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d100 Petty Wilderness Spirits

Adorable spirit creatures lurk in the woodlands and wilderness but most hide from human gaze. Many are adorable in some forms and nightmares in other forms. Most can adopt several material forms that if killed take time to reform. Some of these spirits lived as mortal beings once others were born in primordial times and have all kinds of beings as kin. Such beings dislike being spied on but do appreciate boundary markers respecting privacy and some gifts like food. Some spirits have a relationship to a species over generations.

Sad to see OA getting bizarre sledging as many claims from a bad academic essay based on falsehoods have been related to that book and giving non-European choices was exiting and based on a decade of martial arts mania. Sure it and world of KaraTur have issues common to many of that era of TSR history inspired Gazetters and Forgotton Realms setting books and the green books in 2nd ed. The OA book opened up so many good things in the game like proficiencies, martial arts, monsters and use of spirits and dreams in strange ways. I think a warning is better than a total ban. I find LOT5R and samurai gaming to be a horrible genre Id rather not play like that game where you play SS officers in a deathcamp. Contriving a universe that justifies Samura or Spartans as right is not really my thing. Killing whole families and villages for actions of one person kind of stuff id put up there with horrible. Possible classism in fantasy and divine right of the rich is another whole kettle of fish.

Anyway, I'm rewriting my campaign spell lists and making a single 80pg EMO rulebook so I can get on with some other projects following it like Psychon and Xor. Also some big dungeon projects. But this has been on my to do list especially as I use the OA spells to see, contact and bargain with spirits which mostly DnD failed at.

Spirits could become friends and allies and should be a feature in more games.
Spirit negotiations and dealings allow lots of roleplaying and non-combat options.
When I do a monster book spirits like these will be widespread also in drains, ovens, workshops and in roof cavities. Urban spirits might be a thing and possible evil spirits for bad places like the dark lords laundry basket. Sea spirits too.

I have long liked the idea of a shaman class based on a priest with less armour who instead of turning undead could leave their body and weirder stuff as they went on. My plan when I made psionics a spell list like wizard and druid and cleric was to use the list with some feature classes like the a mystic (magic assassin?) and shaman. You could call a shaman a medeum in a victorian setting. For this to work I would want spirits to be a common feature of the game and there would always be a local spirit to communicate with. Once a caster with magic or an earnest supplicant with an offering has the interest of a spirit it may manifest a body and negotiate. But at same time don't want it to be like games with hackers who occupy DMs time. Though in RQ every player did one on one every session to plan to abuse magic in secret with the GM. Also thinking my oath system might work as a pact system anyone can abuse. Im still pleased my players consistently don't want to take all the oaths and they possibly can.

d4 HD AC+3 have invisible spirit form and can become visible to mortals
d6 HD AC+4 +has a material form as a small creature if killed reforms next moon
d8 HD AC+5 
one spirit powers
2d8 HD AC+5 two spirit powers
3d8 HD AC+7  three spirit powers
HD AC+8 four spirit powers
8d8 HD +12 eight spirit powers
16d8 HD AC +20 these are on par with petty gods 
and I could go on but minor deities really  

Spirit versions of familiar animals or races or creatures are not the same, they are spirits first though most have a link to a living thing or material land feature. The normal monsters are born in the real world and not able to flit between worlds or reform a corporeal body once killed. 

The point is that spirits are a complex ecosystem of beings and some of the spells in OA that let you see and meet and bargain with spirits were fantastic. Now when you cast see invisible you will see all kinds of crazy spirits doing stuff and if you see them they know it. Spirits can see each other so a friendly spirit can warn you about other spirits.

d40 Petty Spirit Powers
1 Material small animal form can manifest 1in6 can become any small animal
2 Material medium animal form 
can manifest
3 Material monster form can manifest 
4 Material demihuman or human form
5 Natural feature resides in like a stone, hill or tree
6 Contact humans in dreams
7 Summon local creatures
8 Invisibility in spirit or material form
9 Hit only by magical weapons or made from d4 1=iron 2=silver 3=wood 4=stone
10 Cast spells as a wizard or priest or druid Lv d4 with 1in12 being d4+3
11 S
pirit resides in like a totem pole, shrine, fetish, borderstone or idol
12 Detect d4 1=one alignment 2=treasure 3=secret doors 4=invisible
13 Spirit has a magic weapon often is +1 with a 1st Lv spell power
14 Has a monster ally who comes to friends aid 
15 Worshipped as divinities by local villagers, abhumans, elves or wild folk
16 Material plant form can be manifest or bound to a tree
17 Related to a minor divinity,  great land spirit or faerie folk nobility 
18 Can influence local weather by 4d6 degrees or call dark clouds or rain
19 Can conjure fierce winds, especially when angry, reduces movement in area
20 This spirit knows a local tribe of monsters and how to manipulate them
21 Flight with wings that spout at will, often like a butterfly or transparent bug wings
22 Speak any language
23 Knows a secret hidden treasure will tell location to save own life or a good cause or deal
24 ESP
 three times a day 
25 Magical item (valuable but not for combat) d4 1=mill makes 3 meals a day 2
26 Curse three times a day
27 Charm Person
 three times a day
28 Charm Animal
 three times a day
29 Entangle
 three times a day
30 Animate a d6 fetishes or a scare crow or straw doll idol to life AC+3 2HD d6 scratch 
31 Summon a swarm of creatures d6 1=wasps or bees 2=beetles 3=squirrels 4=finches 5=bats 6=flies once a day for d3 rounds +1
 per HD bites for 2 damage a round
32 Immune to 1st level spells 
33 Reanimate ancient corpses beneath the ground usually d4 zombie or 2d4 skeletons once a night
34 Grow as wizard spell at will
35 Shrink as wizard spell at will
36 Invisibility once per day until dispelled or broken as per spell
37 Teleport back to home once per day
38 Protection vs Alignment - opposite of their own
39 Cast illusion lasts d4 rounds three times per day
40 Contact dead requires fragment of body or descendant present once a day
41 Telekinesis 
spell 3 times a dato move stuff about and haunt places
42 Ventrliquism and voice mimicry to trick people at will
43 Trap crafting expertise - mostly made to target upright humanoids
44 Slow spell 3 times a day use to people trying to flee 
46 Remove curse once a day they use this to trade
47 Cause disease once per day by touch
48 Has a familiar lesser spirit ally often appears as a pet or servant
49 Sleep spell three times a day
50 Make mortals by touch see any invisible spirit beings or homes or gates

d10 Petty Wilderness Spirits
1 Human spirit
2 Mushroom spirits
3 Shrubbery spirits
4 Tree spirits
5 Land spirits
6 Minor animal spirits
7 Major animal spirits
8 Bright faerie spirits
9 Bright faerie spirits
10 Planar beings - elemental

d100 Petty Wilderness Spirits
01 A faded hungry child spirit died of famine and plague before this was forest
03 Shaggy hairy wild person wearing leaves looks judgemental and fades away
04 Lost child spirit asks for help to find way and leads you all to doom in fairyland
05 Unburied spirit who seeks remains and grave to be blessed, looks mutilated
06 Old wise woman witch offers healing and advice versus evil in her magic cottage
07 Bearded druid spirit protecting wilderness from human habitation can be quite grim
08 Spirit of a bandit killed, some have signs of execution or being hung in a gibbet, some seek proper burial or just distant and lonely from their sad life as outlaw outcastes
09 Spirit of a hunter, watches the woods and protects good beasts from bad, might attack those that wrong woods or if too many wolves
10 Kindly old person will show the way out of woods or to safety past monster lairs
11 Adorable small mushroom fairy folk are friendly but at first shy unless given food
12 Red spotty capped mushroom fairy offers you a bite to see ultimate reality
13 Creepy fungus hands that reach from solid and forest leaf litter to grasp unwary
14 Dome headed fungal elf elder is also a magician wise in prehuman lore
15 Solem mushroom spirits glow with phosphorescence and meditate in the spirit worls
16 Hideous rotting phallus like mushroom sprite dribbling frothing spores, very friendly
17 Giant mushroom spirit sometimes walks the forest as giant ambulant mushroom
18 Tiny mushroom fairy in form of a mushroom house inhabited by animal, sprite or gnome
19 Toadstool fairy with friendly toad familiar sitting on head keeping worms away
20 Violet scrawny toadstool goblin hybrid likes to spread giant fungus and help goblin kin
21 Small forest berry shrub with magic fruit it will share in return for a sacrifice or favour
22 Mandrake root, small bearded magic folk who can kill with a scream once a day  
23 Root vegetable spirits often in a family group planted together and a bit shy
24 A forest grape vine spirit with luscious fruits often seen with goatfolk, fauns, elves, satyrs and centaurs drinking
25 Mistletoe fairy aids druids and nature resist intruders often with druid levels
26 Holly spirit often appears as jolly old person who gives gifts to those who keep the covenants with nature
27 Hazel good for hedges and divining rod, hazel spirits are wise and protective and often worshipped and left offerings they might come out wearing coats making them seem a mass twigs. May advise friends but curse any who cross them 
28 Brachen spirits take goblin form and grow vegetal spore carrying goblins from soil curled up and from old tree fern logs. Local goblins worship them
29 Ivy spirits are sly and creepy but friendly to human lands and keen to smother ruins. They may climb to high places to see and hide 
30 Bullrush fairies are wary but might aid children or animals living near streams, pools or boggy patches. Often friends to local water spirits and animals. Might appear as mud covered humanoids with bullrushes like hair and beards, some have wings
31 Pine tree spirits seem like elves and are aggressive and territorial or tiny adorable  pinecone spirits solemnly patrol the area with tiny spears to keep out people
32 Willows often merge with spirits of weeping ghosts who have died tragically, often human or elf kind and desperate for love or might seek revenge to be at peace
33 Oak tree spirit is a wise old provider and keeper of wisdom, some have many acorn spirits frolicking and feasting in the leaf litter or battling squirrels
34 Rowan (ash) tree spirits are holy and keep away unwanted elves and fairies, demons, & undead, have properties of cold iron and running water and its wood harms magical creatures. Poison berries in water used by druids for blessings. Trees are old and wise, and faster and impulsive to attack evil. Rowan tree folk are kind of paladins of tree wold
35 Cedar tree gives off scented resin and favoured by gods and temples, these spirits are wary of human wood cutters but will trust druids and give them holy sap for magic 
36 Beech immune to lightning and wind and rot in water, these tough and hardy are often used as barriers from wind and erosion, spirits are hard to kill and stubborn 
37 Yew are springy low branched tree can harass enemies throwing stones and sticks at forest intruders
38 Elm smooth barked long barked, straight growing and favoured by gods, used for gates and oxen yokes, strong benevolent spirits protect forest
39 Apple or other fruit tree spirits are generous and kind and may give fruit in a bargain. If fruiting season spirits fruits drop off and live near the tree before wandering away to start a new tree. Often you meet some fruit sprites migrating they are often idiotic and many dont make it. Druids help them 
40 Dryad merges with her tree or creates a body to seduce mortal lovers, will have a d4 pets and lovers living close or even in her tree branches, related to various trees
41 Once this stone was a giant, ogre or troll petrified and it's sprit lurks here diminished and often angry demanding worship and instead shunned
42 Stone dolman worshipped long ago with a druidic spirit inside guarding area from threats to wilderness and nature
43 Dozen or so stone spirits walking about, friendly and difficult to hurt
44 The sarcen stone an old twisted monolith really a worn pylon of black magic with a demon trapped inside. The evil being calls out through telepathy for help and a request for a blood sacrifice to free it
45 Large round stone worshipped and deemed lucky, local spirit keeps away elves and humans often would leave offerings to the stone
46 Stream spirit with serpentine or human form might be seen bathing or might seduce a stranger offering sex and to visit their underwater home. Can be a protector if bargained with or kin
47 Water nymph lives in a pool and received gifts from animals and unicorns of pretty stones and flowers. She can be pretty but if enraged or spied on naked (most of the time) she will be vindictive possibly demanding an appology
48 Spirit satyr may appear corporeal or just influence people with music sending them into panics or madness or lust or dancing for a brief stint
49 Hill spirit is a wise old person who has hidden good things in a secret grotto under the hill through the ages and while stingy and paranoid they may trade one thing for several pretty things
50 Guard spirit protects a treasure hoard long ago and was sacrificed to guard it often as a child. Over a long time, the spirit comes to take care of the land in area also often with several forms 
51 Hedgehog spirits are friendly and industrious and live in blackberry hedge mazes in burrows where they safely watch the world from and eat berries
52 Hare spirit seems like a old peasant wandering worker, often camps and willing to talk to strangers, and might have an instrument, curious about human gossip, in hare form they are rarley seen 
53 Cat is curious a spirit who watches humans from afar and may join traveller for some occasional company. Cats can vary in mood and temperament but can be good friends and warn you of wolves and other dangers. Sometimes a cat spirit might aid a needy child
54 Squirrel spirits appear as woodcutters or nut gathering peasants or merry bandits. They are incorrigible, curious and determined. Sometimes many will attack from squirrel form then dogpile the victim as full-size humans suddenly 
55 Snake spirits are as old as the world and often relate to water, fertility, trees and magic. Snake spirits can be wise, cruel or just alien and indifferent. Some people worship them and they may appear as human wizards, priests or wandering warriors. Often have an ancient sgrine in area and it might accept offerings. They know of lost caves and dungeons in area
56 Owl spirits are nocturnal conspirators some kind and wise some evil allies of witches, some adopt human form to trick or aid travellers by night. Often they just spy on people creepily as owls and hoot a bit which scares away most people. Owl spirits are good spies
57 Fox spirits can appear as atractive people but most are murderous and jealous of human wealth and power. Often appear as a wandering minstrel or warrior. Occasionaly one falls in love with a human and usually tradgedey ensues
58 Beaver spirit protects the damns and beavers in area, protecting them from human skinners and foresters. The beaver spirit is an ancestor of the local colony and can appear as a giant talking beaver larger than a human. Mostly they invisibly patrol dam and waterways and point out tasty trees to their descendants
59 Hedgehog spirit lives in a burrow under a hedge who makes delicious baked goods and invites travellers who are good into their cave. Occasionally will slaughter some travelling hedgehog eaters who killed their kin. Often use entanglement and insect swarms against intruders while invisible
60 Weasel spirit often appears as a nasty inbred mountain folk trappers but really they are murderous spirits who will try to kill and eat strangers. May be bargained with for alcohol or meat, especially live wriggling meat
61 Wolf spirit lurks the woods eating lost travellers, kidnapping children, eating grandmas and teaching human cultist the way of the werewolf. WOlf spirit may be invisible or shadow form or a a huge black nightmare wolf that can create a fearful hole that demoralises most animals
62 Bear spirit is the protector of the woods and has been worshipped by many over aeons as a protector and berserker. Bear spirits wander as bears, some might have painted markings or strange patterns or colour on fur. Can be bargained with for passage or advice about area and only rarely will fight unless some evil threatens bears or the forest
63 Lion spirit is the great king of wilds and beast and will tell you so, often letting out ferocious roars to scare travellers away. When met as human warriors they are more barbaric than they think they are with delusions of royalty. Lions avoid humans mostly but some are committed man killers and eaters to keep forests wild
64 Turtle spirit is slow and ponderous and old and is prone to ignoring people and having senile conversations with long dead friends. Often appear as elderly hunchbacked commoners with sticks they are all powerful spell casters of 5th level and know ancient lore
65 Dragon spirits seldom manifest just watch but they might form a forest drake from their essence if something drogonworthy happens which is rare nowadays. Sometimes dragons in human form interact with humans to learn and possibly find new wizards spells
66 Stag spirits protect the woods and warn inhabitants from preditors or humans. Appear as savage seeming hunters in stag antler hats and may shoot warning shots from bows at intruders they dislike. Mostly they live as deer near a herd
67 Boar spirit is fierce and furious and a protector of families. Sometimes may have piglets in the area and be more willing to manifest as a boar or as a tribal warrior with tattoos. Mostly they just watch and warn pigs of trouble and point out good food with squeals
68 Badger spirit is a wise burrow dweller often is an ancestor of the local badger colony. Can turn from a spirit to a badger or a miner or an armoured human warrior equipped for tunnel fighting. Badgers are mostly peaceful and the spirit will look out for its badger kin first
69 Eagle spirit plucks animals from clearings and gaps in the trees. Eagle looks over a large area of forest and its cries out if it witnesses animal death humans in the area. Spirit mostly is eagle or invisible and might appear as human to sternly rebuke people
70 Goat spirit roams the woods and hills and mountains eating as it pleases. The goat spirit mostly watches out for goats but hates trolls and wolves and will aid humans face them for a bargain. The goat spirit serves the great petty god Nanny Binx and will bless goats in the area with intelligence and teach them spells and to be wary of human chaos cults. As a human he spirit appears as a herder possibly with a few goats and holding a crook and a young kid. Even as a human they chew constantly
71 Gnome spirits has several small animal forms and helps animals who are sick or in need, often lives in a tree or mushroom house hidden from mortals
72 Brownie spirits are small wingless fairies who can appear as a foot tall, they perform menial tasks like painting seasonal leaves and animal coats and caring for plants and creatures. Wear natural coloured clothes to hide and they have acute senses and knowledge of travellers in the area. While you might find one there could be a whole village living in hidden doors in mushrooms and rocks and trees. They are quite plain and seem act a bit like old people, many complain of illness or have a walking stick. Avoid humans but aid elves or gnomes
73 Pixie spirits appear as a small winged child-like faerie, mischievous tricksters but only harm the wicked or woodland foes, serve faerie serve greater spirits and often wear the bright colour livery of a faerie noble house they serve. Lots of their work is checking up on animals and plants a woodland spirits are working to schedule and passing messages
74 Nixie spirits are tiny spirits who protect water in creeks, springs, pools or grottos and do best to keep humans away. If that fails they will enthrall humans with spells and use them as beasts of burden even keeping them in underwater faerieland prisons for centuries. They are small and child like with blue or green skin and a aquatic nature. Many can adopt animal forms especially frogs, bugs, muskrats, minks, fish or wetland birds
75 Sprite spirits are tiny bright faeries often perform pranks on travellers and steal coins while invisible and tie knots and unbuckle straps. Those who take well get goods possibly returned and a gift, those outraged might be punished or enslaved and taken to faerieland. Sometimes they ride lizards, cats, foxes or birds and worldly tiny weapons and armour like knights as they reguard themselves as juvenile nobility. They sometimes swarm in the form of fireflies or butterflies
76 Boggarts live in abandoned buildings, logs, attics and barns and keep close to humans and are mostly benevolent old men a few feet high. Can turn invisible, make illusions, telekinesis and mimic sounds and will fake hauntings to scare away unwelcome persons. Some leave offerings for boggarts and they return the favour with protection. They are very old and wise and shun conflict or violence now and often are friendly with harmless barn or stove trolls and animals
77 Faerie Knight spirit takes the form of elvish mounted warrior or a tiny winged faerie. May be accompanied by a d4 brownie or pixie or sprite servants. Holstile to enemies of elves or faeriekind may challenge knights and make a bet for something like a magic weapon
78 Nymphs are spirits linked to bodies of land (hill, field) or water or air (sylphs). All are invisible but can appear as women of unearthly beauty who can expose their nudity to kill mortal males who gaze on them. Have casting abilities of a 7th level spell caster often a druid
79 Bright elf spirit protector of local area and will send messengers to gather faerie and sylvan beings and animals for help. Can cast as a 5th level spell caster of any type. d4 1=kind and generous 2=paranoid about tainted lower life 3=aloof to humans 4=aid the needy who sacrifice to faerie and leave wilderness sanctity intact 
80 Bright unicorn spirit can manifest as a superhuman beautiful elf or a unicorn but is mostly invisible. It may appear to aid animals or those of pure heart or innocent. Often appears to purify water for animals and can heal wounds by touch, a deadly enemy if angered
81 Goblin spirit mischievous, thieving and trouble-making, invisible or goblin form but requires magic to hit or cold iron. Will propagate things goblins like such as mushrooms, ferns, shrubs, thorns and leave traps for the big folk who harm poor wee little goblins 
82 Hobgoblin spirit mostly hides to self peacefully but known you can employ him to work as hard as two men for only a few coins and food. If you cheat or swear or insult them they become homicidal, take their due and return home usually inside a hollow tree or hole. These spirits are retired from life of military service and war unlike regular hobgoblins you meet
83 Bugbear spirit is invisible or a hulking seven foot tall fat hairy goblin with fangs, bugbear will collect heads for a hobby to shrink them and decorate the forest. Bugbear though loves to scare people and will get up close behind touching them gently then vanish. Especially enjoy terrorising children so much so will forget about heads, murder or eating anybody. Goblins and some humans leave them out food offerings so they will not be eaten
84 Gremlins are tiny goblinoids that bring bad luck and can turn invisible and hide in your pack eating your food, soiling your cloth, urinating in your water bottle, and other nasty pranks. They will resort to swarming en mass with tiny weapons and possibly some pets. Each gremlin hiding on your baggage reduces success by -1 on any dice roll, dropping your pack halves number instantly. When they are out for blood they torment those who murdered their kin for days the rest they just kill or cripple or eat 
85 Dark elf spirit lurks in shadows serving dark and evil powers, will have buried undead minions close it can call on for help by thought while it watched invisibly, they all cast as a 5th level spell user of any type and had a d4 pet living in the area
86 Hag spirit mostly malicious and controls shadows and weather in area. She may d4 1=send monster children or other beings to eliminate a threat rather than dirty own claws 2=may speak with those who bring offerings to her and bargain for lore or magic 3=assumes attractive form to seduce intruders 4=try to scare them away with magic then confront them demanding what do you want. Hags can vary in power from the weaker chaos crones to greenhags or nighthags or seahags or nighthags (who have a pet nightmare or hellcat or hellhound)
87 Dark nymph spirit her material body and or spirit have been tainted making her a corruptor of the woods and a killer. She invisibly watches, using her powers of decay and curses to cripple her enemies to torment them before crying for help to lure humans into a trap 
88 Spider spirits turn from giant to tiny spiders or handsome youths or hideous old people. They often feign being lonely human outcasts and lure travellers to stay with them in their illusion covered webs. Many together they may fake being a whole village or a household. Some might even deal with humans who don't know. The Mother spider spirit can cast as a 5th Lv spell user of any type and she eats any others spider spirits in area who learn magic
89 Changeling doppelganger spirits pretend to be common folk or if can spy on victims might appear as people they know using ESP. Once close the spirits reveal their horrible insideout faerie bodies and attack to kill and devour witnesses
90 Dark unicorn spirit appears as a dazzling dark elf with a wand or a black or violet unicorn with a black or sickly yellow horn. It taints water with mutagens and chaos on it's daily rounds aiding vile spiders and serpants and monsters and draining souls of good animals
91 A wandering foot tall clod of earth spirit with moss hair, a wise kind face and a stick. Can cast as druid and summon a 8HD elemental to serve it once a week. When the spirit sits still it seems to be a mossy lump om the ground with a stick. It cannot or will not speak just smile and not to indicate yes or no. Will smother human building efforts in area with mud from elemental 
92 Old wizened hunchbacked troll with a stick form spirit wanders woods slowly and talks in secret language of trees, plants and mushrooms. Not much time for humans or demihumans who it blames for fall of own kind. Can cast as a 6th Lv druid
93 A tall hairy wild man with thick black curly hair and horns who roams woods invisibly but will judge humans by harsh standards of nature spirits. This involves dismemberment mostly for hunting unfairly, leaving human waste in woods, building any structure, swearing or cutting wood. It might debate to see if the culprit is truly stupid and desperate to warrant mercy
94 Grandmother ogre a wise mystical wizened old lady who devours any not giving her respect. She keeps many hidden secrets and treasures and may bargain for a quest or murderous deed in return. For the price of an atractive youth she will tell your destiny the gods have planned for you. She is mostly invisible or just a shadow and her cave is hidden by a magic door impossible for mortals to find unless she lets them
95 One legged one armed axe man with blood red skin hops through the forest terrifying travellers of all types. Most avoid it as it has murdered several cretures and streamed their innards and blood over a wide area making trails intimidating. While invisible it may taunt or abuse travellers threatening murder before appearing behind them and charging. The sound of hopping scares locals
96 A shiny gold ball with a face and arms and legs when it wishes or be invisible. A former wizards toy can see magic and if it see travellers with magic will invite them to travel via a magic tree to toyland in the sky. Awaiting toy golems are ready to assault and rob anyone visiting but after they can freely enter toyland full of gnomes and elves and halflings and adorable toy golems all made by a giant wizard for gods to play with long ago 
97 A red hat gnome spirit made a pact with evil and can change size from insect ot giant at will. It craves blood sacrifices to dip it;s hat in for it's dark gnome magic 
98 A woodland wild imp lost long ago after serving a witch, tries to improvise evil hijinx on own but not same as duping a human to path of evil. Mostly torments strangers but will consider befriending someone a bit evil and helping them make dark pacts for wishes it negotiates with hell
99 Witch of the woods, a frequently naked old lady cackling on her broom who flings curses and fees at travellers, if killed she reforms. Many local varients of this with colourful names like Green Tooth Anne or Vulgar Betsy. Have a secret cottage for brewing potions and a d4-1 sons with local monsters d4 1=werewolf 2=treeant 3=troll 4=orc hero
100 A petty god is here in hiding in probably its material form with a few followers. Any generosity to the god on hard times will be thought of well by the being, Such beings don't bother hiding invisibly and wouldn't bow to a king if one asked

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