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Cthulhu 1490: Honestly We are the Good Guys

So the party has been running around Germany hunting Master Albrecht the cult master who monthly sends demons to kill the party. They have stolen so much loot from cults and seized a castle and one got knighted for freeing hostages. Well liked, rich but demon hunted the party await information on the next high holy sabbat.

Deep students of evil books and the serpent man in their care have made them sorcerers. One a pagan can perform dream divination. Several have learned see invisible ritual. The leader summons invisible angels from the stars to smite his foes like enemy demons. Have a smattering of alchemy and since blowing up a Deep One village meeting hall has become higher priority. Some training in stats and weapons. A few guest players questioned what makes them better than enemy. The party claim God on their side and wants them to rob cultists and kill unchristian magicians. Heretics.

Anyway tonight game after robbing fish men and seizing control of an assylum and lab via blackmail, they went to a ruined tower to see what demon cultist Albrecht would send against them this month. On way in saw a witch teaching a townsman a curse for duelists. While the woodsman watched in silence and rest of party in distant trees, the party knight scholar was spotted then walked up claiming to be a wanna be cultist too. He paid the crone a grossen she hid under a flappy witch tit but he failed to learn the curse. The other gent exchanged guild and city details and went home. Witch offered knight to join in ritual. Sure. Two more hideous crones came and started to party and eventually got him to drink fermented  mushrooms. Then everybody stripped and the witches rubbed them selves with ointment, cast spells and turned to beautiful young women. He kept up his act a few hours till the woodsman climbed he ruined tower, signaled the rest of the party for help with a lamp as midnight the demon hour aproached. The party included 5 most troublesome former robber men they had press ganged. They arrived and knight encouraged men at arms to have sex while he backed into tower to talk to others. The woodsman hear flapping and AAAAAAWRKS! distantly. Then saw the huge demonic winged worm horror fly towards them. With his freshly imported polish horse bow he shot it 4 times, scratching it once.

As it swung around the tower the Pict hit it with his axe, the knight struck it ineffectively and fled. The pile of lovers stood up most running. The knight used his dread Curse of Azathoth and weakened it a bit but he was unimpressed at cost. A witch cursed its bite attack and its coil bound a man at arms crushing him into fountains of gore. The party pelted it and the monster bit the witch in half. Some men at arms were squished. The serpent man priest with a ray gun killed it just in time. Party hunted those that fled killing their own men easily (dont want future cultists do we).  Their SAN was probably about 30 by now and they had seen too many horrible things and refused to come back. So they had to die. Witches came back now convinced knight was a great warlock and returned to hag form. A few party members barfed. He commanded they bow to him and he killed them in the name of Jesus.

Bugs, worms and lizards crawled from their remains so party burned everything.

Everyone trained and eventually the Pict used his dream spell and saw a city, some water features and the site of the next High Sabbat while training his CON. Knight worked on reading the masters book actually revealed as Necronmicon. Learned some funny spells like Call Master of the Universe and Call Blind Idiot God and some others. Woodsman tried to learn more and had bad luck but serpent man offered to operate on his tongue to improve his pronunciation. Did pick up some speak serpent man.

Make most money from selling monster bodies in jars, stuffed and skeletons. Universities and town halls compete for best collections (no doubt seized by Nazis in 20th C). Serpent man has taught them a mix of handy and soul shattering magic. He has plenty of time. Especially as they gave him all their serpent man death rays to recharge and promised to return him to the ruin they found his cryopod in with laborers.

"Golly he seems so tops a bloke why not. That stuff he says about us being feeble minded monkeys he wished would all die is just tough talk. Really he needs us."

So the serpent man in priest form went with party goons to his old cave with their collections of two and a half power charged cells and 4 death rays.

The gang worked out next site was was near Berlin from merchants who recognized his map. They investigated valley where 400 witches would be with animals, familiars and spirits for Master Albrecht dressed as Antipope and the Dark man who are really one.

Knight checked out prices of bombard cannons and artillery mercenaries on way home. Awaiting him was Brother a knight surgeon returned from the Baltic killing heathens for the Sword Knight order with his brother of common origins. They were medical corp fanatics and the knight was obligated to support them at fathers command now he has made it. Family interested in him again. Pict met a wild hairy woman in woods and helped her escape human hunters. Visited her again and stayed with the forest folk (pre fall humans hair suit like serpents had legs). So the band marched to Dreseden to investigate werewolves.

On road Bishop of Dresden and retinue tried to press them for cash and party whined way out with talk of return from Baltic wars. Paid a bit to have weapons blessed and went on way. But the Knight read bishops mind and decided he was just a unholy crook and sent a invisible demon to crush him into a screaming broken bloodless heap. Which seemed harsh.

Found isolated village, wolf plagued yet not in grip of werewolf mania as areas they passed through. Few adult women, many missing persons and traps that never work had party suspicious. Local priest even had fled. Party turned church into barracks and stables as all have horses now. So one sword knight guarded horses, woodsman and Pict explored the forest and the knight and his unwelcome sword order brother questioned locals.

The woodsman and the last of the Picts met two teen village girls who gave directions to their clifftop home and times when daddy was away. Pict told them how he liked wolves and was ashamed he was having to harm noble beasts. New Senior sword knight heard of this meeting and insisted on accompanying them to ensure all Godly. While the Pict entertained the girls the woodsman and the sword knight surgeon dug up trash heaps to find human bones. The lead knight with a hunter visited various huts and found scared hunters and many with missing kin then went to the one last hut. Guarding the horses in the church, wolves outside scratched at the doors.

Three simultaneous fights broke out. Knight in church had wolves jump through window. The garbage diggers had to face Daddy the werewolf with two wolves. Pict had two teen wolves and was naked. The lead knight alone with his guide when the previously helpful man turned into a werewolf.

The knight managed to kill his werewolf parrying rather than strikes but party silver weapons and two members in full plate paid off. Werewolves had never been harmed ever before. Sword night with horses killed two wolves with only a scratch. Naked Pict let girls escape in secret passage and joined his friends naked with a pole axe. Surgeon knight and woodsman managed to win but both scratched by big daddy. Surgeon knight couldn't hurt it  but blocked for the woodsman saving him.

Pict tried to convince girls to come with him but they fled into mountains. May meet again. Found a poor pregnant captive who would die if gave birth to werewolf so the crafty surgeon aborted the fetus and put in a jar. Party left with tragic townsfolk crying but grateful.

Sold fetus to Dresden University it was discovered fetus under skin had wolf fur under skin increasing its value as a specimen. Surgeon knights treatment of wounds with wolfs bane, silver powder and holy water, plus his devotion to God saved him. Woodsman and Pict had long fevers and now need to shave hair more.

The next full moon is the high holy sabbat when they plan to fight the cult leaders in a final battle. Werewolves handy? Only time will tell.

A fun and popular game of mine in club with healthy 5 players regularly. Way more bonkers, horrible and dodgy than planned. Somehow these guys have a few sessions to avert the apocalypse. Lucky they are the good guys.

My apologies to any witches out there.

Hunterian Museum


  1. Sounds like a seriously cool game.

    1. has been good - found i didnt have sheild on character sheet too....doh


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