Friday, 6 September 2013



126 pages of poorly edited fever dreams in table form

Feedback appreciated

Any amusing uses of this setting material please share

Thanks to all for the last year on blogger

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  1. awesome
    . . .

    Nergul would be chaotic evil
    GM says "I am going to get donarkong on your ass"
    “Psychonian setting is designed to be consistently inconsistent .. .the gods are jerks “

    D100 religion and magic table is missing #72

  2. That is a chunky batch of content. Thank you for releasing it into the wild.

    Will peruse this weekend!

  3. Thanks for feedback - anything like this i can amend in later versions

    D100 religion and magic table is missing #72
    72 Religion is a sham illusions or holograms from some scoundrel

    this want spotted in my online version so cheers - was most popular post here ever

  4. The pdf is great. Flipping through its pages just gets the creative juices flowing. Some parts of my campaign undercity are going to be stranger.

  5. someone removed a +1?
    a few new followers too

    not one complaint about drug abuse so yay
    potions are performance enhancing drugs right?

  6. Awesome! Thanks for uploading this.

    Here are a few things I have spotted so far:

    - Cover; "varient" should be "variant"
    - pp2-3, some lines include non-capital first letters
    - p3; "d100Starting as Psychonian" needs an extra space

    - "somebodies" should be "somebody's"
    - "express a idea", it should be "an"
    - comma after "Anyway" (twice)
    - "its scary" should be "it's scary"
    - CAS's last name should start in capital
    - "Burroughs Mars novels" to "Burroughs's Mars novels"
    - comma after "Iron Dream"
    . "Tukemal" should be "Tekumel"
    - "anomalous sub surface environment" to "Anomalous Subsurface Environment"
    - "Dungeon of signs blog" to "Dungeon of Signs blog"
    - "id probably play" to "I'd probably play"
    - "negativity" to "negatively" (?)

  7. This is the best shit I've read in months. Well done, sir. I'm really looking forward to this being POD on

  8. Thankyou - being edited now with cover art being made 3rd ed im aiming at christmas with my EMO version of BX rules built in

    i will need to edit for legal stuff to change too at some point


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