Thursday, 30 July 2020

Blogger Problems & Escape Plans

So my link pages on Blogger have been destroyed by the makeover. Pages with subject sorted links to thousands of tables are broken. Possibly some systems and social media removing URL links automatically. When I open edit page I can see 2 lines of links when I go to preview it shows 60 lines of links.
Tags have been broken also under the new system.
Tagging now i cant cut and paste in fields i must click boxes sorted three ways in field and slow to find stuff. The boxes I click don't save frequently and I go back to find links have gone. Happened 4 times on one doc. There is a trick to it but why make it harder? If they want a phone mode for posting just do that. FB doing same with mixed results. 

Fixing this is too hard so sorry tagging and updating these link pages might end unless things change. Im still rewriting the same articles i wrote years ago again by mistake and I find stuff with google better than search on blogger anyway. Numbers and subscribers have dropped a bit too so I might start a big archive of PDFs soo. No plans but they have made it harder to operate or network and platform is shrinking so I doubt lots of effort on blogger worth it. 

Anyone else dealing with these bugs/issues?


Text I wrote into a blog post now missing so this is all going down fast. I'll drop my last few posts here. If I cant even enter text reliably this is pointless being here.

More sudden death than I like but oh well goodby after 8 years.

Im not deleting just not posting new stuff
I post had half text missing i looked at again and all text gone now.
In short term Patraeon might take over 

Looking at several options
preferably something that would survive if i died


  1. Don't despair. I gave up on Blogger a while back. Now I use Wordpress. If you create an index to your PDFs that would be awesome.

  2. It's really time for all the best bloggers to move away from blogspot. Google has proven over and over again that they will shut something down without caring about how much content is lost. I've been reading your blog for years and it is still one of my favorites. I would be happy to help you move to wordpress - I bet most of the stuff can be exported/imported pretty simply.

  3. You should seriously consider moving away, as fast as you can, without looking back. Google has proven dozens of times over the years that they will shut something down with little-to-no warning, with no care about how much content is just lost to the internet voids. I've been reading your blog for years - it's one of my favorites and I still read, even though I rarely play D&D anymore. I would be happy to help you move to wordpress or something - I'm sure there's a simple import/export method for transfering.

  4. Blogger has always had by far the worst interface I have ever used. It's incredible it's this bad, I suppose it shows how much Google gives a fuck.

  5. Do you have a backed up copy of this Chris?

    1. im backing up some stuff I might publish or use - im half way through now. Im not bothering with reviews, game logs, my homebrew revisions, things already in a pdf compliation, anything philosophical or industry related im not bothering with for now. I might compile game logs one day.

  6. I would prefer something free that might outlast me not paying bills if im dead for a while. My 30 000 photos online a problem too. If I spend money to give stuff away its kinda less appealing also so something comercial might be possible.

    I guess internet is a poor form of imortality when it comes to capitalism sustaining your lifes work.

    I wonder if paypal possible to pay stuff and collect revenue from beyond?

  7. It's not totally clear to me what the issue is, but I'm looking at the blog log and see around 100-300 posts per year between 2012-2020, and I expanded some of the years and months and randomly clicked through a bunch of links and nothing appears obviously broken to me...

    1. the problem mostly visible my end basicly i cant risk putting a keystroke of new content here. Lines of text missing, art missing a whole page of links ruined. Tagging a probblem, editing anything risks losing it all, stuff i wrote was gone over night.

  8. I moved my entire blog away from Blogger ( to a hosted WordPress ( There's definitely a financial cost but I just could not stand the changes and the direction the functionality was headed; echoes of the death of G+ by a thousand trash UI cuts were all too real for me.

    I recommend it.

    SiteGround is a great host so far; I came to them via recommendation from Luka Rejec and I am impressed with their service.

    Overall I'd definitely suggest moving and can assist with some minor experience and info if you need it. Reach out any time, Dungeonsandpossums atsymbol Gmail dotsymbol com

    Best of luck to you in this new chapter; sorry it happens under such terrine circumstances!

  9. I do hope you don't lose all the lists you made! I love looking through them and your blog in general :(

  10. backed up and a bunch of comp books in producttion
    will be on patreaon ans will start posting some free content there soon

  11. have backed up what i want
    missing content came back even a broken page i deleted came back

    my article of crab spells gone forever

    things seem better but im wary

    im re evaluating if I should continue and how
    but no decisions yet. Im increasingly losing readers and industry contacts and it all feels a bit backwards so this drama felt a leap in failure. Im not making any decisions for moment but im glad some missing stuff is back - even a page i deleted.

  12. I visit/visited on occassion, over the years, and thank you for providing me with interesting reads. Hope your problems are solved easily and with minimum stress.


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