Tuesday, 2 April 2019

EMO Multiverse Doodlings

Based on AdnD early cosmology but simplified. Set up to feature hell and heaven so they are more likely to be visited. Plus my EMO alignment is a bit more complex with balance and neutral as opposites. Im less interested in including cosmologies of every real religion and giving them alignments. My internet time at moment is limited so improbably doing more design and graphics offline. G+ death helping free up my time. To be fair the scene was in death throws before announcing it's demise. Blogging possibly has become a bit stronger of late.

Ive been in lots of Indy and DIY culture scenes and when any become more mainstream more users try to monetise it which effect scenes in strange ways. When the wierd go pro the become less wierd. Seeing posts mostly about makers products is in some ways good but a I get less interesting stuff to read for free. Im a bit to dumb to play dnd 5 so improbably gonna be doing the same thing for a while. I dont seem to be in dangerofbeing a success or influentual. Im happy I know mosyt ofmy favorite creatorsand the ones that are not nazi stooges MRAs I can call friends. I will be posting G+ till the end. Im omn FB more. MeWe everything I think of quitting I get more followers but not lots of feedback. Might try pluspora.

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