Sunday, 28 April 2019

Gnome Hall Dungeon 8

New Dungeon One-Sheet-Zine

This is a gnome strong hold so feel free to limit ceiling heights to make any tall folk suffer. The lair is functional as a friendly place to visit and trade with then use as an adventure when the gnomes are attacked by evil.

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  1. Really like the map and key. One suggestion, the numbers tables at the bottom could be better, see some have numbers starting the entry which looks odd. This would look better if you (a) added 0 to 1-9 so that they line up with the 10-12 and form a column or (b) add = the way you did with the letters to better separate number from words. Triffle thing considering the brilliance of the map.

    1. cheers
      i do that with d100s more
      i get point and considered it

      cheers for comment


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