Tuesday, 27 July 2021

Local Lycanthropes

Lycanthropes are a fun monster type and the usual types are well known. The RUS rpg had lycanthropy as a possibility for every character and a bunch of animals people don't usually think of. They were not obligated to be bloody killers but were persecuted. As a monster fan as a child, I had my Usebourne books with ere snakes, elephants and other lycanthropes. Actually, my favourite in dnd is the Devil Swine (Bronze Golems need more love in your dnd too). I like specialist clerics in my game who can turn lycanthropes and force them to change.

So there is just some tables of regional were creatures.
I have considered a goblinisation disease that protects you from other plagues.

These are just ideas though I would try and cover many if I did a monster book.

D12 Northern Woodlands
1 Wolf
2 Bear
3 Rat 
4 Boar/Swine
5 Badger
6 Elk
7 Owl
8 Horse
9 Raven
10 Fox
12 Lynx

D12 Tropical 
1 Tiger/Lion 
2 Panther/Jaguar
3 Jaguar
4 Ape
5 Hyena
6 Elephant
7 Crocodile
8 Jackal
9 Snake
10 Butterfly (nope not nice)
12 Scorpion

D12 Aquatic
1 Sea Wolf
2 Shark
3 Ray
4 Squid
5 Starfish
6 Eel
8 Crab
9 Walrus
10 Trilobite
12 Fish (various)

D12 Underland
1 Spider
2 Bat
3 Toad
4 Crayfish
5 Mole
7 Beetle
8 Lizard
9 Toadstool
10 Cricket
12 Fish (various)


  1. Fighting a were-trilobite sounds amazing.

    1. the anglerfish, tulley monsters, ammonites and sea scorpions deserve a fair go too


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