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Post Apoc Coastlines 1: Surf Nazis Must Die

So In my post apoc setting, I have not detailed coasts much. Lots of the south coast is cliffs. Many ancient cities are flooded and the waters are retreating currently. Ships and marine structures often were lost inland carried by tsunamis. This is mostly for stuff to see on the way players can mostly avoid or might get them curious.

Overall it is a good way to get around without getting lost but it is more likely than the wasteland to support hostile life. Sea factions are mostly mysterious to landlubbers and even feared. Some have built artificial platforms to live in at sea or are boat nomads or find isolated islands. 

Part 1 On the coast road sites of Interest
Part 2 Coastal flotsam and jetsam 
Part 3 Coastal encounters
Part 4 Aquatic encounters

d12 Shoreline
1 FIne sandy white beaches with mild waves
2 Coarse yellow gritty sand
3 Black volcanic sand
4 Tiny shells and exoskeletons
5 Fine grey pebbles
6 Fist sized grey rocks
7 Grassy dunes and scrub*
 Stinking grey and black mud, covered in the tide
9 Rocky hilly bare rock, rough water 
10 Sandy crumbling cliff 3m high with sandy slope into sea* 
 Cliffs 30m high over 4d6m beach 1in6 with caves, rough water*
12 Harsh 100m drop cliffs into the sea, fierce water*
*roll d6 on this table for shoreline in front of feature

d12 Common Giant Mutant Sea Monsters
1 Sea snake
2 Sealion
3 Crocodile 
4 Gelatinous horrors (shoggoth)
5 Sea turtle
6 Marine Iguana
7 Pliesiosaur or Tylosaur
 Octopus or squid  
9 Shark or fish
10 Fish Folk elder (giant size)
 Kelp trifrond - amphibious walking plants
12 Crab or lobster

d12 Abhuman Coastal Abhuman Beastfolk
1 Fish
2 Sea lion
3 Crab
4 Gull
5 Sea Dragon (seahorse like)
6 Marine Iguana
7 Shark  
 Blue Ring Octopus 
9 Starfish
10 Squid or cuttlefish
12 Crocodile

d10 Quick Site Types
01 Scrap Settlements
02 Seaside Structures
03 Shipwrecks
04 Ancient structures
05 Wetlands
06 Wonders of nature
07 Garbage
08 Wonders
09 Encampments
10 Weird

 On the coast road things of Interest
01 Shack on side of road selling produce from garden or sea 
02 Shack by the beach selling chips, catch of the day kebabs and 1in6 with icecream
03 Shack with scrawny settlers trying to make a living with meagre crops and scrawny animals
04 Shack of crazy old loner d4 1=mutant 2=cyborg 3=escaped a bunker 4=p
05 Shack of a d4 prospectors
06 Tribal family living off land and farming and fishing
07 Campsite 1in6 occupied with fire pit, rubbish and bones d4 1=several crude huts 2=ruined building 3=graves 4=d6 discarded broken items could be repaired
08 Fenced stockade incorporating ruined structure with watch tower d6 1=road gang clan 2=mutant cultists 3=inbred survivalist clan 4=faction base of large organisation 5=dead remains 1in6 really undead 6=abandoned now possibly animal lair
09 Small village well defended by earth ramparts, trenches, walls or taking advantage of cliff terrain or ancient structure d4 1=trade town 2=fisher folk 3=tribal folk 4=abhumans 5=mutants 6=controlled by a dominant faction 
10 A small fortified trade town controlled by d4 1=govenor for a faction 2=elders council 3=wise holy elder 4=warlord town based on a former d6 1=ruined coast town 2=underground survivor bunker complex 3=industrial complex 4=ruined ship 5=giant sea creature shell or exoskeleton 6=natural cliffs or island 
11 Public toilet complex d4 1=burned out ruin 2=ruined creature lair 3=reporposed as a residence then abandoned 4=intact functional and clean with AI, vandalism resistant
12 Merry-go-round in glass dome d4 1=broken heap of strange rubble 2=vandalised and burned 3=sealed in dome pristine condition 4=operated by AI and robot who only let in paying customers with children
13 Fishing Wharf often battered d4 1=scrap fishing shack on end 2=surrounded by sunk boats 3=huge colony of marine creatures taken over 4=local fisherfolk with rods 
14 Tourist Wharf d4 1=semi sunken underwater restaurant 2=ruined small museum 3=semi sunken tourist boat or ferry and terminal 4=glass bottom submarine pen 1in6 work 
15 Beach shacks d6 in pastel colours each is d4 1=burned our 2=vandalised by gang inhabitants 3=frightened family residence 4=marine abhumans
16 Ruined seaside fair with ferris wheel, dodgem cars, sideshows and an arcade with snack bar d4 1=undead carnies 2=pirate gang 3=abhuman clan 4=mutant cannibal clown gang 
17 Lifeguard club with boat shed occupied by d4 1=lifeguard cult 2=pirate base 3=marine humans lair 4=mutant monster lair
18 Red and white rusted tower d3+1 stories high with lamp and air raid siren
19 Ruined refugee camp erected by the military with poly dome tents and metal fence and gate d4 1=useless scrap and tatters 2=intact and occupied by undead plague victims 3=mutant or abhuman clan hide here 4=bandits lair
20 Motel complex with 6+3d6 rooms and 2d6 ruined vehicles with an office and a pool d4 1=gang hideout 2-faction regional HQ 3=marine abhumans 4=amphibious mutants
21 Damaged fishing boat, most ruined 1in6 sealed with some scrap inside
22 Damaged yacht most ruined 1in6 sealed with an inside are d4 1=robot 2=undead 3=skeletons of rich humans 4=marine mutant monster
23 Damaged lifeboat with a d4 skeletons half-buried in sand 1in6 has a survival kit intact
24 Wrecked and burned out military hovercraft wreck, 1in6 has some military grade scrap
25 Cargo submarine half-buried in sand 1in6 looks possibly intact d4 1=radioactive undead crew inside 2=android crew inside 3=descendants of crew with AI 4=marine abhumans have made a temple
26 Cargo container ship semi-sunken offshore overgrown with vegetation and visible wildlife, intact areas may be below deck
27 Several huge rusted ship hulks collided and wrecked, hundreds of cargo containers scattered over the area many semi-submerged in water or sand d4 1=marine abhuman lair 2=pirate base 3=cultists 4=mutant cannibals
28 Damaged naval patrol boat trapped above the waterline on rocks, hostile AI onboard has used most ammo but can fire two 12d6 light laser cannons at vehicles within a kilometre or persons within 200m 
29 Wrecked garbage ship, all sand in an area full of ancient rubbish and plastic d4 1=sea monster lair 2=agressibe desperate scrappers looking for good trash 3=overgrown in mangroves 4=submerged ship has mutant ecology of crabs and starfish waging war
31 Wrecked remains of oil rig untethered and settled offshore d4 1=mutant sealions colony 2=marine abhumans 3=undead 4=pirate lookout post
32 Remains of aquaculture pens, long ruined and sheds intact d4 1=resentful fish folk 2=lone old hermit 3=seamonster 4=useful intact junk 
33 Coastal wave motion power plant platform, lost most of its capacity but still has power d4 1=tech faction researchers 2= 
34 Collapsed remains of offshore powerplant using temperature differences at depths and ammonia in a submerged tower to work turbine, washed up here in several sections, 
35 Remains of wind farm with 6+3d6 towers 1in6 chance some still working
36 Platform at sea with hatch to underwater research lab d4 1=androids 2=science faction researchers 3=pirates use as a base with little interest in research only loot 4=flooded with loot and some kind of mutant creatures
37 Tower at sea, entrance to underwater hab complex d4 1=ruined and mostly flooded 2=degenerate survivors inside shoot at any who approach 3=trapped undead 4=marine abhumans 
38 Offshore space platform d4 1=solid structure with stripped control room areas 2=flooded underwater hanger  lair of some marine creatures 3=intact sealed underwater hanger guarded by robots 4=intact and sealed controlled by an AI with android staff
39 Intact looking aquaculture farm d4 1=advanced secretive faction 2=settlers repaired to keep safe from land raiders 3=AI with robot has vast frozen food store and ships some to a fast food seafood resteraunt or tribes who hacked it 3=marine abhumans operate it taught by AI to operate it, wary of humans
40 Remains of semi sunken marine arcology, a huge drowned marine complex d4 1=tribe of amphibious humans 2=marine abhumans colony 3=pirate raider base 4=ancient survivors struggle inside intact sealed sections
41 Vast forest of reeds and thick vegetation grow in damp or tidally flooded  soil. Many animals graze and hunt here
42 Huge mutated mangrove tree forest semi-submerged with many marine animals and good fishing
43 A visible huge reef grows in the distance d4 1=coral huts of abhuman tribe 2= wrecked ship 3=strange shape of some sunken structure 4=coral towers fort of some abhuman civilisation
44 Small rocky island visible is a thriving mutant sea lion colony
45 Small rocky island white with guano a sea bird nest colony
46 Smallish island with vegetation 1in6 with a roadway with pylons reaching it
47 Fractured coastline with stone towers broken from cliffs long ago, some are large enough with trees and they seem hard to reach
48 Coastal caves (possibly once burrows) many blocked or flooded by night
49 A volcanic vent in distance grows a island slowly
50 A large island with forests is visible in the distance
51 Gigantic kelp mountain and waters choked with treetrunk like giant kelp crawling with creatures. Some come here to hunt d4 1=sea monster 2=pirates 3=local fisher folk 4=marine abhumans

52 Dead mutant megawhale, van be smelled a mile away, a huge cloud of birds and crabs pick at the stinking horror, sometimes locals with collect some for food or fuel or teeth, inside the corpse is fabled ambergris if you face what things might live in its mouth
53 Iceberg visible in distance d4 1=carries war era mutagens 2=some Antarctic survivalists camped in tents on top far from home 3=mutant tentacled penguin horrors 4=shoggoth or old one frozen inside
54 Beaches covered in weed in huge mounds, rich in edible critters and vermin 
55 Beaches covered in jellyfish like egg sacs of some spawning marine horror
56 Beaches covered in d4 1=crabs 2=starfish 3=
57 Can see waters full of mutant shark fins
58 Wide plain of sand frequently flooded partially at high tide, home for various monsters d4 1=Sand sharks 2=sand squid 3=giant antlions 4=sand worms
59 Crabs have built a might sandcastle
60 Titanic mutant sea creature size of ship on the beach eating mutant shark d4 1=crab 2=marine iguana 3=hermit crab 4=crocodile
61 Beach is covered in plastic waste, food packaging, self-repairing bodysuits, sixpacks plastic tings, sushi sauce bottles, soda bottles, nappies and other trash, very little sand as coast formed from plastic waste
62 Broken masts and wreckage along coast from a buried marina or boat club
63 Rusting ship hulks mostly buried on land, great chains and anchors scattered where the sea threw up many wrecks in the apocalypse, occasionally you can find a sealed hatch 1in20 a day
64 Thousands of drums of mutagenic waste, fuel cells and radioactives are semi-exposed, area is hazardous and glows by night eerily
65 Hundreds of dead mutant fish on the beach, some nameless horrors from the deep
66 Garbage beach with colony of mutant animals d4 1=seals 2=birds 3=crabs 4=turtles, adapted to life in trash-filled beach, once animals had line or nets or plastic tangles in their limbs these use trash to build with it or decorate bodies with it to hide better
67 A titanic gelatinous mass with eyes covers the coast occasionally grabbing something with a tentacle if it gets too close, sometimes it gibbers and some fear it might even be aware, some living weapon or computer grown from some sunken lab, it exudes a psychic presence you can feel from a kilometre away
68 A coastal train spilt over and is scattered offer a kilometre by a past tidal wave
69 Shattered aircraft wreck from a past crash d4 1=survivors descendants live here 2=mutant shaman home 3=sealed with sleeping undead on board 4=small gang live here
70 Remains of the battlefield with blasted metallic wrecks of war machines and some contamination, rarely some useful items are found in the toxic beach sludge. Mutants and military robots may roam here
71 See a distant ship with a huge flat deck overgrown with vegetation moving

72 See a distant herd of mutant whales 1in6 they are battling a allosaurus or other seas monster using superior teamwork and mutations and tearing kraken apart
73 See a distant lone glinting cyborg whale 1in6 it fires a missile at a satellite and submerges 
74 See a distant sea dome in distance of some huge arcology seemingly intact (possibly moving)
75 Storm breaks out for d6 hours 1=violent wind makes walking impossible 2=wind and rain with poor visibility and movement 3=thunder and lightning, animals terrified 4=hailstones batter anything not undercover 
76 Strange lights in the sky impede communications and broadcast power, by night beautiful auroras 
77 Great cloud of chilling fog comes from across the sea smothering the land and leaving frost
78 See an aircraft head out to sea where there should be nothing
79 See or hear a distant explosion
80 A pirate ship is offshore looking for victims 
81 Hear distant chanting and drumming of a great mutant cult gathering
82 Hear music, gunshots and engines, a gang of raiders has come to the beach for a holiday, have built a camp and having a huge party of gang maniacs
83 Hear electronic music from festival of feral humans and abhumans dancing and trading in huge quantities of drugs from across the continent, lots of fresh vegan food
84 Stern uniformed soldiers camped and entrenched sweeping through area to kill impure or traitor humans
85 Comuninst cane toad abhumans have a base under camo nets with trenches and landmines and snipers. Mostly they have just dug in evaluating what qualifies as a apocalypse profiteering parasites to exterminate, while command decide troops have been brewing barrels of beer 
86 Area has many crucified humans especially by roads, a beast abhuman faction are on a anti-human warpath (many exclude tribal humans mostly hate advanced tech humans most). They have a large camp with stockades for human prisoners for slaves, food and ritual murder d4 1=dingo 2=rat 3=
87 Two large gangs having a war in the area, both need food and ammo and will take it. Dead gang members bodies found and several burned-out wrecks 
88 Uniformed humanoids in distance get in dingy and once out at sea meet a d4 1=submarine 2=ship 3=aircar 4=huge mutant whale
89 A pirate ship is raiding a coastal community and taking prisoners in area
90 Androids or cyborgs from an orbital dropship have established a human exclusion zone over a large area in service to some insane AI project d4 1=open a bunker 2=world conquest 3=seeks buried lab 4 
91 Psychic calls of mutant whales can be heard by most beings all down the coast as the whale hive mind grows in power, some get headaches or bleeding noses, feels like air pressure increases
92 Warning sirens start up (old speakers everywhere in ruins) announcing imminent missile strike including nuclear biological chemical or psychotronic warheads worrying many but locals know it goes off every few months

93 A flash from the sky destroys a structure on land or ship at sea, some orbital firing at some enigmatic enemy of the gods
94 See strange lights in sky, at night can see multiple in formation, making erratic high speed turns 
95 Hear sad lonely song of some vast sea creature along the coast later sea d4 1=mutant megawhales fleeing area squealing fearfully 2=Huge geysers at sea from its blowholes 3=small island with vegetation visited by a boat, the island is the monsters back and it eats the ship whole 4=huge tentacles grab a screaming whale and beaked leviathan comes to surface to eat it

96 Drone flies over with a speaker from some faction reciting propaganda against some enemy
97 Feel strange and uneasy, by night feel psionic influence from some underwater entity projecting hostile thoughts at the land, dream of vast creatures of the deep telling them to flee the vicinity of the sea or die, locals get used to it or have means to resist
98 A huge white flesh tendril comes from the sea to snatch victims near the coast
99 See lights by night or steam and bubbles in the sea from something underwater
100 An industrial-military factory is underground and underwater in the area with a hard to reach cliff submarine entrance. Occasionally the AI inside will try to drive intelligent beings especially humans out of the area. It will hologram projectors to scare them away first then employ d4 1=androids 2=robots 3=cyborgs 4=frozen genetically altered soldiers. It will self destruct with a nuclear blast rather than fall to enemies and is well resourced 

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