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d100 Border Barriers for hexes in Psychon

Ok so you can see from space Psychon is covered in coloured hexes. Some feature radically different terrain and have simple physical mostly natural barriers. Beings from either adjacent hex may be encountered and such zones often good hunting (always roll an encounter here 1-3 from old hex 4-6 from new hex on a d6). More mana intensive barriers exist too and are incredible feats of the gods power.

When exiting a hex into a new one it often (1-3 on d6 same) has same basic terrain (with shifts in population and some colour shade differences). When a hex is different roll on the barrier table to see what kind if any there is.

d12 Barrier table between different terrain hexes
1-6 Gradual fade into each other
7-10 Common Barrier
11-12 Fabulous Barrier

d12 Common Barriers 

These are all a bit hazardous and require some clever care to avoid. Flight can avoid most of these the easiest
1 Water like a river, lake or the sea. Treacherous and monster filled
2 Wall of natural rock like mountains, possibly a plateau
3 Huge pit or canyon often with another hazzard in the bottom
4 Glacier of ice riddled with caves and creatures
5 Foul swamp polluted by chemical weapons, teeming with weapons
6 Toxic wasteland hazardous to life like plague, radiation, chemicals
7 Psychotronic and Hallucinogenic weapons still active
8 Invisible Force Barrier or maze
9 Monsters swarm and attack, undead  or automatons fairly common
10 Geothermal area, lava flows, boiling mud, geysers, poison or burning gas
11 Roll 1d10 twice

12 Roll 1d10 1d4+1 times 

d100 Fabulous Barriers
1 A god blasts the intruder with fire from heavens 
2 A god shakes the earth and uses geological phenomena
3 A god sends demons, angels, elementals or other servitors
4 A petty god guards the passage
5 Lightning rakes area, blasting intruders to ash heaps
6 Weird auras start affecting minds, magic or technology
7 Strange weather phenomena drives travellers away
8 Sphinxes guard the way demand a riddle to pass
9 Strange old man demands riddle to cross or roll again for another hazard
10 A gargantua eats anyone passing the territory
11 A great flaming barrier appears 
12 A god personally turns travellers back
13 A sacred monster guards the way like a dragon or warborg
14 Savage humanoid tribes swarm here eating travellers
15 A sinister cult peruse and seek to sacrifice transgressors
16 Giant crystals drain your life force (HP) slowly if crossed
17 Swarms of some creatures attack, form walls and flood area like bugs or nanobots or rats or birds
18 A huge band of scarified primitives kill and eat those who defile their sacred land
19 Undead soldiers from past burst up with advanced weapons that only work for them
20 Fearsome Illusions drive away fearful, often personal
21 Mutants swarm here and get more horrible as you go deeper into contaminated zone
22 Grass gives of sleep or hallucinatory gas
23 A saucer comes and blasts intruders from air
24 Doppelgangers or pod people or replicants appear and attack, some resemble loved ones and friends instead if clones fail
25 Robots or androids dont let stupid meatbags here
26 Beastmen horde hates humans and like to hunt and torture and eat them
27 Squirming red alien vegetation here smothers all life
28 Ancient mine field
29 Magical curse runes cover ground for miles
30 May keep walking but never get closer, time distorting
31Teleported somewhere completely different
32 AI cult or servitors kidnaps all passers to live in his bunker of paradise
33 Cold barrier or wind and super chilled air
34 Vacuum area
35 Flash floods drive travellers back again and again
36 Ground covered in living mutants as big as hills, eat passes by
37 Hungry Morlocks guard this area
38 Derro beam hate rays at party and make them increasingly turn one another till they go beserk
39 A beam from the sky transports any significant life into a sky habitat
40 Transported to another plane if do not heed warnings
41 Temporarily sent to different time zone
42 Random transformations such as gender or race or colour or all
43 Turned to children temporarily
44 Turned to geriatrics temporarily
45 Grey ooze turns everything into ooze
46 Swarming with modular robots form into angry god
47 Ground bursts into flame
48 Confusion field, lost for possibly days
49 Warnings of undead plague, save or infected so one day will rise when dead
50 Reality becomes confusing liquid chaos, cant tell up from down
51 Time slows down, beings up ahead frozen in stasis
52 Strange beings and phantoms phaze in from over space and attack
53 Starving and disease ridden desperate hordes swarm well fed travellers
54 Muddy trenches cover land. automated weapons systems
55 Muddy trenches cover land. undead soldiers fix bayonetes
56 Adorable pakuspawn microkaiju swarm and eat you
57 Wasteland area covered in statues. Gorgon, medusa, baslisk or cockatrice in area
58 Swarming with rust monsters of various colour types
59 Swarms of gremlins rise up and try to eat you
60 Transported to underworld
61 Huge pits, sinkholes and canyon entrances to subworlds and hordes of monsters
62 Strange vapours rise from earth, immortal locals welcome you to stay forever
63 Hunters stalk intruders for ritual torture or just sport if advanced
64 Hideous inbred hermaphrodites cave troglodytes seek new lovers
65 Intruders are tormented with tests by competing AIs for a bet
66 Intruders start to turn into vegetation or fungus from skybourne spores or seeds, reversed if you head back
67 A powerful mutant hero challenges all comers or his cult kill and eat you
68 Deadly road gangcult in dune buggies, crucify travellers
69 Priests only let intruders of right religion pass
70 Warriors and martial artists duel travellers for right of passage
71 Bleeding weeping corpses arise and form a wall blocking you, drive mad if you continue
72 Satellite above has a mutation ray they test on those who enter their firing range
73 Eldren with ornithopters and firelances destroy intruders in forbidden zone
75 Blood thirsty druid sect sacrifice strangers to ancient monoliths
76 Intruders teleported to gladiator pit
77 Intruders tormented by Djinn with hallucinations of treasure and terrain or food
78 Visions of souls being tormented because you transgress here
79 All who come here compelled to build huge monument, daily save to escape
80 A huge brick wall
81 Angel with flaming sword guards a passage through huge wall of flame
82 Ancient ruins crawling with armed survivalists with mines, mortars and sniper rifles
83 Wall of water filled with winged satan fish
84 Ground or air craft with battlesuits demand your papers
85 A mecha or robot or golem with huge guns demands huge toll
86 Gods wish to weigh your soul to see if you are worthy to pass
87 Ancient undead filled city rulled by crumbling lich or mummy
88 Huge garbage heaps strewn for miles in unstable heaps, if sucked under awake in garbage heap in distant land
89 Saucers kidnap and probe travellers here
90 Soldiers of ancients believe fighting some old war, different eras set to battle each other like AI chess game
91 Fictional or historic characters appear to fight intruders
92 Huge spacegod titan in spacesuit hovers over region judging the fitness of travellers to live or be able to reproduce
93 Huge land leviathan and army use tavellers for target practice
94 Travellers fall through crust into subworlds of molemen, mutants and morlocks
95 Everyone starts turning into orcs or other unlovable species
96 Modrons test travellers with maths and logic puzzles and IQ tests for right to pass
97 Electric razor wire fence with ancient border crossing run by robots, wont let you in without valid passports
98 magic princess will let you pass hazard if you accept a quest
99 Eldren guards want you to pass a personality test to confirm your alignment, blacklist you if wrong
100 A huge dionysian multispecies ritual rave festival in progress, save to resist joining, daily save to escape, local law frown on party goers and harrass them

will do a d100 weird geology feature table sometime

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