Sunday, 21 April 2019

Sour Hill

Sour Hill region based on old blog post, history of Old Sarum and to expand on my 3folf land setting which is on continant below Exile Island and Shadelport.

3fold project hick up?
Do I really need SRD when i don't mention system but have some non ip monster statblocks.

If im gona do a post apoc/psychon series im stumped for art. Might put off until i do a KS to buy art later in year. Possibly old pulp mags out of date or public domain.

So the town of sour hill had it's church shut down when nobles feuded with bishops. The cathedras was dismantled and moved causing town and region to decline. Plus tin mines declined and monsters got worse. With continental civil war region is forgotten and depleted. Lots of pagan ruins and turf art and standing stones. Cults and murder hobos are everywhere.

Will need to do fortified Sour Hill town map, nearly a ghost town waiting to be overrun.
Several villages, i might add my murder hobo skull fort down south on highway.
Ruins in Eastmoor are a hall like ones on 3fold.
Tinvale near tin mine dating to stone age roiddled with tunnels, undead miners and kobolds
Seagrave full of wreckers, smugglers and fish cults
Icewater folk hate strangers
plus some prehistoric ruin monuments

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