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d100 Magic Hills

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d10 Reputation of hill
Ancient kings were associated with it
Was a gathering place in old times best shunned now
 Was a burial place of the old folk
4 People lived in that spot long ago
5 A battle was fought there long ago
6 A struggle between good and evil happened here
7 Strange things happen to those who dally there
8 Strange spirits have been seen haunting here at night
9 Witches and cultists performed strange rites here
 Considered faerie and best left alone

d10 Types of Magic Hills
Former settlement
 Burial mound
 Cult Site 
Holy Place
 Legendary Monument
 Monster Lair 
7 Demihuman Hills
8 Humanoid Hills
9 Haunted Places
10 Mythic location

d100 Magic Hills
01 Gloom Hill - Remains of a stone shelter some say is haunted by a sinister spirit
02 Elder Hill - Remains of a stone slab tomb occupied by a corporeal undead asleep
03 Hunters Hill - A cave on the rocky face of a hill requires crawling in to reach a prehistoric art cave with some tusks and horns of long extinct beasts. Manipulating the tusks on an altar and chanting druids used to call herds of game to return from the land of the dead beasts. Playing with altar might result in a new huge herd of possibly prehistoric herd beasts like Auroch or giant elk
04 Lonely Hill - Formed by aeons of accumulation of a village with many layers of settlement, worked stones and pottery shards are said to be of some older forgotten people. Locals have found a few trinkets from here. A few lone men have vanished here every few years, some blame a lamia
05 Blight Hill - Mound remains of a town destroyed by enemies long ago then buried to keep the anguished dead buried deeper. Some tried to remove cut stone and bricks from soil and awoke some angry spirits
06 Midden Hill - Made up of thousands of years old midden heap and shell local farmers crush and sew in soil. Occasionally strange stone carvings and tools are found nearby and some report strange spirits lurk near craving food scraps
07 Templar Hill - Hill had a stronghold built into it and was slowly buried and overgrown but is still intact under the hill with a secret crawlway to find. Relief sculptures and sconces for lamps are built in the walls. Some say ghostly warrior monks guard a treasure
08 Gloomcastle Hill - Mound remains of a castle, with moat and remains of wall around a great mound of shattered mossy stones. Intact chambers could be inside but people fear a beast that lives inside
09 Corpse Hill - A unusual mound surrounded by marsh, remains of a once irrigated city, many buried intact ruins and tombs are here and some tomb robbers come here to seek treasure. Undead roam at night and most people avoid the area
10 Kingsfort Hill - A former hill fort with graveyard, some remains of walls and possibly a subterranean secret store cave or secret holy place to hide something. Kings were crowned here and famous battles were fought here by the old people
11 Atop the hill is an intact stone dolmen tomb with a long sleeping wight
12 Fellrock Hill - Atop the hill is a partly buried stone dome tomb now full of ghouls
13 Solstice Hill - A stone door in the hill has been shattered and a tomb robbed, by night or on solstice spirits whisper and appear driving viewers mad or giving them great secret lore
14 Stonedoor Hill - A stone slab has kept a door sealed for over a thousand years, inside a stone tomb of mummies guard ancient treasure trove of weapons, many are cursed
15 Sleepers Hill - A stone tomb was built over an old house foundation where bodies were buried. Later the tomb was buried and a concealed slab door with many wards kept it hidden. Undead of unusual power are found here serving an undead king (revenant or doomknight or mummy)
16 Bleak Hill - This unusually shaped hill was built long ago over some deep-buried ruins and tomb below. A magical hidden entrance holds an ancient tomb of a great wizard now a lich or vampire
17 SInister Hill - Remains of a stone mausoleum under the hill, long looted homeless, witches, goblins and worse often live here among scattered bones and carved stone. There may be secret chambers
18 Stonevault Hill - Stone lined tomb tunnels into the hill, at solstices and certain constellations in the sky, spirits are said to lurk here angry at some past injustice 
19 King Hill - Deep under this artificial hill is a stone tomb of a king and his servants who are undead who live as if court still operating and feasting on piles of gore that appear from a magic cauldron. Some scholars detected deep magical emanations and there are stories about a procession of the dead seen near
20 Grave Hill - The hill is an ancient graveyard with gloomy ancient trees. Pieces of bone and stone arrowheads are found here from the old people. Various spirits lurk here and witches come here in secret to meet
21 Murder Hill - An ancient stone altar, a great stone slab where sacrifices were made. Sacrifices here allow the murderer to speak to an elder demon in their dreams that night
22 Crown Hill - A great stone where ancient kings were crowned and many nobles still hold in high regard as sacred. Commoners mucking about here are whipped by a hillkeeper under contract to the crown to make sure nobody touches the stone even though it is no longer an official part of the kingdom's lore. Some fear a usurper may try to use the stone and others fear a cursed old prophecy that says when the stone cracks the kingdom will be split forever
23 Flat Top Hill - The top of the hill has been flattened into a ritual space that can observe several other important landmarks on an ancient ritual march around the landscape. Under a full moon from here, you can see several distant locations with strange lights. Many have chased the lights around various hills each with some symbolic links to the druid zodiac and some obstacle. Most who came back to speak of it were never the same. Scholars say it is some old faith magical quest leading to a great treasure in the otherworld
23 Sigil Hill - A stone shelter with many rock carvings where ancient pilgrims came
24 Hermit Hill - A dozen tiny stone huts on the wind-blasted hill where hermits have lived for centuries d6-2 hermits may be here at any time some have great knowledge if you can make them talk
25 Sentinel Hill - A lone stone monolith stands here overlooking the area
, some stones are said to be alive of magic. There are identical stones in other kingdoms some say they are all aligned somehow or on leylines
26 An ancient carved border stone with prehistoric clan symbols possibly pre-human
27 Shade Hill - A stone idol with niches where long ago human severed heads were placed in to rot away but now such things would be shocking. Heads placed in niches enable user to speak with the dead and there are four niches and all can interact if magic is called on. This effect can be activated under a full moon once per night
28 Stonecircle Hill - A stone circle on the hilltop used in ritual long ago, some stones are said to be alive of magical d6m tall, 5d6 total stones
29 Highroad Hill - A road up the hill to a lookout lined with stones used in some precision long ago, sometimes people say they see torches of robed worshipers on stormy nights and full moons. A fire pit on the hilltop ends the processional route
30 Wicked Hill - Is covered in turf over chalk and it has had patterns carved out for centuries depicting mystic symbols of the old people, some are a bit erotic for modern tastes and include horned abhumans worshipping snakes. Some hidden tiny beastling folk maintain the cut turf 
31 Druid Hill - A huge tree here worshipped by druids and elves for aeons, a guardian of either will be here with various animals, the hill is well forested
32 Idol Hill - A tall idol built of wood with beast antlers worked into it has survived here in a grove on this wooded hill. Hunters will touch no animals that come to this hill afraid of some old taboo. Some local spirits maintain it
33 Maiden Hill - A grove of trees here are in fact dryads and several lovers live here like hermits guarding their loves. Local men are kept away but wise woman speaks to them and may negotiate the return of charmed sacrifices
34 Stonewood Hill - A wooded hill with a small stone circle, a druidic graveyard and several other great stones called the guardians. Some huge creature is said to live here and crushes defilers into bloody pulp but nobody has seen what is responsible
35 Crystal Grotto Hill - A small temple cave here includes a bubbling grotto and a cave of paintings. Wise old people retire here to worship at the cave and are considered blessed healers prophets. Crystals grow all over the grotto and are prised by magicians
36 Witch Hill - a hole inside drops into a great cavern cathedral complex with skeletons of great beasts long gone and a gallery of paintings and clay sculptures some with real antlers incorporated. A prehistoric hag dwells here but recognises and spares polite druids and demihumans or their friends. Long ago she was given sacrifices and she accepts sacrifices of money or slaves. If fed she sleeps peacefully. If bribed she offers elder lore
37 Whitedome Hill - A stone circular dome on top of a hill with a path to the top. Overgrown with shrubs but the white stone on the dome top is visible for dozens of miles. In the temple is an altar and burial site of priests and sacred pets
38 Shunned Hill - A thickly forested hill with several trails to an ancient grove with dolmen stones, a stone altar and a secret entrance to an art cave temple below. Faeriefolk and druids of old used magics of the ley lines here to travel too and from faerielands. Tree giants, pixies, dyads, satyrs and centaurs might lurk here in secret using this place to travel between worlds. Woodcutters and hunters shun this place but herbalists and certain old religions visit for ceremonies
39 Table Hill - A great artificial hill and on top is a weathered ancient stone table where kings and druid priests once met. Some come here to make oaths believing oathbreakers will be cursed 
40 Stonehole Hill - A great rockpile on this barren hill has several holes in great boulders a person can squeeze through and some people come still to try. Some say this place is really an otherworldly gateway at certain times but those who visit say they felt luck after for a few days
41 Horned One Hill - A huge hill over 130 foot tall, unusual evenly shaped and representing a great effort of thousands of people. Treasure hunters tried digging in and gave up. Some of these holes dug by treasure hunters attracted monsters. A huge magical tomb of a prehistoric demigod buried deep below and some scholars say it is best left alone
42 Tower Hill - A huge cairn of prehistoric cut stones from a great tower that was build here in the early times of the world. The hill seems bleak and surrounded by grim weather. Magical spells brought in area collapse, magic items sleep and stop working and spells cast here do strange unpredictable things. Some tried moving some of the rubble searching for treasure for years and left a smaller stone hill nearby
43 Statue Hill - A huge statue 120 foot tall, partly broken and submerged in the hill, overgrown with vegetation. Some say there is a secret way inside the statue. Nobody knows who the statue was meant to be, some god or ruler people say. Some adventurers disappeared here a few years ago
44 Giantsdead Hill - A great rough stone peak on the hill is said to be an ancient giant who menaced the land long ago. Locals use it as a landmark. A pool here is a popular meeting place and fishing spot. A few strange magic gold items have been found in the pool every hundred years. People who try to make camp or work or digging for treasure are menaced by terrible weather and natural chills. A few occultists come here to commune with the rock they say was a giant god or elder ancestor
45 Bonecrag Hill - Infamous for giant bones found here. Some thought them giants or ancestors from the early days of creation and other scholars say some bones are dragons. Alchemists, tourists and other visitors come here to see the semi-exposed bones in cliffs and rockfaces. A few people have vanished here and those removing too much were found dead from venom. A local town hall has the best collection of bones removed and others are in various universities and wizard collections. Removing bones is now a crime and all are considered property of local noble and the ruler
46 Arena Hill - This hill of rubble has a great depression inside. Long ago it was a great arena where monsters and demons battled for some prehuman civilisation. The outer ring is climbable and the inner arena area is grassy with a green pool inside. Various passages inside the hill and deep underground are here and only a few people have explored them briefly. A few explorers vanished which has made most people wary. Some strange animal skulls were retrieved. An old witch says some visitors accidentally travel back in time exploring here. Something lives in the deeper levels
47 Craterlake Hill - This hill was a volcanic vent long ago made by a fire wizard. The cone collapsed and formed a lake. The hill is rocky and barren but the surrounding fields are luscious. In the bottom of the crystal clear lake you can see ruined buildings nobody can explain. A few climb here to gaze on this wonder
48 Brick Hill - This boggy area has a 120 foot tall pyramid shaped hill of crumbling mud bricks. Many submerged bricks are breaking down back into clay. Tiny semiprecious stones and clay tablets with strange writing can be found in mud. Most are just accounting receipts and contracts but some occult texts have been writing. Every few years a wizard and apprentices come here for a dig and they hire adventurer guards as giant frogs are common here
49 Dragonspawn Hill - A dragonspawn pit was destroyed here and for thousands of years, people heaped stones here. Now it produces lush trees and bushes including strange magic berries and flowers and herbs. Most people fear odd creatures and kobolds that live in the hill. Druid gardeners protect the hill and the crown protects the site
50 Doomrock Hill - a low rocky hill with one face that from an angle has the visage of a skull and three caves entries can be seen. Two in the face are higher up and require a climb to enter. The hill is surrounded by some forest and many say the cave is the lair of a monster (or has been used as a lair every few years)
51 Manticore Hill - A broken cave on this hill is recolonised very few decades by a d4 manticore. When there are four they are far more territorial and when cubs are born the colony splits
52 Wyvern Hill - A stone capped hill that is often struck by lightning during storms. The cave on the top has been a lair of wyvern for ages. D4-1 will be here any time if zero find broken eggs and bones in a nest
53 Ogre Hill - A cave here into the deep earth occasionally is inhabited by an ogre renegade from the deep. Ogres for ages used this place to travel through the underland ogre kingdom
54 Trollcrag Hill - a prehistoric stone building with perfect cut circle doors and windows. Inside are troll writings on walls and the bones of an elder troll wizard who saw its civilisation destroyed by the regenerating cancerous troll monsters know today. Stone tablets detailing this lost world before humans are scattered in other chambers. Occasionally a troll comes here to nest for winter but won't touch the old troll corpse or tablet chambers. If the troll spirit is spoken too it begs for help to be resurrected so it can restore elder troll civilisation
55 Drogontop Hill - this steep rocky hill is mostly unclimbable but the dragon cave on top makes it worse. The dragon is seen every few years and one of its ancestors was defeated by a local hero long ago according to legend. Some suspect it is a shapeshifter or is actually invisible and other wild stories. Knights came to challenge it and never saw any dragon but the local economy enjoyed the coins from travellers
56 Gargoyle Hill - Long ago an evil wizard battling an enemy turned his foes gargoyle golems into flesh and blood creatures that fled the battle now free-willed creatures. So the creatures are said to have lived here in a cave over a steep sheer cliff. The gargoyles are resentful to humans for existing and have been influenced by a demonic cult tome they found in the caves inside the hill
57 Golden Ant Hill - This wonderous mound hill is home to a colony of ants and they will pay market prices for any food even human waste in gold! They only deal with cartloads or sackloads at a time and trade gold dust or tint nuggets. They don't let normal humans inside and consider themselves an independent kingdom. Local druids help the exchange by speaking with ants or adopting their form to visit the queen. Some humans try to rob or trick the ants which are protected by law. Anyone killing an ant is surrendered to the ant's justice
58 Wolf Hill - a craggy stony hill with harch brush and thickets of thorns where wolves have denned for centuries. A secret den cave has long been a werewolf cave on and off since prehistory. Local werewolves are drawn here to see cave art depicting shapeshifters and the wolf spirit are here. Cursed wolf pelt cloaks here turn the wearer into a wolf for one year (dispel magic or remove curse will let you take the skin off). A local villager werewolf might come here after rampages on the full moon or a dire wolf might take over a den of wolves
59 Toad Hill - this squat stone hill is vaguely toad shaped and in fact within is a temple to some dark and terrible elder amphibian god. Between the toad front legs, are great stones carved with spiral patterns. These stones hide the entrance of a complex full of giant bugs and toads. A great idol can be awoken as the avatar of Toadsogthua patron of wizards, sorcerers and witches who will teach spells to those who take his oath
60 Watchers Hill - A great stone boulder is atop this bleak scrubby hill that blocks some ancient stone-lined well. The carved round boulder weighs over seven tonnes and has an eye sign marked on it. The strange basalt stonework is resistant to spells that affect stone or rock including disintegration. Telekinesis or workers and rope might work. Inside is an angry hungry eyeball demon monster imprisoned long ago.
61 Dwarf Hill - A dwarf trading post built into the hill, once a mine now more a fortress and trading post. Exotic goods from dwarfland or the Sunderland are traded here for exotic surface foods. The gate has a portcullis with murder holes for boiling lead at the entrance
62 Elf Hill - A pleasant shaped grassy hill has pleasant flowers and mushroom rings and a few stones with elf signs marked on them among some nice trees and a spring good for picknicks. Inside the hill is an elf stronghold inside a magically concealed gate. Inside is an extradimensional space where a hundred elves work and play around the court of their royal ruler. There are many such hills and temperament and elf clans vary more than leaves in a forest
63 Burning Hill - Long ago some tiny prehumans mined this hill leaving flints and tiny graves. Humans mined here too for a thousand years but decades ago a fire in the coal mine started and has burned ever since. Smoke comes from the ground and cracks in the hill and animals avoid it. Actually, this is managed by grey gnomes from the deeps who use smoke machines to get privacy. Bu night from a great shaft into the deep they launch airships to explore the surface world hidden by gouts of smoke. Some report seeing hideous small gargoyles in the smoke but this is gnomes in suits that protect them from smoke and fire using wonderous salamander wool (asbestos)
64 Humble Hill - Has various paths connecting small doors in the hill where various small folk like halflings, brownies, pixies, talking animals and gnomes live. They are all connected to emergency tunnels and an armoury and storehouse of magic treasure
65 Treetop Hill - Great trees over this hill many with concealed doors into an underground forest gnome village. Mostly shun people but may trade magic or offer quests if it makes humans go away 
66 Sulphur Hill - Rocky hill with a narrow secret trail to the top without climbing. There is the entrance for an underground bunker of evil dwarves who operate this fort as a bastion on the surface for future evil plans. They are dwarf supremacists and hostile to other races and cruel to their servants and pets. They make guns here but are reluctant to trade
67 Dark Tree Hill - Dark wooded hill with a great black tree on top visible for miles. Giant ravens are seen here and keep people away. This tree is a dark elf outpost with hidden branch observation points, interior trunk chambers and passages in the tree's roots underground. From here they spy on outsiders and intruders here are menaced by invisible elves with cruel magic pranks and cantrips
68 One Dwarf Hill - Red-bearded dwarf lives here with his giant intelligent badger and squirrel friend in a giant mushroom. He is crotchety but will help people and will share lore with good persons if they overcome his rudeness. There are old mines inside the hill with goblins in them and the dwarf knows all the entrances and watches them
69 Badrock Hill - a tree and scrub-covered rocky hill covered in brambles. A clan of wicked gnomes live here who like to rob and murder loners and use pets and magic to lure victims closer to the hill. They keep children as slaves and centuries of experience make the surviving older slaves fanatic. They have caves under the hill with secret entries and doors in rocks and trees that adult humans would have to crawl in
70 Honey Rock Hill - surrounded by seasonally flowering trees and a colony of giant bees. A tribe of gnomes live with them and will trade honey for gold. These gnomes are ripped with muscles from eating royal jelly and huffing magic pollen. The gnomes even ride the bees but only want to trade honey for gold or ways of making bees happy
71 Orc Hill - An orc warlord had a lair her and was surrounded by humans and killed here. A surprisingly well-made fort here lays empty but old school evil orcs see it as a place they can respawn
72 Goblin Hill - Gully and stream from a spring with luscious herbs and flowers and many giant mushrooms. Inside the hills live goblins in great fungus caves who will trade medicine and occasionally host a travelling gblin market
73 Hobgoblin Hill - Remains of a hobgoblin kings dungeon hall complex. Every few generation the monsters breeding here become a threat again and adventurers are hired
74 Bugbear Hill - Old bugbear temple with a domed central chamber with over a thousand niches for severed heads and an idol of the great bugbear god. Tunnels with old buried bugbears do have some loot and weapons and potions but disturbing them awakens all the dead in the catacombs
75 Kobold Hill - Kobolds lived in a cave years ago and occasionally people come to stamp them out before they start stealing our chickens and cats locals say. In reality behind secret doors is a byzantine kobold tunnel complex lined with bricks and lit by alchemical paint. These advanced kobolds have some guns and operating steam automatons suits that allow 2 kobolds to fight man to man with a human
76 Bat Hill - giant bats lurk here but locals don't know that goblins often fly them delivering messages across the surface for their evil lord. The goblin colony is secretive and busy on some scheme
77 Blue Boar Hill - a great blue boar has always lived here and some hunters have died trying. The survivors were those who listened to the advice of the goblin shaman hiding here who tell you the boars wilderness. If killed the boar respawns next season  It can only be killed by a lone hero wearing blue mushroom body paint and having drunk a ceremonial goblin mushroom potion
78 Hobnail Hill - a secret cave in this bramble covered hill a clan of hobgoblins guard a Hellgate keeping human cultists away. The door leads to a part of hell ruled by the hobgoblin god of conquest and warfare. There is a prophecy carved in the gate room shrine that when the hobgoblins guardianship ends a time of trouble will begin. Various cults seek to open the gate and most die. Eirnruut Duhraan a foreign occultist lives near the hill on a shack and seeks adventurers to dupe into killing the hobgoblins so he can become a rich devil cultist
78 Blueberry Hill - popular for picnics and the variety of berries on the hill especially blueberries. A 
bubbling spring starts a scenic creek by a willow tree people like to camp near. Only a few young lovers and children have vanished here. Goblins live in the hill and some are really sick of humans and bears and birds gorging themselves on the goblins shrubbery efforts
79 Sprite Hill - pleasant hill with lush pasture, mushroom rings and various standing stones with strange spiral script of the faeirie on them. Sprites here will appear to children and drunks and occasionally take one to faerieland to serve elves forever
80 Pork Pie Hill - a hill that had its sloped wear away until small halfling folk built a community here in burrows. The once barren hill is now a vibrant garden and the halflings drive away pests by throwing acorns at them or rocks if they persist. Visitors are greeted by the smells of fine food and the sounds of laughing halflings having their synchronised sandwich and cake breaks. Traps and pets deter unwelcome visitors from avoiding the nice stone-lined path to the village gate
81 WIllow Hill - a dark tree spirit woman appears as a weeping woman here to lure men to their doom. If the bones of her lover are brought to her she will depart and leave a gift in peace
82 Monolith Hill - A dark glassy monolith carved with wild scenes of witchery if here and people who sleep here are contacted by dream demons wanting worshipers in the world. Cultists have been massacred here several times, the last when grandparents were young
83 Grim Hill - old burial stones and a dolmen are on this hill and many old headstones from more recognisable times are common. A few trees provide shaded areas and some locals come and clean weeds away a few times a year from the headstones. At night the area is misty and strange lights and sounds come from the hill and locals shun it by night
84 Bloodknock Hill - a cave with a strange murderous beast here caused trouble and heroes killed the beast. But since then an eerie phantom of the beast has been seen and locals avoid it after dark. Strange carvings are found on rocks and some mounds might be burial cairns
85 Bog Hill - a bubbling muddy creek flows from the hill and some come here to gather clay in good weather. Sometimes bodies have been found that are very old with stone weapons and these are seen as bad omens. By night bog mummies roam the hill and before dawn sleep beneath the mud/ Being ancient druid kings some cast spells and carry magic items. Any bodies taken from here walk back when sunsets and may try to kill any who robbed its possessions
86 Phlegm Hill - a damp muddy hill with trees and bracken and dark paths. A green bubbling pool in a cave here attracts chaos cultists and deranged mutant pilgrims who camp here. Locals don't really understand what attracts the weird and dangerous fiends here. Mostly its to get high from primordial chaos ooze and mutations  
87 Foul Hill - a creepy ruined abbey on top of this hill with one narrow route to reach it. People say it is haunted by shadowy monks and recently lights have been seen. Locals are aware of this gossip and afraid but really it's a criminal gang of smugglers working between several villages and a secret trade route to excise free rum (possibly by sea or river)
88 Haunted Mill Hill - a ruined mill that used to be important until villagers chased a beast inside and burned it. Most shun it now and most are shy of talking about the monster. It is a popular camp with bandits, goblins, orcs and ogres who know humans fear this place. The local noble manour household is very hostile to anyone prying about the past of this place
89 Spring Hill - notorious for flowers and trees and mushroom rings and occasional faerie or sylvan beings may stay here as it was some ancient trade route. By night a banshee walks this hill and some find her frost burned footprints on the grassy meadows by day
90 Bloodeagle Hill - where raiders ritually murdered all those who opposed them and burned the village here down. The crucified victim's remains were visible for many years then over time people erected 12 standing stones here. At night warrior wights come from their grave patrolling for foreign raiders (any modern person qualifies)
91 Hydra Hill - once a mighty hydra was killed by a demigod hero. For a long time, there was a shrine and a wooden idol here but it was burned generations ago. Occasionally some wizard comes seeking teeth or other scraps. One day a wizard will find the great spear through the monster's heart and removing it will revive the divine hydra. The gargantuan beast will rampage the region before hiding in some water
92 Oaken Hill - covered in mighty ancient oaks and aggressive giant squirrels that keep people away. Some local children tell of a secret way here into the cosmic world tree between worlds but no adults remember anything like this. Occasionally gnomes or brownies may come from here for mischief and get some children involved for a while and adults locally never to take it seriously or worry if children camping on an oak hill a few days. Other mind and time-altering effects happen here due to the planar connections. Some beings on the other side may lure adventurers within with some magic bait
93 Worm Hill - a barren rough hill with muddy slopes and treacherous walkways. There are lots of caves here and stone carvings of worm creatures in them. Rarely an explorer might see a lone wizard and flee. The wizard is a humanoid mass of worms, a colonial organism serving prehuman worm gods. It despises humans and may turn invisible and hurl curses and magical blights at unwitting visitors. Legends say a terrible work king was defeated by a toad army long ago
94 Scorpion Hill - where a scorpion demon was killed by a hero long ago and there are some ruins and caves here. Most avoid the rocky hill because of the hand sized scorpions. When enough people die on the hill the scorpion demon will awake as a lesser demon but will rapidly increase its size and power as it roams the kingdom stealing silver jars with parts of its soul hidden by druids long ago
95 Turnip Hill - once villagers would meet here yearly to praise the turnip shaped hill and plant turnips here. They would also retire old scarecrows and effigies of the turnip god Bogrump. There are new enough scarecrows to see the old practices might still happen. Some of the old folk say the turnip god appeared here once and horribly killed invading raiders with his scarecrow minions. Some of the old ways farmers say Bogrump is displeased with modern ways shunning his holy place 
96 Hunters Hill - where hunters used to meet in a lodge since ancient times but now it is just a ruined wooden building. Some say that without the hunter's rituals certain spirits and beings will consider their pacts made broken by humans. When bad things happen some locals leave an offering basket for the spirits here or a haunch of meat. Some say that yearly the great hunter spirit and their cohorts ride from here to punish the wickedest person in the region. A great chalk horned figure with a bow is carved into the turf on the hill and maintained by somebody. Occasionally some bandits camp here and become an all-new hunter brethren living the old ways
97 Rainbow Hill - pleasant meadow hill with mushroom rings where rainbows are seen often after rain. Sylphs use the rainbows to travel the world and may spend a few days here. They often charm locals to entertain and dance with them and if they don't die of exhaustion and pleasure they might be taken away to sylphs celestial palace of their sky-god parents
98 Black Nob Hill - this strange rocky black hill is lifeless and craggy with many holes and dark places. Few go there for the rare minerals but strange fumes come from the cracks and kill some collectors. There is a local song about a hero who found a way to the underworld to recover their lover using this place. Cultists are seen by night visiting
99 Fang Hill - a shunned dark ruined hall surrounded by woods. The lord here was a vampire and was killed by a famous saint. The saint used the hall as a church and was buried here to keep the dead lord from returning. A vampire cult seeks to defile the grave to release the vampire and a rival cult of good priests of the saint are her to stop it. A devil and an angel will eventually battle to preserve the holiness of the site with wandering adventurers able to decide which side will win
100 Devils Hill - most find nothing on this low hill some find a cursed spiral path up a hill with some shacks and an old village on the top. In the tavern, locals tell you you can never leave the curded village. The only way out is through each hell through a Hellgate in the basement

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