Sunday, 30 May 2021

Post Apoc Desert Waste Encounters

Recently I did a beach/coast based post so the other big hole in desert wastes which are most of Australia now and growing daily. I'd love to see Ark2 crew above meet planet of the apes and solve all ape vs human problems in 22 minutes.

Game last night. Players include a 2-h gun-fu mutant fighter and a cockatoo abhuman martial artist and competent with any weapon mostly shotguns and his bodyguard modded sexbot. One great moment was characters in a buried foyer with stairs going up and three elevators with crucified bodies near them. Crept close to see if alive and out of centre lift doorway stepped a creepy moaning long-limbed mutant. Cockatoo threw a grenade into the liftshaft and it bounced back through the party and about 9m. Cockatoo jumped into the lift shaft for cover and glided down into a shark-filled pit. Gunman got some shrapnel and was prone and got attacked by the wounded creature. Party now going on 5th level and have lots of guns including grenades, an SMG and a fancy folding assault rifle. Also found a good old 7d6 laser rifle which the party boss will want if known about. Wondering if we can shoot through lots of weak people in a line. Was a lovely moment when someone sneaked up on a fountain and a crock grabbed them and death rolled them, then the people who came to help ran through giant frog ambush areas.

Anyway here are tables I need for people who try the more inland desert roads instead of away from them. One day will do some stuff on life on southern seas and Antarctica and stuff you might find there on the surface or below. Possibly this will fit in with my Flooded Adelaide.

d10 Quick Encounter Types
01 Weather
02 Plants
03 Game 
04 Geological
05 Preditors
06 Bugs
07 Monsters
08 Tribals
09 Travellers
10 Weird of the wastes

d100 Post Apoc Desert Waste Encounters
01 Red dust cloud sweeps over horizon and rest of day choked in dust, visibility and breathing trouble for 4d days without mask and goggles
02 Dust devils or Willy-WiIly hundreds of yards high, d4 dancing around the area
03 Small dust devils only a 3d4m high dance about erratically
04 Huge storm floods area greening area and attracting and awakening animal life
05 Great heatwave for d4 days of over 40 Celcius, sunburn and dehydration and glare
06 Weird auroras flash in sky at night d4 days look miraculous like polar lights all coms and broadcast power down (laser coms may work)
07 Thousands of bugs swarm in the sky d4 1=huge mutant blowflies 2=locusts 3=mosquitoes 4=carnverous budgies
08 Pleasant mild rain comes and goes giving a refreshing break
09 Strange coloured clouds rain d4 1=mutagenic rain 2=chem tainted rain 3=acid rain 4=narcotic (now people shooting at clouds makes sense) 
10 Hot dusty wind and smell of distant bushfires get worse making sky yellow-red and making breathing harder
11 Wind brings carnivorous tumbleweeds or wolf weeds roll after the scent of meat
12 Delicious scented herd animal like sheep or kangaroo is actually a fungus if eaten save or converted to a similar mass that seeks to be eaten. Tribals know how to cook safely
13 Cactus colony inhabited by small angry cactus people and their pet giant carniverous beetles who live inside cacti together
14 Palm like tree with huge flower on top, when threatened open s and emits strange rays d4 1=radiation 2=microwaves 3=electric arc 4=solar powered laser
15 Large tree that looks shady with huge trunk d4 1=colony of generating morlocks live in roots 2=plant flings explosive fruit at threatening animals and to spread seeds 3=has tentacles and teeth 4=converted into a small prison cell
16 Tree has remains of ancients in branches d4 1=car 2=boat 3=light aircraft 4=crashed forestry robot
17 Desert adapted triffids 2-3m tall that grow with attractive fake berry growths to lure animals close. Often adopt a small watering hole
18 Mass of prickly pear cacti cover several kilometres but has good fruit, edible flesh and homes bugs and lizards
19 Glistening green pond or dam is a living biomass that snatches creatures attracted to it
20 Mutant paddymelon vines can hurl explosive melons and attack with entangling tendrils groun
21 Herd of red mutant kangaroos over 2m tall 1in6 are a huge herd with d4 aggressive males
22 Herd of mutant emus 
23 Wombat waddling along
24 Giant lizard bathing in the sun
25 Mutant camel often alone or 1in4 with small herd valuable if caught
26 Herd of ferals d4 1=goats 2=horses 3=pig 4=deer 5=ostrich 6=rhino
27 Giant desert rabbits warren or lone hare
28 Mutant preditors d4 1=wedgetailed eagle 2=fox 3=cat 4=dingos 3d4
29 Tribal tuber garden seeming just scraggly plants on the surface, giant grubs in the soil eat the tubers and are good eating too. Those with tribal survival skills recognise instantly 
30 Insect colony possibly edible d4 1=Termite mounds 2=honey ant nest 3=group of 2d6 giant native bees each with own burrow and honeyhole 4=
31 Silt sand travellers sink deeper and deeper into, covers many kilometres
32 Broken glass covers vast area burned by atomic fire long ago
33 Rock outcrop with tribal art and a few scragley trees  
34 Stony outcropping with tribal art if ixplored can climb down 3d6+6m pit with spring water in bottom
35 Great open pit with wrecked mining mechs rusted and overgrown with intact mine tunnels
36 Very old mine hole fenced off with warning sign from 1800s
37 Tin shed with bore pump that if repaired can bring up water ground but it requires purification d4 1=radioactive 2=salt 3=minerals 4=mutant micro organisms, survival helps improvise treatments
38 Huge fault in earth producing a cliff 3d6m high on a d6 is a crack forming a canyon with water and vegetation and animals
39 Fenced off sheds from some kind of ancient mining site with d3 robots to keep out intruders and a wrecked mining mech fallen or half buried
40 Old mine entrance with locked barred gate, inside is remains of a shelter and inhabitants last days
41 Sand squid try to snatch travellers
42 Giant golden marsupial mole lunges at moving surface meat
43 Sand sharks telekinetically swim through the sand
44 Giant reptile hunting d4 1=thorny devil 2=bearded dragon 3=goanna 4=frillneck
45 Allosaurus descended from escaped theme park attraction, smaller and feathered
46 Giant desert frog concealed near trail or pool gobbles up anything in range
47 Giant desert bat mutant horror at night travel in packs
48 Giant burrowing desert snake
49 Thylacene pack hunting
50 Colossal mutant lizard can swallow people whole
51 Giant ant colony most 30cm but 1in4 bigger d4m, live in large mounds, 1in6 are a hive mind that has built pit traps sliding into chambers to be studied enslaved or eaten
52 Giant termite mounds 3om high d6 of them with 1m long termites, good food but dangerous to threats
53 Giant praying mantises d4 waiting hidden in vegetation or flying
54 Giant trapdoor spider nest by path
55 Gigantic sand worm or carrion worm
56 Giant antlion sand traps
57 Giant scarab beetle rolling giant ball of dung way run people ove
58 Giant scorpion
59 Giant centipedes or single huge specimine
60 Giant locusts reached carnivorous faze and starved
61 Giant wombat like diprotodons 2d4 wander across desert
62 Terror bird flock hunting, descended from theme park exhibit
63 Hideous mutant slime creature 1in4 disguised as pools
64 Mutant chimera fusion of various animals crazed with hunger
65 Mutant sphynx fusion of various animals and at least one human
66 Tentacled mutant shoggoth hungry for protoplasm
67 Lone insane mutant wandering the wasteland
68 Robot infantryman limping, long past life expectancy with a sniper rifle
69 Robot hovercar with solar cells drives about with dead passengers by day
70 Lone damaged d4 1=cyborg soldier hunting humans for organs 2=android hunting humans 3=exterminator borg on search and destroy mission and confused 4=replicant on the run
71 Tribal campsite 1in6 chance you can dig for water here
72 Small shady patch of trees with an ancient campsite and a pool of water 1in4 chance needs to be dug to reach
73 Cache of tribals with d6 emu eggs filled with water, beeswax, ochre, dried meat, salt 
74 Bushes used by tribal people d4 1=bush berries 2=healing medicine 3=mild stimulant for marching 4=desert limes
75 Lone old tribal on long religious journey chanting
76 Tribal hunters d4 1=looking for monster 2=cooking catch 3=following animal migration 4=secret initiation ritual
77 Tribal gatherers of d4 1=wood 2=grubs 3=worms 4=honey
78 Tribal war party d4 1=hunting raider gang 2=hunting slavers 3=seek rival interlopers on land 4=hunting breaker of tribal lore
79 Tribal abhuman beast folk hunting d4 1=goanna 2=kangaroo 3=emu 4=ant
80 Large camp for ceremonies and feasting, outsiders welcome only some parts and kept away from secret rituals
81 Sail powered buggy with bicycle pedals and solar cells d4 1=lone explorer from colont 2=scout for isolated colony 3=wrecked with sail tangled around dead driver 4=group fleeing raiders with bikes and buggies on an urgent mission
82 Raider gang with d4 buggies 2d4 bikes desperate for food, fuel and mayhem
83 Lone hunter from some community with scrap rifle or bow
84 Traders with wagons and beasts of burden from far away
85 Feral child living in wreckage or ruin uses sling on intruders or tries to rob them
86 Ruined shack with remains of inhabitant, 1in4 is now a lair of a creature d4 1=giant spider 2=giant scorpion 3=mutant 
87 Loner outcaste d4 1=wasteland serial killer, seems friendly travel companion 2=exiled criminal 3=wandering vigilante and pet hunting vicious gangs 4=last survivor of old faction nobody remembers
88 Lost Traveller d4 1=lost child 2=lost traveller with dead camel 3=broken buggy or bike 4=unconcious adventurer dehydrated and sunburnt
89 Robed cultists with hoods and masks watch and follow strangers, may raid for sacrificial victims
90 Aircraft d4 1=scrap built balloon 2=airship trader 3=scrap ultralight scout flyer 4=high altitude spyplane
91 Small house long abandoned with some furniture and photos and rubbish inside
92 Colonial stone wall or small fenced graveyard with d6+4 headstones
93 Small shack with stove and campsite d4 1=creature lair 2=lone outcaste hideout 3=eldely cannibals 4=skeletons and some goods
94 Remains of an emergency airfield d4 1=windsock and radio tower 2=hanger sheds 3=below ground fuel depot with atomic fuel cells and autoloader 4=underground sealed hanger with military hardware and defence robots 
95 Subterranean settlement has hidden cameras and spydrones watching area d4 1=androids sent to hunt 2=scientists send robot for specimen 3=defence send cyborg troops to question intruders 4=send invite visitors to feast is secret pleasure bunker with attractive horny lonely people use a drone or hologram
96 A modern modular structure has been erected crackling with power, is a teleporter pad to an orbital station d6 1=orbidal machine god craves an audience with adventurers 2=space people require experts to find certain goods 3=visitors imprisoned, tested and to be cyborged unless they can escape 4=decedant orbital folk seek to learn about crude emotions of filthy degenerate Earthers 5=organs and data to be harvested and brains used in borgs 6=strange ethereal humanoids from deep space seek to collect DNA and recorded your brain in name of interstellar brotherhood and understanding
97 Land leviathan huge tracked or walking vehicle big enough for small settlement inside, wandering the wastes randomly d4 1=automated mining mech with feral children inside 2=mobile military command now a filthy raider gang base 3=mobile medical command centre now full of mutant cultists 4=construction mech occupied by androids and an AI hostile to humans
98 Geodesic dome mostly full of feral creature, robots, androids and undead. 1in4 are sealed and intact with people living as ancients d4 1=private living complex 2=lab complex 3=sealed town 4=sealed dome town mostly buried 
99 Wrecked semi-buried aircraft
100 Concrete pillbox and bunker door 1in4 not open and vandalised, d4 1=being explored by clan of scrappers and prospectors unwelcoming to new rivals 2=sealed ancient faction base with survivors in habitat deep in the earth 3=morlocks colony with a captured level of ignorant food humanoids living in pleasure 4=A mutant brain inside creates illusions to lure people deeper into the complex and has captured beings kept in comas for dreams are in storage in laboratory vats


  1. Jeez - he's an f-ing Galah - Dozy Galah...

    1. nothing a genelab and some glue cant fix

    2. a galah is a type of cockatoo
      according to Parasitology


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