Thursday, 16 July 2020

Astrology For My Setting

In my setting the art of star gazing went from worship and stone circle used as calendars and observatories to in the Age ox exilon it became more natural philosophy as observations in hundreds of places were compared, refined and republished on stone tablets to map the universe and were portable. Some glass blowers hold a disc of special glasses and filters to see the heavens better but only the largest temples, kings or wizards would keep them. So these 

d12 Stellar Object Type & Origin 
The last two are invisible to most without magic so mostly roll d10
1 Dawn star spirits - are a kind of celestial high ranking faerie folk dwelling in crystal palaces above, served by changelings and star elves who sometimes visit world on missions
2 Great gods - include the planets, sun and moon and a few stars like the pole stars
3 Dragons - dragons fly strange orbits around creation on the edge of the void breath blazing flaming trails behind themselves, some bring calamities and evil miasmas or monsters
4 Beast spirits - stars of great ancestral beasts in heavens watching over kin, many have disappeared
5 Giants - in the distance and feeble look over creation greedily but fear the gods wrath
6 Hero Constellations - heroes and supplicants placed in the heavens by gods
7 Divine Constellation - a deity of significance, most famous is the hunter
8 Monster Constellations - monsters crucified against the sky often battle the hunter
9 Zodiac Constellations - gods and giants and dragons battled over these great celestial powers
10 Eyes from the void - gazing on creation, spying on minions and awaiting to herald the end times, some report when gazing on them they gaze back and curse spectator with the evil eye
11 Artificial stars - built by wizards and abandoned long ago, wizards still plot locations
12 Outre Gods - hidden malevolent stars, larval gods of the void, releasing evil miasmas and curses

Before Exilon the signs were local and tribal plants or animals or elements....
Slgns were more about clans or bloodlines and birth omens and who could marry 

I have this notion that elemental cults who claim element worship is superior to alignment have had a few ages they might have some elemental oaths and gifts one day. Elementals believe their kind best and other elements at best serving the prime element. Then there were those all elements should be friends vs other planes.

d12 Great Heavenly Zodiac Powers of Ancient Exilon
1 Eagle
2 Lion
Chariot (wheel)
5 Boar
6 Mermaid
7 Gate
8 Crab 
10 Centaur
11 Scorpion
12 Ram 

Exilon was the first great human age of empire with a common tongue we call ancient now and this was uniform over many lands but some rival lands had varients

d12 Great Heavenly Zodiac Powers of Later Ages
1 Eagle
2 Lion
5 Boar
6 Fish
7 Door
10 Horse
11 Scorpion
12 Ram 

In a much later age astrologers became less interested in mythology of old gods and more into wizardry and examination of mechanistic cosmic forces and magic fields. Also chariots and Hydras and centaurs and mermaids are pretty rare by this time

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