Wednesday, 29 July 2020

The Fabulous World of DragonDance (TM)

The fabulous world of DragonDance(TM) will be a fabulous setting where your heroic player-characters seek dragons to dance with and win DragonDance battles. Young dragon dancers wander the perfectly safe and barley threatening world of magical adventure and dragon romance. While they wander dragon dancers meet new friends, try tasty new regional snacks and gain new adorable familiar spirit minions. The greatest thrill for every DragonDancer(TM) is to compete at temple regional Dragon Dances held once a century. As the contests are once a century at any one place, so the DragonDancers must travel to new Dragondance temples across the world.

Once a DragonDancer arrives at a Temple they must perform a solo audition to get final selection then if they pass to final selection will be shown a map of local dragons to seduce into the Forbidden Dance with dragons. Each temple has their own preferred dance style and own rules and score system with judges. Each area has different dragons who may or may not like dancing or might think you just want their treasure. Often friends who failed the audition help their audition winning pals seduce a dragon willing to dance. Once a dragon is enthused in the idea of dance it will test the DragonDancer in various ways to see if they are worth becoming one through dance. Finally, after the dragon's test you are ready for the great contest where you become one with your dragon dance partner and compete for fabulous trophies, ribbons and snack food sponsorship deals. For some unlucky dancers who foolishly chose bad dragons, they might get eaten or worse.

Sometimes a special choreographer can be recruited to improve their chances but this requires another journey and meeting another cantankerous supernatural choreographer. Choreographers are ancient immortals who can enhance DragonDancers chances of victory in a contest but are high maintenance and might cause conflict between a DragonDancer and their partner. Some case choreographers are liars or insane or hopelessly out of date or have their own pet dance theory judges don't cares for. During a DragonDance battle, a choreographer improves your chance on the Dance Battle Matrix chart. During the contest rounds, there is a festival to enjoy, friends to meet, snacks to try. There can also be intrigued as some rival dancers might try to influence judges or sometimes a judge has some agenda other than selecting the most beautiful DragonDance.

Quite a bit of DragonDance is wandering looking for a contest then finding dragons and choreographers and the tasty snacks they can be persuaded with. Sometimes distractions and strange spectacles or obstacles might delay you. Sometimes you might have to choose a faster but slightly risky path like a spooky woods or cross a bridge over lava. Sometimes mean failed DragonDancer gangs will demand you dance battle them or hand over all your tasty food items and familiars. Sometimes you meet disturbed people who want to hurt dragons and you have to help them recover from this terrible malady with love, kindness and the healing power of dance. Yes there are dark dank dungeons but the scary monsters use unconventional dance styles that could send you to hospital. Monsters will steal your treats and dance trophies too so there is very little to gain from them mostly unless you're on a quest to please a dragon or choreographer or a judge.

Players can play both kinds of exiting DragonDancer character types in DD, a wizard-dancer or a witch-dancer. There are hundreds of adorable magical spirit familiars you can gather on your journeys that give you magic spells like sheet ghosts, unicorns, mini dragons, talking animals, sprites, goblins, basilisks, manticores, Griffins and many more. To tame your familiar a wizard-dancer treat their familiars with tasty treats or offers to help them in return. A witch has strong allegiances to certain types of spirit and dragon and uses their kinship to persuade familiars to join with them. Naughty magicians might trick, bully, blackmail and otherwise be mean to their familiars and you can help them by defeating their masters and freeing them. Some might join with you in gratitude. Having a dance battle with a wild familiar can result in friendship but failure might send you to the hospital from the complicated otherworldly dance moves.

Sometimes your battles don't go so well and you might end up in hospital which takes time and accrues massive bills. If you cannot be rescued and taken to the hospital or your dragon eats you, the hospital will just clone you which of course is very expensive and sometimes creates legal problems if there are two of you. Some lucrative snack food sponsors include medical benefits and a supply of snacks and branded outfits and uniforms. 

Possibly might cross over with my Magical Octopus Princess Adventure game but the humans in that are possibly too mean but could be a crossover.

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