Saturday, 27 April 2019

A few projects

Working on this commission for a friend.

Cyberpunk megacity with big craters from orbital impact weapons and biological contamination zones. I don't have full history but will update more. I'm putting together some mood-boards as well. Adding coastline of concrete tetrapods (like japan) and flood barriers like London. Doing a layer with forests, reservations and mountains and locations of old settlements. Feel free any locals to add suggestions. Will keep you updated.

Quite happy amount of graphics I have been doing of late and most of my blog posts using my own work which I hope continues. Mostly due to a light laptop I can use in bed and when traveling easily that i got late last year. The only way I'm affording RPG hobby stuff now is my Patreon and the odd job like this. Early May will set up publisher account of Drive through RPG and put first few 3fold there. A new dungeon one sheet zine on Patreon shortly. Will put up vol 1 Terror of The Frog Cult as freebie everywhere after that. Each 10 volumes will be in a separate area. After first few volumes i realised they could be in same area so made a map with them placed on it. So vol 7 featured that map and notes on the region and encounters to fill in spaces in between. Vol 11-20 are set in my Exilon setting and vol 17 is contains setting info and maps for the setting. 21+ I plan to do as post apoc locations for Gamma World or Planet Psychon or Anomalous Subsurface Environment or other tech fantasies. Feature a number of sky scrapers, bunkers and buildings to explore. Was worried about sourcing art but have come up with some options that work.After that the Vinegar hill Region adjacent to the Threefold lands in vol 1-10. The 7th of each series will be a setting guide freebie.

For May due to the amount of generous patrons on top tier at the moment releasing at least 3 things a month. Hoping on getting some sale Chaosium items for myself. Have to move in 3 months which will be 8th time since dec. Saving up for this tricky as 90% of my income is rent sigh and hard to get a tenant in when Im evicted. New placement is great and not as physically demanding which is nice.

Working on sea  invasion part 2 for the blog.

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