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Extra Kobold Kill Carts

There are two PDF books of Chagrinspire on my recent patreon page now

The entrances of Chagrinspire are huge concrete ramps making a great place for waves of rolling kobolds who live for speed and wheels.

Extra entries for what started here:

I'm thinking of a beer and pretzels battle game of Kobold kill cart colosseum for mobile gladiators with some obstacles to jump over and something to score points.

Kobolds often have pets with them, especially goats dogs and chickens. They don't like hogs and trade them to local orcs if they steal any from humans. More forest-living kobolds use deer or boar or wolves. Kobold berserks will climb onto a goat or the yoke to attack enemies also.

The goat-using kobolds here are more barbarians but some of these will work in a dungeon

Reports of various Chagrinspire wasteland peoples raiding civilisation have been commonplace and sometimes explain why civilised soldiers travel the doomed wastes. The kobolds who use the stuff here only attack places with nice roads and footpaths. Flail and chain-wielding kobolds are not allowed inside chariots.

Many chariots have support skirmishers and pets surrounding them to keep away infantry. Mostly chariots hit and run. They also carry troops sometimes to the front of battle or to help withdrawals. Chariots vs fleeing opponents are very effective. Berserker kobolds may replace another troop type on a vehichle. A priest or spellcaster may replace the hero and cast spells but is usually trained to lead the crew and cast while mobile.

Skill manoeuvres
for roller skaters, sk8boarders, scooters and other vehicles 
Charge - move full Mov and attack
Speed - can increase +50% on level ground, up to double down 45 degree slope, +sign on Mov rates below vehicles indicate may use this
Jump - can jump an extra d3M and get +1 damage on melee attack if jump at the enemy
Swerve = +2 AC or agility save vs threats
Survive a crash without stopping
Stop without destruction or damage at above half speed

i need to add a turns rating per vehicle type also and revise all these in the chagrinspire pdf book 

Acrobatics, tumbling, wallrunning, climbing (for assaulting vehicles) and other skills are common with skaters, scooters, etc   

Roller Bomber/Suicide Skater
AC +3 HP 2 Mov 12+ Bomb 2d4 Morale 11
Rollerskater with a cast iron black powder bomb with a fuse and a clay pot of charcoal. Will coyly approach looking cute and harmless or charge so even if dead might get close. Many wear a loincloth and holy symbol and many scream devoted prayers while attacking. The bravest in advanced kobold groups will last attract a rocket to the back and are called roller rocket rangers. These double the kobold speed for a d4 rounds but they require a skill roll to survive the acceleration without crashing and exploding.

Skate lancer
AC +3 HP 3 Mov 12+ Javelin d6 Morale 8
Rollerskater with a javelin or two, may throw one while charging, x2 damage if charged with a javelin into a target. Most carry a knife too. Some carry a d8 longer lance instead they call pikes but really just a 2-h spear but the reach is handy but loss of ranged attacks.

Roller Gladiator
AC +5 HP 5 Mov 12+ By Weapon Morale 8
Roller gladiators were ugly heavy spiked armour with knight-like visors they open to see better or yell abuse. Gladiator types d4 1=2x d4 dagger attacks 2=d6 shortsword & buckler 3=d6 flail and buckler 4=kobold size 2-h halberd d8

Skate Blader
AC +3 HP 2 Mov12+ Ram Morale 7 
Skateboarders who charge close to ram (2d4 damage) or stop and use boards with both hands to club enemies for +1 damage. The boards have axe like blades for hacking and ramming.

Common Blader free hands are for: d4
1=d2 throwing rocks 2=d3 throwing knife 3=burning torch 4=bolas
Gang boss or champion hands are for: d4
1=crossbowpistol with poison dart d4 2=small flintlock pistol d4 and knife d3 3=incendiary 4=grenaide

Female Furies
AC +4 HP 2 Mov12+ Weapon Morale 8 
Female skating team who specialise in capturing enemies and taking the fallen in battle. In garish leather studded uniforms, they use the following weapons d4 1=net 2=lasso 3=bola 4=mancatcher and all carry knives d3. They use teamwork and if one snares a person others will help hang on and dogpile the target. A trapped target will be bound and carried away or stabbed

Light Goat Chariot
AC +3 HP 10 Mov18 Weapon and goat ram Morale 9 
1mx1.5m wide
Goat chariot with room for two, the driver who may hurl javelins or uses a whip or make drive rolls and a hero with a kobold bow d4 and light mace or axe d6. Mostly wood and whicker with iron axle, Mostly they pepper the enemy while mobile and the hero defends the chariot from borders. This size work well in a dungeon corridor and has a fighting footprint of a human in battle. Goat AC +3 HD 1 HP 4 Mov 18 Butt d4(x2 charge) Morale 7 (if not controlled). May carry two extra skirmishers for short periods to retreat or deploy.  

Heavy Goat Chariot
AC +5 HP 10 Mov18 Weapon and goat ram Morale 9 
1.5mx2m wide with wheel scythes
Goat chariot with two goats, a driver, a hero archer, two fighters who may dismount, throw javelins or use them to make charge attacks for double damage. All crew also carry a shortsword or handaxe. The wheels have sword blades the driver can use to attack for 2d4 opponents close to the sides. The goats have extra armour +1AC and the crew all wear leather. Such a chariot often has a dozen skirmishers. Goat AC +5 HD 1 HP 6 Move 18 Butt d4(x2 charge) Morale: 8 (if not controlled)   

Heavy Battlewagon
AC+6 HP40
 Ram 3d6 or Trample 2d4 MOV 9 8mx2m wide   
Six goat powered rear drive under covered shutters yoked behind an armoured cabin. The battering ram smashes through doors and the crew can fire from inside until abandon the vehichle and release the goats. Working goats (AC+3 HD1 HP4 Mov 18 Butt d4) can be taken to safety or could be armoured battle goats  (AC+3 HD1 HP6 Mov 18 Butt d4 x2 with charge). Crew use non-gunpowder as it is too cramped so most will use repeating crossbows d4 or shortbows d4. All crew in leather with a hand axe or shortsword with shield and will form up in a turtle formation while a few may even ride goats. This thing does not respond to fancy driving but parking and steering the ram require a roll.  

Kobold Seige Tower 
AC+6 HP20
 MOV 3 Various
1.5m x 2m wide 1m tall base with a 2m high 1.5 x 1.5 tower in the front 
They are pushed by 8 kobolds on the ground floor in leather with shields and shortswords if they evacuate, with four kobolds with repeating crossbows inside and a commander on the top who often throws javelins, grenades or incendiaries and wears plate +7 armour and carries a small flintlock pistol d4. These help kobolds get superior fire arcs over a battlefield. Can be pinned to a location with iron spikes so big people don't push it over and you can stab them

Kobold King Steam Tank
AC+10 HP 40 Mov 3 Cannon 4d6 & Flamer 3d6 2x3m
Smoke belching clanking tracked war machine. The gun has various shells including d6x smoke (12m circle), 2d6+12x standard 4d6 or 2d6x explosive  (4d6 and 3m circle area, save halves damage. The flamer is a 30 degree cone 6m long and has 10 shots. A hatch in top for the commander who carries a revolver pistol and a shortsword. There are 4 gunners, two drivers (L and R), an engineer plus 12 infantry with muskets with bayonets and gunports for them.

Kobold Hang Glider
AC+0 HP5 Mov 12+
A single kobold skirmishers often carry a grenaide or incendiary, unskilled pilots make suicide dives and often die landing or making basic manoeuvres. Kobolds tied to giant kites evolved into these which experts use to make surprise attacks or bombardments. The more advanced sort include a leather flight suit and helmet, and carry a rocket to double their speed for a d4 rounds but require a skill roll or lose control the whole time

Kobolds might hijack gnomish machines like airships and mole machines or armoured cars

d12 Kobold Heroes (X = HD equal to PCs}
1 Prince Krull - chariot hero with a belt of ogre strength 18 and a +2 Returning Hammer, lives for glory and challenges worthy enemy hero to a duel or one on one battle, AC+6 HD X Mov12 Hammer d4+5 Morale 11 +2 to subordinate morale Command Radius 16
2 Boran Dorkmoon  - Goat riding hero of the waste and his dozen kobold berserk thralls +1 sword and shield can summon a dozen magic 2HD kobold elites from kobold Valhalla. He is on a typical barbarian mission to kill wizards and destroy literacy AC+3 HD X Mov 15 Battle Axe d8+1 Morale 11 
+2 to subordinate morale Command Radius 17
3 Finn McFishfingers - Hero of the Lakeland clan with amazing fishfolk like powers somehow. Has a +2 trident that user can speak to fish when holding. In water dangerous as can breathe water and move freely. Often has a marine ally or mount but on land usually d4 1=giant crab 2=giant cave lobster 3=Tako octopus fairy 4=giant otter.  AC +3 HD X Mov12 Swim 12 Trident 6+2 Morale 10 
+1 to subordinate morale Command Radius 11 to marine creatures only
4 Lotta Thornsthigh - harlot heroine who rewards heroes after battle and who makes lusty threats at human size enemies. She leads a team rollerskating of female furies who finish off downed foes and kidnap some for BBQ or torture. AC +3 HD X Mov 18+ Jump 1 +1 Phalus club d4 or her poisoned whip d3 Morale 11+1 to subordinate morale Command Radius 15, carries a knife and slave manacles and has pendulous breasts. Expert kobold midwife who can double tribes reproduction and survival rate
5 The Five Wise Guys - quintuple siblings who travel the world helping kobold technology, alchemy, guns and koboldium. They meet rarely anymore.  Each carries a double barrelled blunderbuss and has six small flintlock pistols d4 and fast draw. Often uses incendiary and grenaides and often command a vehichle. Levels as wizards AC+5 HDX Mov 12 Silver dagger d4 Morale 9 +1 to subordinate morale Command Radius 9
6 Captain Scourge - pirate leader and expert with cutlass d6 and dagger style d4 and carries a brace of six small flintlock pistols d4. Has a kobold heavy battlwagon shaped like a ship with a swivel gun 2d6 on top deck. Is very flashy with gold teeth and nipple rings and a big hat with a feather. Will poison blades and has rogue levels. AC+3 HD X Mov 12 Sword d6 and Dagger d4 Morale 10 +2 to subordinates morale  Command Radius 18
7 Kavnar the Ratlord - is a druid with an affinity for rats who rides in a pulled by giant rats and carries swarms or rats instead of spearmen. Will summon more pets and buff them with spells to fight better. Weapons carry disease taints. Has kobold berserkers following as bodyguard on foot AC+4 HD X Mov 15 Sword d6 Morale 11 +1 
to subordinates morale  Command Radius 12 of rat like beings
8 Zordan the Blood Master - is a murderous maniac in a chariot pulled by giant weasels while he carries a +1 knife of wounding d3 is a priest of a blood god and may command swarms of bats or leeches near water
9  Drakar the Airlord - has a pet wyvern raised from an egg, carries a crew of 8 kobold archers, while he throws javelins. Will use as a flying missile platform and drop off archers to strategic points. Has two javelins of lightning and a ring of shocking grasp one use a day AC +4 HD X Mov 12 Shortsword +poison 
Morale 17 +2 to subordinates morale  Command Radius 14
10 Korbar Vulcrum Goat Lord - has a max HP riding goat and leads goat riding lancers. Carries a small flintlock pistol d4 and hurls frag grenades AC+5 HD X Mov12 Shortsword d6+1 
Morale 10 +1 to subordinates morale  Command Radius 16 
11 Princess Stone - rides a velociraptor she raised from an egg and also has other pet dinos she can summon with her yodelling. Her giant pterodactyl is also frequently used but a siege glyptodon pops up sometimes. Has a throwing bone +2 club d4 and magic +2 leopard skin armour. AC+6 HD X Mov 15 Claw d4x2 or club d4+2 
Morale 10 +1 to subordinates morale  Command Radius 13 
12 Queen Crow - necromancer-priest who uses powers to conjure zombies and skeletons, the dead kobolds are treated as honoured ancestors enemies are defiled and used as cannon offer. Her raven feather cloak gives her bird and back form three times a day. Her chariot is drawn by ghoul goats and are ravenous for flesh. AC+4 HD X Mov 15 Staff d6 Morale+9 
+1 to subordinates morale  Command Radius 9

d12 Kill Cart Arena Hazards
1 Bonfire best avoided or jumped d6 damage if passed through
2 Pit 3x3m opening with 10 foot drop and d4 1=spikes 2=rat swarm 3=owlbear 4=green slime
3 Ramp adds 3m to jump and +d6 damage on ram or crash damage if fail skill roll
4 Cage if anyone comes within  3m releases d4 1=wolvesx4 2=2d4 stirges 3=rust monster 4=flailsnail
5 Surprise jack springs car d6m in the air requires drive roll to take minimum damage. Low ceiling rooms may have 1in6 chance of +d6 spikes on the ceiling
6 Pop up wall d3m high triggered by 3x3m square in front cause cars to crash
7 Pop up spikes triggered by 
3x3m square in front cause wheels to take 2d4 damage
8 Hidden trapdoor pops up if crossed releasing a d4 1=gelatinous polyhedron 2=salamander 3=giant gekko 4=ogre
9 Mud pit looks normal dirt on top but is quicksand, strength roll to escape or aid from outside
10 Teleporter pad  3x3 square if crossed will vanish and appear on a second point at a random facing (d12) often placed near a ledge or other hazard
11 Water feature 3-9m with 30-degree slope that can slow vehicles and hides a special hazard d4 1=shoggoth 2=angry chained fish folk warrior with trident 3=marine zombies d4 won't leave water and hide in the muck to draw people in
12 Fear Circle any passing needs a morale check or panic wildly and make driving check 

Playing Kobold Kill Cart Colloseum
I recommend 2 players buy 30 points each = 1 HD of heroes, kobolds, pets or vehichle crew or +1AC of a vehichle

A referee can run monsters, crowds and the hidden hazards  

maybe i need to make a bunch of wargame tokens


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