Sunday, 18 July 2021

Quick Game Log: Post Apoc Bop

So Sabre River dungeon part 2 was delayed as someone away on dad stuff that trumps gaming. Players decided to play the backup post apoc game of Broken Hill for Planet Psychon. 

Players were playing a part of a Mutant Epoch adventure. As my players had flipped the script when raiders took over the village. They used this as a pretext to bring in the Warlords' army to "rescue" the village and install a squad of troops and put adventurers as acting in charge. The village cult was unhappy and an approaching crisis was brewing.

The party include a mildly mutated gunfighter and a Abhuman Galah
Usually, they bring a few followers from robots and androids or their rat buddy
Today they mostly used the Galahs ex-sexbot-assassin with a smg

Adventurers returned to the underground mall and killed a bunch of subterranean semi undead mutants finally killing off the ghouls and rescuing the prisoners and they battled is a marine god that came up from an ancient flooded megastructure tunnel across the continent. Cleaned up the place and got lots of loot. Party mostly using burst fire automatic guns or gun-fu pistol action with some extra soldiers and lots of grenades.

 They decided not to accept longer governorship and went to their own house with new androids and robots. One was dangerously viruses and the robotsmith burned it. They got a service android too and their reputation spread as free prisoners returned to own communities. They did accept a halftrack gun carrier and installed a medium machine gun and kitted it out. They were keen to visit a bunker of a billionaire gated community they had a map for.

So they drove off and ignored encounters doing 40km offroad and peppering giant scorpions and lizards with machinegun bursts. Reached the first location of Heavenly Haven map of a srvice station. The radio and lights and soda fridge were on everything else looked dead. Ignored dust storms. They briefly searched it and backed off spooked by the place and "didn't want to steal". So narrowly missing the killer android bunker where many android snipers come from they found an archway through a rock ridge to enter the former town. The picture showed a crescent hillside of mansions overlooking a park with a few creeks. Currently, it was a forest and a tribal village with crops was in the park.

The locals were friendly and offered party joins their tribe for the right to remain in the valley as they had passed the unnamed deaths that kill most invaders. Was a bit stiff but the local elder offered cigarettes and nest thing everyone was sharing drugs and drinking and by nightfall, they were totally wanting to join the tribe. (note at this point I'm running Famine At Fargo adventure. 

They zoned out lots of the exposition and next morning set off, leaving their ratman driver to mind the half track. Found a few things on the way including a mysterious blighted area. Went to the went into the forest of knowledge and ate berries, one player gained an attribute dozy felt sick so used his antitoxin suppositories and shrugged off bad effects. Woke up in a bandicoot folk burrow (no badgers in Australia) and sneaked about found some loot and recovered tools and massacred most of the tribe and noted they were to be sacrificed to avert the blight over the land. 

Escaped into the forest and found the old trail and found the chicken factory of the ancients. Managed to enter and the Galah who had recently developed winged flight and a psionic charm managed to befriend the first Chicken Abhuman they found armed with an infrared rifle. Asked smoking Eggbert about what else was around and hunted several more chickens. Battled an overalled gunfighting chicken with a laser pistol and another one who control the room with a singlet and trucker hat. Didn't kill them but discovered chickens planned to clone an army and overrun the region and punish humanity for crimes against chickens. Party spoke to AI and offered to put it back in charge in a deal for chicken dinners and also planned to recover the source of the blight a toxic meteorite (possibly some kind of burning reactor from orbital). Now just a few more chickens to hunt in hopes they can be reformed.

We did our normal game watched the movie over pizza played again and it was 12:30am and we stopped. Party has multiple energy weapons and can survive hits from them now. Im impressed by the amount of firepower I can draw on in a battle in this game.

Need to build some of my terrain kits.

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