Monday, 15 April 2019

3fold Project

Current Plans

Only frog gods has had 2 proofing rounds rest stillborn right now Have a couple of readers helping me slowly. 3-5 hours of fun to make one, longer and unpleasant work to edit and back and forth

Vol 1-10 Series 1 Threefold Lands

1 Terror of The Frog Cult – swamp lair of the frog cult Lv1-3
2 The Beast of Velborton – village under nocturnal attack from a beast Lv3-4
3 Grifons Gold – quest for gold of Glitter Mountain Lv4-6
4 Wicked things in the Blackhill Mines – devil cult in a mine Lv4-5
5 The Secret of Grannys Hole – whats that in Granny's hole? Lv0-1
6 The Dragon Makers Tears – an alchemist patron who makes dragons Lv1-12
7 The Threefold Lands – regional map and more encounter tables Lv1-12
8 The Frog Hall Curse – underneath ruins of Southmoor Hall Lv 2-4 9 The Haunted Hall – underneath ruins of Northmoor Hall Lv 3-5
10 A Tale of Two Taverns – fairest and foulest taverns in Velborton Lv1-12
+ colour & B&W A4map

Vol 11-13 Series 2 Exilon

1 Desert Demons – uncover a demon haunted lost desert temple Lv3-5
2 Well of Souls – royal grave has been revealed in a pit Lv3-5
3 The Treasure Pits of Elab – graverobbers found a miracle Lv3-5 
4 Gold of the fish gods - hunt the fish cultists menbacing a village Lv2-4 
5 Rage of the River - what is sabotaging a royal monument? Lv2-4

Bundle 1: The Threefold Lands 

Include Vol 1-10 + bonus maps bundle 
Bundle 2: Exilon (only done 5 so far) 
Include Vol 1-10 + bonus maps and setting booklet

$1 Each
$8 Bundle 1 $10 Bundle 2

Vol 1 on Patreon now
update and edit online this week
will look at getting it on drivethrough

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