Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Kazzaran Battlock the Black Metal Warlock Catman

  I stuck this pick on FB and player asked if it was a Psychon character. It is now.

Catmen are fairly common on many of Psychons hexes and some in large groups or more often loaners. Cat men drifters are often seen as suspicions and tricky but sometimes that is just what locals Need.

Kazzaran Battlock is a warlock catman and guitarist of ill repute. He has been in many bands and often joins up in hopes of finally making the tour circuit  but things often go wrong. Not like warrior tiger men, Kazzaran is a mighty magician and has been luck enough to find an impressive guitar for life on the road. It is a d6 Axe and light crossbow with a +1.  He prefers stealth to direct assault. But will fluff him self up and spit and jump about to intimidate others. Kazzaran cant wait to command demons, devils and elementals and is sure he has some part hellcat in him on his Mom's side. He met a cat with magic boots and other cool stuff so he checks out any boots he sees for magic to make him cool.

He is often met on the road, in prison, being hunted by a mob or just being kicked out of a band. Kazzaran is basically Chaotic Neutral but pretends to be evil and bad ass when he is really a bit of a pussy.

Eldren (Elf)

Beastman Level 2
Wizard Level 4

Strength:  13 +1 Damage
Constitution: 14 +1 HP
Dexterity: 16 +2 Hit & AC
Inteligence:  17 +2 NWP
Wisdom: 9
Charisma: 13 +1 Follower

HP: 34 AC: DEX+2 Beastman+1 Dodge+1 =+4

Weapons Proficiencies:
Claw or Bite 1d4 (beastman unarmed attack)
Double Punch (xtra unarmed attack)
Axe (Mastery+2) 1d8
Xbow 1d6+1
Dodge +1AC
Dagger 1d4

Non Weapons Proficiencies:
Song Lore
Magic Lore
Play Guitar
Diabolic Lore

See in Dark
Natural Weapons 1d4

Cast Spells:

First x4
-Magic Missile
-Burning Hands
-Comprehend Language
-Detect Magic

Second x4
-Smoke Form
-Fire Shuriken
-Cats Grace

Guitar-axe-xbow with 20 bolts inside, amplified power +6 (1-11 scale)
Spellbook (stored in guitar) on rat vellum
A few snack mice
Catnip in moneybag

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