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The Tribe With No Name vs Sunderhill

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I found one of my carousing tables for wilderness ramblings which is good for this setting I had forgotten about. I think I might do a d100 Clan Gathering Carousing Table with legal stuff, ceremonies, feasts, loving and some human sacrifice and cannibalism if rolled badly. I'm running one of my Patraeon Adventures here - Secrets of Sunderhill. I've done an adventure a week published on Patraeon over the last 14 months. Running them is best editing as I spotted a map issue that I should mark the magical darkness. Possibly water choke points could have a star to indicate random foe.

So the tribe set up in the new cave and started seeding area with plants the druidic holy ones could enhance. Granny grew a wooden walls and structures to screen the cave mouth and helped halflings work on tree lookouts. Water was good and the Elf would fly away and charm great beasts and led them back to the tribe in a giant BBQ pit. Halfings put walkways from trees to the wall of wood and began grinding seeds for delicious cakes. Boron the hero had returned from absence over winter on his quest to return religion of the sky lord to humans with a cleric and a few followers from a mountain clan of holy folk. Also he had been with the Mammoth tribe and had been initiated and was legally able to hunt mammoth. The tribes thought Boron was one of the great Tundra heroes. He brought some of the red haired mammoth folk as followers too. Everyone was pleased and Boron told of a new race of four legged monster folk had entered the region. Also the northern mammoth clans were out of contact. A big mammoth spring meet up was a month away and the heroes tribe was requested to make a pact. 

The elf had recruited some pine elf followers of his shunned homeland and has them keeping watch over the humans. The elves and halflings got on well but if a human came near the elves fled. The halflings didn't get it. Most halfling friends lived back in the halfling holes and the elves had a secret watch post. There were still a Pteradactyl folk barbarian Clax and a wizard and lizard folk friends in secret  valley. All up the extended tribe was now over 32 and the only muti species multi faith tribe. They were talking about the four good laws they invented (most tribes have like a hundred plus) they had invented.

"What were they again?"
"No intimacy with dogs!"
"No cannibalism!"
"What about the other two?"


"Oh well if anything comes up we will deal with it then"

"Whats our tribe called again?"
"No Dog Tribe?"
"Two Law Tribe?"

There was talk of a new found valley in mountains found (Dysons Valley of the Red Ape)

The rescued folk from the spider and snake tribes did cause some tension as did the sky tribe and the mammoth folk. Women of the spider and snake tribe had met the Congress in the caves and a few were learning the ways of the dark cave godess.

The feast concluded with a big booty dancing halfling show.
Boron tried to top this with getting his followers to form a 3 tiered human pyramid he just dreamed up to represent the holy mountain of god and they barley got second tier going twice before giving up. 

So they recovered from the days of feasting and wonder and bonding. Then they unblocked the rear cave and prepared a new expedition into the deep. Granny had led tribe to weave over 30 metres of hair rope and make lots of torches and ration packs.

Boron brought his sky priestess and four new hunters. Sourberry the elf brought his best pine elf who made some berries and blessed arrows. Sourberry was also making obsidian and crystal arrows that carry cantrip potions in his secret elf lab (coconuts and rock apparatus of course like 
Gilligan's Island). Bunz the halfling brought his favourite sneaky human friend and his halfling wife Patty. Bunz of late had learned a new animal form of mole (hawk and salmon before).

The the 11 boldly went through the great art gallery chamber to the deep shaft below. Boron a master climber scuttled down and set up a rope to help others to make it safer. He was busy guiding the gang through the hazards. Went down the shaft with bunz lowered on a rope to waterline in bottom of the pit. Went back up through the familiar cave of the Congress hag who they sung songs of praise too and gave her backpacks of meat and a few bags of shiny silver tokens. Granny took her gift and looked hungrily at the bride of Bunz but she took her gifts and the passed. Saw piercers moved and only babies they could harvest for food later.

Boron climbed up to where the cave trapper beast was killed and eaten prior to finding someone had been in chamber eating leftovers. So Boron went down to a ledge with a crippled skeleton and nabbed a shiny copper knife, purest he had seen and gleaming.

Noisily and clumsily the other amateurs got down with a few mishaps, safety line saves and some screams. Boron went deeper down the shaft finding a new side cave then another on the waterline below. Went to peak in first and was a wall of darkness no light would pass. The rest came down and some heard some sniffing sounds. Everyone backed off and Bunz turned into a mole and used his mole senses and "sensed" a hideous 8 foot tall horror chaos troll just behind the veil of magic shadow reaching for the tasty mole. Bunz turned back and tried to flee but three troll came threw and the lead one scratched him.

Boron charged and Sourberry charmed a troll to turn on the other two. Halflings and the hunters threw spears and rocks and axes dropping one. The other slashed boron but wounded and fled into the magic darkness. The troll followed and finished his brother and they heard slurping. Moved through the darkness finding bones and got through. The halflings helped out by burning and stabbing fallen trolls so they did not regenerate.

Found a goblin cave tomb and got a healing ointment, a magic stone axe and some goblin bones in bundles with some art. Sent the troll into giant spider web and he took it like a champ with missile support from the tribe. He then ate the spider and the tribe began to like the hideous insane living cancer. The elf explained trolls were a great species but only these mindless things survive magic gone wrong.

Found some fungus caves and was a dark patch 10 metres up they could make out a hole so the Bunz spiderclimed up and into the hole. Looked at some fungus and pots and signs of someone and got a poison needle hit him. In crack in roof an albino shaman with a mushroom demon mask shot him with blowpipe and was redying spells. Bunz threw some rocks and the nasty shaman dropped a spoorbomb which the mask protected him from and jumped down. Bunz got off a tangling spell and pummelled the guy with rocks till the elf flew in and helped finish it. Boron took 4 rounds to climb up. 

Realised they had gone most places up to waterline and Bunz who swum the waterways as a salmon earlier knew there were air spaces only reachable by swimming. So crossed one last flooded cave to check and bunz got a giant leech nab his leg and everyone attacked it. Blunt weapons in water proved not helpful and everyone was restricted by water. Troll ate the rest. Sourberry wondered if they should kill the troll or set free to nab later. Sent all the followers up and rested and prepared and healed. Did explore the darkness area with a light spell and found rock crystal chunks and bones. Troll found a giant frog which swallowed its head but the party saved it. This guys insane drooling and pustules had some kind of appeal. It had never had a friend before and loved the elf, drooling and sniffing.

The plan was to use magical herbs and Granny's spells to improve everyone's swimming and breathe in water. Decided to keep spare emergency herbs and only sent Boron, Bunz and Sourberry. Jacked up with magic into the water they did fumbling in clouds of silt. A giant lobster nipped Boron and the heroes had to once again fight with limited use of punches and some weapons so they went for stone daggers.

Found a tiny air chamber and Boron went into some shrine to a fish cult and a magical trident appeared and attacked. Others rushed into help but they realised it was a spell and found hidden fish priest and slew him. Found ancient lapis tablets of fish lore and a fist sized pearl. 

Found another chamber and as party waited onshore Boron climbed up cliff over water and into a hole he saw. Found a horrible vampire bat goddess idol, a sheet of dried rolled black hide and an obsidian dagger. Though those big shiny rocks for eyes looked good and smashed them free. (Fails saving throw now the Bat Godess wants revenge). So joined others and the Elf said the leather thing was a magic darkness priest spell. While chatting several saw a swooping horror. A giant vampiric bat with glowing eyes and a horrible odour attacked and the elf snapshot a fireball fearing undead and the bats wing membranes glowed and turned to ash. Then the piles of bat guano and gas exploded and the heroes got a bit singed. Then smashed the recognisable bat bits. Glad nobodies soul taken the pressed on to find several caves where an ancient battle was fought. They found a huge strange spiked obsidian bladed magic club and a medicine bag and Boron among orc bones found a cool cruel-looking spear with an evil rune tipped point. Sourberry confirmed the magic stuff and all impressed.

Found a water route and then bottom of another familiar shaft. A crafty fish folk warrior attacked. Boron took his new cool cruel evil orc spear and others saw his eyes turn black as clouds of filth engulfed them. Boron was fully berserk and as he was trained in this he knew it was the evil spear. Others noticed they fled, Bunz in fish form. Boron won and eventually calmed down and found way home.

Identified the magic stuff and Borons spear was +2 for a orc and cursed berserk spear for anyone else. Knew the priests of the mountain sky temple would help but also now knew the funny cyclops orc smith hero was a minor divinity who traded lightning bolts for gold in griffons nests. Boron took them the spear to the cyclops orcs and they laughed at Boron for being twice cursed. But they took the cursed spear and gave him a lighting bolt. The orcs laughed at the party for failing to show griffons gold from a bet last meeting. So sneaky Sourberry slinked away, cast fly, then invisibility and luck the griffons were eating a lion and he brought back the gold and handed it to Bunz as he prefered orcs never see him. The orcs were pleased by gold and gave another javelin to Bunz.

Back to the tribe cave for victory feast and now popular halfling bubblebutt dance off.

Elf who usually is quiet (even when halfling archer fan boys followed him) mentioned that the party battles with trolls might be something to boast about. Karg who was Granny's bodyguard mostly and mentor of Bunz and Boron was feeling the tribe safe enough he could go on a quest too now party living this paradise they had made.

Next game party might check out Red Ape Valley or go to the Mammoth Tribe spring meet up.

Realized I had some HG Wells cave genre fiction I will look at as he is one of my faves with Mary Shelly. Minis were fun today too, mostly for marching order and a sense of party size and scale. My 1/72 stuff 
good for big monsters and as the play gets higher level more megafauna battles coming. One of my players got Farcry Primal as on sale and I have CD but I'm convinced to fix my net and try to get it going on my current set up. I like the game and it is inspiring for this game. Of learned lots about Taxonomy and a better sense of geological time sales plus having fun debunking extraordinary claims backed up by stolen images from totally different context. Thats my shut in 2020 life now.

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