from human to inhuman form to intermediate form possibly stuck
06 Wearing a mask which is cursed and falls off on death
07 Made by mad magician
08 Cursed relic they cannot give up because the power is worth it
09 Alchemical or magic accident
10 Self inflicted with magic due to madness

d12 What Type of Magician?
1 Wizard
2 Sorcerer
3 Priest
4 Druid
5 Psionic
6 Alchemist
7 Witch
8 Bard
9 Necromancer
10 Elementalist
11 Demonologist
12 Shaman

d12 Other Strangeness
1 Creepy familiar
2 Exotic item
3 Alien weapon
4 Strange bodyguard
5 Pet monster
6 Unique Undead
7 Mutation taint
8 Sinister plot
9 Otherworldly Lair
10 Serial Immortality (d10 lives left)
11 Unusual magic power
 Second character class

 Strange Headed Magicians
01 Goren Daar, potato like face with three gold eyes, covers skin with hood with 3 eye holes
02 Zorlak Tan, Ibis headed, emaciated, has magic gold jewelry, knife and staff 
03 Bartrok the Bold, disgusting squirming maggot face under his veil causes fear
04 Zero Petran, no face features, speaks in raspy voice from face in unclear manner  
05 Gornax Verolaster, face in chest, no head, body muscular and unnaturally tough 
06 Kreegax Jarlen, single horned cyclops, can summon a dancing energy blade for defence
07 Meerax Boran, golden skinned and eats gold, wears expensive clothes
08 Isson Derran, invisible skinned horror hates anyone beautiful 
09 Mortan Ingerson, is headless with face on chest, experiments with monsters in vats
10 Dolor Geselle, is emaciated with four spindly arms and always has a wand in one hand 

11 Kraden Tule, orange skinned with sideways mouth and no nose, violent and cruel
12 Gamen Nordan, wolf headed wizards, craves blood but resists losing his cool

13 Kemadan Tanja, vegetal flesh with flowers for hair, wants plants to rule over animals 
14 Methan Barq, nasal cavity has collapsed and eyelids rotted away from lotus abuse 
15 Princess Sparkles, fox headed has become obsessed with theft and petty cruelty
16 Nordjar Belais, Turtle headed, wise but schemes against the state with minions
17 Barridmar Fordj, head floating gold pyramid with eye on each face, seeks global stasis
18 Daden Karr, hydra head with a mass of snakes that can reach 3", snake cultist
19 Goryad Gudor, black horse head with white eyes, eerily silent clairvoyant
20 Pandrad Vagran, panther headed killer sadist with black fur and red eyes, drinks blood
21 Wurrum Tar, frog headed cult leader planning to flood region with beaver zombies
22 Gomol Parivat, worm headed who eats filth and vomits maggots on foes
23 Zindra Killanis, iguana headed who eats drugs and commands his wizard lizards
24 Bule Stan, head is a black void torn in reality which he can emit violet rays from
25 Karakous Buran, bronze head with glowing unblinking eyes and puppet like mouth
26 Brundrad Knarr, has a glowing light with a floating eye for a head, has true sight
27 Lozar Drell, has a mass of worms for face which he hides under a cult robe hood
28 Morad Bandar, has a scintillating geometric green light for a head and he hates everyone
29 Suzer Vorgt, has a snake beard which writhes and whispers enemies secret to him
30 Prelan Ftarg, has a long stirge beak nose and he only feeds on blood but is embarrassed
31 Vandar Trill, has a horned demon face of a demon he killed which drove him mad
32 Loriar Zerga, burning cauldron head which objects and creatures can be pulled from
33 Zirian Flaarg, sphere of fire and adds level in damage to any fire spells cast
34 Korak Mandledrul, has six arms and three heads and each can cast a spell at same time 
35 Sidrak Gnarl, has two snake heads one always lies and the other always tells the truth
36 Godrak Glarb, has a huge hand with a eye in it's palm and has a disembodied voice
37 Shedral Margal, has a crystal sphere for a head and has clairvoyant powers
38 Dorzan Radigor, rotating polygon of light, shoot magic missile each round as free action
39 Penzel Vordrass, bloody mouthed bat head and wings, snacks on hearts and livers
40 Zordak Gruul, no head but has eyes in palms and sideways tooth filled mouth in chest
41 Carinal Keswarg, has a burning brazier for a head that smells of incense 
42 Minrad Haran, golden sphere with three eyes, likes to wear fancy or magic capes
43 Harzebag Endrun, burning skull, when killed a demon pours from his body
44 Kostorak Binjel, has a huge eyeball and all hes spells emanate from the pupil
45 Pyrus Dranbull, keeps his real head in a box and uses a magic bronze one in public
46 Hodrak Snardran, has a mechanical iron head that spits d4+1 lead or silver bullets
47 Kellowix Dranzad, glistening cube that he can reach inside for magic scrolls
48 Kornard Banquill, has a roast turkey for a head and kills anyone who comments on it
49 Shran Marl, gaping black void, occasionally he devours someone to keep men obedient 
50 Platorus Bran, black iron shpere which violently explodes as a fireball on death
51 Borak Jule, has a mushroom head if killed he regrows from spores and plots revenge
52 Corolias Bojan, spinning jewel that surrounds area in sparkling lights and illusions
53 Zord Manhar, horrible blob of rancid meat with a single eyeball can see into the past
54 Vorhar Mgan, wears a yellow hood with seven swarming lights in a void underneath
55 Pelothar Beggaran, a cage full of squirming rats, voice formed of squeaking squeals
56 Hannibus Gnorlax, has a huge beer stein with a lid he got from a drunk wish 
57 Corala Mordan, has a floating amphora for a head, hands out potions to minions
58 Sirela Loom, has a gold wheel of light for a head that that shoots magic missiles
59 Carmana Droxill, has a snapping bear trap for a head and disembodied floating eyes
60 Sora Mran, can pull her head inside her torso like a turtle to resist harm and still see
61 Crello Zoralla, has a fish bowl with a goldfish for each spell she knows 
62 Koran Teran, has a mass of tentacles for a head and she is always after new lovers
63 Vella Tanbo, has a floating golden theater mask with no head or face behind it
64 Pandra Sellaris, has a d4+2 small dragon heads, have various one use breathe attacks 
65 Cormara Zord, china doll head with articulated mouth, swiveling eyes and real hair
66 Celaria Mnar, has a floating giant pearl for a head that emanates her magical powers
67 Zeera Gdorab, has a crystal ball for a head which can show visions or a ghostly face
68 Bendra Farthan, floating hand mirror, show visions or draw victims into pocket universe
69 Kadara Bellara, scintilating rainbow energy field, shoots prismatic rays
70 Isora Venran, beautiful peacock head and tail, gets angry if mention her gender wrong
71 Vora Sentan, cat head plus tail, likes jewelry and panther or tiger pets, purrs when happy
72 Elran Horrard, has a burning fleshy volcano for a had and can shoot fire from it
73 Kybor Ming, has three goat heads that talk in in unison, each wears a tiny crown
74 Zephella Torana, a golden egg that occasionally hatches releasing baby monsters
75 Calarnis Bejor, matryoshka doll, that opens up releasing increasingly smaller golems
76 Gemar Krystan, hand mill she turns to produce various substances or creatures
77 Sharran Borstra, a luminous polygon with ever changing number of faces from 4-20
78 Doranil Vorasta, golden rune engraved divine apple of immortality from divine curse
79 Xonlar Tristarion, floating cow skull and a panache for undead minions
80 Vrandaris Korrelan, bubbling mass of lard with a human mouth, can spit hot fat
81 Zndara Trill, tree head populated by tiny birds and squirrels and snakes with gold fruit
82 Bora Warundell, Cloud head that shoots tiny lightning bolt magic missiles
83 Maria Trandiron, Bubbling bubble of blood, leaves puddles when cast spells
84 Micora Voradsar, sphere with exoskeleton and  single eye shoots magic missile bolts
85 Piryana Radaghast, tiny house head, when dis tiny people flee and it bursts into flames
86 Zamarra Pokkannis, beating huge bloody heart, can squirt or spray arterial blood
87 Vora Kansartin, cake head, become different type every spell cast (no d100 cakes sorry)
88 Lyros Vantorum, mirrored sphere has 360 degree vision and reflects gaze attacks
89 Kermora Vandergore, blazing flame which gives off smell of incense pleasing to gods
90 Vedora Kallingmar, lantern head, can change colours or projects a searing beam
91 Denralis Knorra, crackling ball of electrical plasma, magnetically animate ferrous metal
92 Pezor Candiras, molecular molecule or rotating orbiting spheres
93 Astra Starrion,has a astrolabe head and constantly refers to astrology
94 Kerrola Faran, large half melted candle, flame snuffs when she dies, can flick hot wax
95 Amarrinas Tordril, kettle head, whistles and can spray hot steam or create fog cloud
96 Terrilas Krenard, has a bird cage with seven tiny canaries who sin every word spoken
97 Zyron Zenrad, head is a burning rock of narcotic resin, followers are addicted and high 
98 Mortran Mendril, white floating rotating cube possibly sugar or compressed drugs
99 Irabi Kantori, gigantic gold coin, flips coin to decide actions, devout luck god cultist 
100 Manrad Gortenzorn, huge head, followers help support sagging head with sticks


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