Wednesday, 10 April 2019

New Setting for 3Folds

So 6 3folds into production I realised the could all be in the same area. No7 describes detail on this map and adds some extra tables for encounters to fill in gaps. When I wrote the history I mentioned the twpo ruins on the map and they became two more 3folds. Finally I added a vol10 3fold to detail the two places to stay in Velborton which offer prices and encounters in the 2 inns. One a filthy dive that lets drunks sleep on the floor. The other a coach house part of a kingdom highway and messenger network.

I need a new setting like I need a hole in the head and only DnD ive run in last year has been in Sydney on work trips but im in Adelaide a thousand Km+ away.  A series of these 3folds set in my bronze age Exilon setting might work next.

Im playing DnD weekly but it is very slow and Im doing it to learn about 5th mostly. Every second week it is in a schnitzel house which i cant really afford. I might post all the bad phraze my Kenku has learned. 

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