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Mining, Minerals & Magic

I've done some things like this before but I wanted something quick to make mines or mineral trade goods or commodities so I did this. Useful in a few games but probably I could add 

Dungeoneers survival guide from 1st ed Ad&D was a fave of mine good source for players quitting dungeons and digging for dollars. What if players had to get new ore to save the empire? Have gone for the Kickstarter for a new one. a great pc game for stealing alchemy from

d12 Common Mines
1 Stone Quarry*
2 Tin mine
3 Lead mine
4 Copper mine
5 Silver mine
6 Electrum mine
7 Gold mine
8 Coal mine
9 Salt mine
10 Bronze mine
 Iron Mine
12 Rare Mineral Mines*

*d12 Rare Minerals
1-2 Fossils
3-6 Semi-Precious Gems Mine
7-8 Gem Mines
9-11 Alchemical Mines
12 Magic Mines

d12 Quarried Stone
1 Flint - used to start fire and tools
2 Obsidian - volcanic glass used to make tools
3 Basalt - black volcanic stone
4 Lime - white stone from the ancient seafloor
5 Marble - beautiful stone for artworks
6 Granite - solid stone for tools or monuments
7 Pumice - cleaning, building, cosmetics
8 Shale - ceramics, construction or rock oil
9 Sand - construction, glass, farming
10 Slate - construction
11 Glass - remains of magical apocalypse
12 Brick - remains of a ruined lost civilisation

d12 Fossils
In ancient world before advanced cutting these are precious

1 Tiny sea creatures formed into masses of rock 
2 Trilobites
3 Shells from sea snails and shellfish
4 Chitin from huge crabs and arthropods
5 Crinoids and worms
6 Stromatolites 
7 Coral reef, some semiprescious chunks

8 Mass of bones 1in6 with ivory pieces
9 Trees and vegetation
10 Dragon bones
11 Giant and titan bones
12 Titan monster bones

d12 Semi-Precious Gem Mine
In ancient world before advanced cutting these are precious

1 Amber 
2 Jet
3 Amethyst 
4 Turquoise 
5 Crystal 
7 Moonstone
8 Sunstone
9 Lapis 
10 Beryl 
11 Quartz
12 Carnelian

d12 Gem Mine
1 Jade 
2 Beryl 
3 Peridot 
4 Garnet 
5 Topaz
7 Aquamarine
8 Citrine
9 Saphire 
10 Ruby
11 Emerald
12 Diamond

d12 Alchemical Mine
1 Arsenic
2 Sulphur or Brimstone
3 Manganese
4 Rock Oil
5 Potash
6 Cinnabar

7 ZInc
8 Antimony
9 Alum
10 Nickel
11 Pitchblende 
12 Mercury

d12 Magical Minerals
1 Lodestone - used for navigation
2 Metoric Steel can be enchanted to +3
3 Asbestos - salamander shed skin makes fireproof for shields and suits 
4 Sky Sones - see through bad weather and make lenses
5 Mithril Silver - can be enchanted to +4
6 Koboldium - burning metal used for kobold traps
7 Orichalcum - divine bronze and gold blend can be enchanted to +3
8 Star stones - ward away certain elder evils and beings from the void
9 Seer stones - used for divination and crystal balls and scrying devices 
10 El Metal - from another plane 
can be enchanted to +4
11 Chromatic Stones - magic coloured stones linked to various planes
12 Adamantium - metal of the gods can harm greatest gods can be enchanted to +5

d10 Quick Mine Problem types
1 Labour
2 Equipment needed
3 Air Hazards
4 Earth Hazards
5 Water Hazards
6 Fire Problems
7 Vermin
8 Business bothers
9 Unwelcome guests
10 Strange Things

d100 Mining Minerals & Magic Mishaps
 01 Shortage of labourers 
02 Labourers refuse to work over some problem
03 Labourers refuse to enter the mine
04 Lack o skilled foremen
05 Disease outbreak doctor cant handle
06 Agitator stirring up miners wanting better conditions
07 Miners suffering malnutrition
08 Miners suffering respiratory ailments
09 Miners follow strange superstitious traditions
10 Miners are fighting among each other
11 Require more mood for supports
12 Food shortages of basic equipment
13 Short on blacksmith made tools
14 Short on alcohol
15 Need medical supplies
16 Need improved water
17 Need sanitation works
18 Rope shortage
19 Livestock shortage
20 Means to pump out water from deep
21 Flammable gas seeping in
22 Poison gas seeping in
23 Poor air supply in depths
24 Fire fouled air (some mines burn for years)
25 Explosion from flammable gas
26 Miners sick from foul air require rest
27 Miners die from foul air
28 Mine has chilled air colder than expected 
29 Mine has hot air all miners sweaty
30 Mine has moving air from some deep cracks
31 Loose stones hurt workers
32 Cave in on tunnel complex
33 Miners trapped in area temporarily
34 Tap into natural caverns
35 Tap into giant burrow complex of monster
36 Find a major new resource deposit
37 Find deposit of a new resource
38 SInkhole into deep opens up
39 Found an ancient tomb
40 Found ancient underground highway of Underland
41 Tap underground water flooding area
42 Flooded areas require drainage
43 Humidity high always wet and dripping
44 Uncovered underground well
45 Uncovered cave with a lake inside
46 Uncovered underground river
47 Watterlogged soil causes collapse
48 Mine supports rotting from moisture
49 Sinkhole opens into underground body water
50 Lowest tunnel flooded
51 Low on quality lanterns and candles
52 Low on oil for lamps
53 Storage of lamp oil and candles burns down
54 A guy knows where you can catch glowing fish for light
55 Area in mine has to be kept fire and spark-free 
56 Miners shacks burn down
57 Mine area fire put out bu brave miners
58 Mine fire-damaged area needs new beams
59 Workers demand mine checked for flammable gas
60 Rat swarms thriving in the mine and bite miners
61 Giant rats have attacked miners
62 Carrion crawler has hidden in the mine
63 Giant ticks have attacked (hope no kaiju near)
64 Rockworms attacked some miners
65 Giant toads attacked some miners
66 Bats have colonised quiet mine areas
67 Giant lizard of some kind seen in mine
68 Colony of stirges settled in mine
69 Giant carnivorous beetles in mine
70 Giant ants or termites invade mine
71 Local druids complain about pollution
72 Toxic mine sludge causes local mutations
73 Toxic mine sludge pollutes local water
74 Soil washes into river and changes shape further down
75 Dam of mine sludge possibly unsafe say druids
76 Local wells polluted by mine angering locals
77 Families of miners riot demanding better housing
78 Noble sends a tax collector to set new tax rate
79 Incompetent engineer hated by workers
80 Local tribe or humanoids attacking supplies
81 Gremlins sneak into mine and inflict pranks and sabotage
82 Kobolds have dug into the mine and want it
83 Gnomes claim this mine belongs to them
84 Evil dark elves play sadistic and fatal pranks
85 Dwarves offer to join the workforce
86 Goblin invaders tunnel into mine they claim is there
87 Abhumans from the deep invade lower mine
88 Flaming salamanders from the deep in mine
89 Dungeon dwelling monster moves in
90 Giant worm attacks miners and digs tunnels
91 Miners build a shrine to dead miners lost in an accident
92 Miner saw a ghost and everyone stopped work
93 Passage is haunted by something and crews fear it
94 Rumours of cultists among miners performing rituals in cave
95 Missing miner found sacrificed by cultists
96 Miner has become a lycanthrope and eating peers
97 Shapeshifting spirit has been seducing workers into the wilderness
98 Occult graffiti on walls part of some unknown ritual
99 Imps and spirits from a hidden hellgate in mine causing trouble
100 Elemental creature or spirit hiding in the mine

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