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Marvel Metahuman Bloodlines

As I'm prepping for a Marvel game I have discussed various character generation systems I will use. One was using a bunch of bloodline templates with stats and powers dictated by type. As this is kind of a new era for my River City setting im going to release my new generation bloodlines to celebrate. One player wants to try a new one and one other happy to use the min making mystery man creation system instead.

Last article on character choices

This article has rank mods for basic meta types

My setting city

Revised Options

basic human Ranks - can increase by alocatin u[ to five ranks up to excellent rank
you get 2 talents + 1 per extra rank in CRIP
you get 2 contacts + 1 per extra rank in C
You can take a single martial art talent per F rank increased
You choose one extra Bonus Features and a meldsuit or one random and one chosen and a meldsuit

Get a Good (10) Power based on your bloodtype
Get a Remarkable (30) and a Excellent (20) power from the type power list, roll or choose
Can add your Excellent to your Good power to have one Rm power or can add your Excellent rank to your Remarkable power for a single Incredible Power

Fighting: Poor (4)
Agility: Typical (6)
Strength: Poor (4)
Endurance: Typical (6)
Charisma: Typical (6)
Reason: Typical (6)
Intuition: Typical (6)
Psyche: Typical (6)

Health = FASE
Karma = CRIP
POP = C or Zero
Resources: Typical or Good with a professional talent

F A S E C R I P Good Bonus power

1st generation WW1-WW2 golden age

Appeared on battlefields of both world wars increasingly a mix of government propaganda and espionage roles or vigilantes occupied most. Most people didn't believe in super powers but children and simpletons did. WW2 featured the first team battles and team ups in the fall of Berlin and Japan. After the war most seemed to disappear.

Alpha - strong armoured labour, leader and hand to hand combat
F+2 A+1 S+3 E+3 C+1 R- I- P- Good Body Armour
Average H70 K28

One of first observed types appeared as heroic examples in war time who mostly looked heroic and were quite popular with human troops and handlers they fought along side of. They wore colourful often patriotic uniforms to inspire and to dismiss as propaganda myth if needed. This is a good kit to create a strong athletic fighter who usually are attractive to the public. Able to rely on own body as a weapon.

1 Body Amour
2 Natural Weapons
3 Energy Sheathe
4 Matter Shell
5 Ablative Shell
6 Ultra (Attribute)
7 Hyper (Attribute)
8 Flight
9 Missile Generation
10 Force Feild
11 Reflection
12 Absorbtion
13 Resistance
14 Amphibious
15 Enviro Adaption
16 Growth
17 Hyper Leap
18 Hyper Speed
19 Regeneration
20 Plasticity

Beta - hand to hand, covert operations, search and destroy with self repair capacity
F+3 A+2 S+1 E+2 C- R+1 I+1 P- Good Regeneration
Average H66 K32

Less used in public and better at subterfuge and secrecy. Less of these superhumans wore normal clothes or paramilitary. Many supplement powers with weapons and technology. Used as assassins or agents while others lived as martial artists or vigilantes. Many get bad reputations for bad attitudes and being hard to kill.

1 Regeneration
2 Body Armour
3 Hyper Speed
4 Hyper Sense
5 Hyper (Attributes)
6 Ultra (Attribute)
7 Hyper Leap
8 Clinging
9 Natural Weapons
10 Phaze
11 Density Shift
12 Shape Shift
13 Teleport
14 Telekinesis
15 Telepathy
16 Invisibility
17 Transformation
18 Shape Shift
19 Energy Shell
20 Matter Shell

Gamma - recon, infiltrations and comms with threat evasion ability
F +1 A +3 S - E +2 C +1 R - I +3 P - Good Danger Sense
Average H60 K52

Were used for recon use and were difficult to find or locate and good at escape. Less violent and willing to play decoy using self as a hard target. Most are optimistic and have smart mouths. Camouflage or common dress disguises are common. Often use technology and weapons also. Avoiding danger and hard to follow or see unless they want you too is common rep.

1 Danger Sense
2 Clinging
3 Hyper Speed
4 Construct
5 Energy Sheathe
6 Enviro Adaption
7 Hyper Leap
8 Hyper Sense
9 Illusion
10 Missile Generation
11 Natural Weapons
12 Phasing
13 Plasticity
14 Reflection
15 Shapeshift
16 Shrink
17 Teleport
18 Transformation
19 Invisibility
20 Animation

2nd generation Cold War era silver age
The fifties and sixties was a optimistic age jet travel and prosperity. UFO and Superhuman sightings were commonly reported and most heroes in early period wore streamlined symbolic uniforms and worked with authorities while the dark murdering vigilantes were out of the public eye or were given government jobs. By the end of the era the Hippie generation the spawned superhumans were less uptight, more interested in independance and less trusting of authorities. Cleancut uniforms were replaced by crazy hippie threads.

Delta - superior tech users, high energy and matter users, uncanny investigators
F - A +1 S - E +1 C +1 R +3 I +2 P +2 Good Psychometry
Average H30 K80

These are the best inventors and information analysts with superior intellect. Many stayed in labs or prefered to equip heroes or just make money. Plenty have powers that make them optimal in combat also.  Having the brains to develop tech to use with powers or understand the science of lets them be even more dangerous as they tend to be more imaginative when using powers.

1 Psychometry
2 Absorption
3 Animation
4 Clairvoyance
5 Construct
6 Density Shift
7 Energy Sheathe
8 Force Field
9 Healing
10 Invisibility
11 Missile generation
12 Hyper Senses
13 Phasing
14 Refection
15 Shape Shift
16 Shrink
17 Telepathy
18 Telekinesis
19 Teleport
20 Transformation

Epsilon - versatile multirole aerial weapon platforms
F +1` A +2 S +1 E +2 C +1 R +1 I +1 P +1 Good Fly
Average H42 K40

Good at everything they are very flexible. Popular with public and often a bit flashy. Often specialise in energy but some more physical. They were the most visible and high profile hero type of their age. Forming whole teams for public deployment. Most prefer ranged combat but their are plenty of exceptions.

1 Flight
2 Absorption
3 Animation
4 Body Armour
5 Construct
6 Danger Sense
7 Density Shift
8 Empathy
9 Energy Sheathe
10 Enviro Adaption
11 Force Field
12 Ultra Attribute
13 Illusions
14 Invisibility
15 Missile Generation
16 Natural Weapons
17 Resistance
18 Telekinesis
19 Telepathy
20 Transformation

Psi - mental enhanced leaders with paranormal senses
F - A - S - E +1  C +3 R +1 I +2 P +3 Good Aura Sense Average
H24  K90

The dreaded psionic specialist was considered the most feared type and authorities at first would try to capture them first and recruit the most compliant. Unfortunatly this resulted in a Psi underground and proof that humans were very vulnerable to psi attacks and superhuman charisma. The weakest and most human in most ways but mentality makes them giants.

1 Aura Sense
2 Animation
3 Astral Travel
4 Clairvoyance
5 Danger Sense
6 Flight
7 Force Field
8 Gateway
9 Healing
10 Hyper Senses
11 Illusions
12 Invisibility
13 Psychometry
14 Missile Generation
15 Telekinesis
16 Telepathy
17 Teleport
18 Empathy
19 Absorption
20 Resistance

3rd generation public era of super humans bronze and iron age
By this time the state monopolies and influence over heroes was broken and more heroes went independent and became pubic vigilantes or criminals. The state gave up their ailing propaganda heroes and the more deadly super black ops, cyborgs and black weapon programs became more common. For every independent in public eye a super agent would be exposed forcing them to go public. In the 70s bronze age social decay, urban problems, racism, sexism were public issues that gave away to corporate greed and the birth of cyberpunk values in the 80s. By end of the era heroes were less likely to be a kid next door and more likely to be secret government cyber ninja kill team agent with hacker support. More superhumans were raised in government training camps or with superhuman parents or communities.

Lambda - charismatic hand to hand fighters with self amplification
F +2 A +1 S +2 E +2 C +3 R - I - P - Good Hyper Attribute
Average H50 K48

These heroes tended to be leaders able to fight. Many worked within military or police. Some describe as psychic muscle men. While not as powerful as a apha many can for short periods display great physical feats. Some outside the government sphere led syndicates or started revolutions. Seem to enjoy public attention and celebrity status more than any other type. They are particularly perfect physical specimens and oversexed.

1 Hyper Attribute
2 Ultra Attribute
3 Animation
4 Aura Sense
5 Absorption
6 Body Armour
7 Density Shift
8 Empathy
9 Energy Sheathe
10 Flight
11 Growth
12 Hyper Leap
13 Matter Shell
14 Missile Generation
15 Psychometry
16 Regeneration
17 Telepathy
18 Transformation
19 Shape Shift
20 Hyper Senses

Sigma - sentries and hunters with hand to hand combat and senses

F +2 A +2 S - E +2 C - R - I +3 P +1 Good Hyper senses
Average H54 K52

Sigma make defensive and investigative experts, They tend to be quiet but highly strung and sensitive. Many live in wilderness but plenty in police and vigilante roles. Many willing to use weapons and they tend to be very patient.

1 Hyper Senses
2  Animation
3 Clinging
4 Danger Sense
5 Energy Sheather
6 Hyper Leap
7 Hyper Speed
8 Hyper Attributes
9 Ultra Attributes
10 Hyper Sense
11 Illusion
12 Invisibility
13 Enviro Adaption
14 Phasing
15 Reflection
16 Shrink
17 Regeneration
18 Teleport
19 Transformation
20 Shapeshift

Tau - resilient and strong builders, recyclers and tool users
F +1 A +1 S +2 E +3 C - R +2 I - P +1 Good Resistance
Average H56 K42

Tend to be squat, broad and hard working types. Many like labourers and most prefer using tech or tools or making things to fighting. Many work in mining, lumbering, construction and are well suited to rescue and disaster recovery work.

1 Resistance
2 Ablative Shell
3 Absorption
4 Amphibian
5 Animation
6 Body Armour
7 Construct
8 Density Shift
9 Enviro Adaption
10 Energy Sheathe
11 Growth
12 Hyper Leap
13 Hyper Attribute
14 Matter Shell
15 Missile Generation
16 Plasticity
17 Shrink
18 Telekinesis
19 Transform
20 Tunneling

Omega - infiltration with power manipulation and detection
F - A +1 S - E +1 C +3 R +1 I +2 P +2 Good Power Scan
Average H28  K80

Omegas appeared and infiltrated hundreds of super hero teams in the 80s and at first many mistook the for psionics. Actually they specialize in affecting superhuman abilities of others or even manipulating their own powers. They are also very charming and secretive. many heroes dont trust them. Many were employed to hunt heroes or disable them so many superhumans wary of them. A few specialized in power amplification but villains tend to kidnap them. Humans feel unthreatened by them foolishly.

1 Power Scan
2 Power Mimic
3 Power Control
4 Unipower
5 Absorbtion
6 Nemesis
7 Empathy
8 Missile Generation
9 Natural Weapons
10 Energy Sheathe
11 Matter Shell
12 Hyper Speed
13 Density Shift
14 Psychometry
15 Shape Shift
16 Telepathy
17 Illusions
18 Invisibility
19 Regeneration
20 Phasing

4th Generation yet to be defined new gen
These most recent generation have just started spawning and awakening across the globe. They seem more maximised for frontline fighting and less specialized in their roles. Experts cant agree If they are designed to accommodate new powers and technology or represent more intelligent design than older gens. Many are wary  of new punks and suspicious they are part of some new plot.

Zeta - resilient multi role fast ground weapon platform
F +2 A +2 S +2 E +3 C - R - I +1 P - Good Hyper Speed
Average H70 K28

Enjoy fighting and usually use high energy powers up close for mayhem. Tend to be tougher and more reckless than other types, relying on speed to start and finish fights faster. All kinds of agencies are trying to find and recruit them. So far only a few have been observed by public as agents or criminals.

1 Hyper Speed
2 Absorption
3 Animation
4 Amphibious
5 Body Armour
6 Clinging
7 Danger Sense
8 Enviro Adaption
9 Energy Sheathe
10 Matter Shell
11 Transformation
12 Force Field
13 Hyper Leap
14 Hyper Sense
15 Missile Generation
16 Density Shift
17 Phasing
18 Reflection
19 Telekinesis
20 Tunneling

Kappa - brutal hand to hand combat giants often ten foot tall
F +2 A - S +4 E +4 C - R - I - P - Good Growth
Average H86 K24

These are stronger, cruder and built mostly for combat or cargo moving with little other purpose. Most are ten foot tall most of the time, average to ugly in appearance and not especially bright or good at communicating. Many are monstrous in form and action and the public often fear them. Responsible for lots of property damage.

1 Growth
2 Ablative Shell
3 Absorption
4 Animation
5 Amphibious
6 Body Armour
7 Gateway
8 Construct
9 Density Shift
10 Energy Sheath
11 Matter Shell
12 Enviro Adaption
13 Force Field
14 Tunneling
15 Shapeshift
16 Hyper Leap
17 Regeneration
18 Plasticity
19 Missile Generation
20 Natural Weapons

Mu - dominating combat psionics more resilient for field use
F - A +1 S - E +2 C +2 R +1 I +2 P +2 Good Telepathy Average H40 K70

A more resilient psionic type with less esoteric abilities more for front line roles. Tend to be cruder and more interested in manipulation others and power. Disliked and feared by others for being more interested in domination than leadership.

1 Telepathy
2 Absorption
3 Animation
4 Psychometry
5 Clairvoyance
6 Construct
7 Density Shift
8 Empathy
9 Energy Sheathe
10 Enviro Adaptions
11 Force Field
12 Telekinesis
13 Regeneration
14 Aura Sense
15 Hyper Speed
16 Ultra Attribute
17 Illusion
18 Invisibility
19 Missile Generation
20 Phasing

Omicron - teleporting saboteurs, hijackers and intelligence gatherers
F - A +2 S - E +2 C +1 R +2 I +2 P +1 Good Teleport
Average H48 K60

Fast attack saboteurs and tech users more built for fighting and physical roles than other tech users. Often use matter and energy powers and technology but with more resilience but less innovative and inventive than the older gen deltas.

1 Teleport
2 Absorption
3 Animation
4 Body Armour
5 Construct
6 Density Shift
7 Phasing
8 Energy Sheathe
9 Matter Shell
10 Enviro Adaption
11 Flight
12 Force feild
13 Growth
14 Shrink
15 Reflection
16 Hyper Sense
17 Hyper Speed
18 Illusion
19 Invisibility
20 Missile Generation

d20 roll for power is handy for quick random heroes and villains or indecisive players or gamblers. Random skills and powers suits some players style and makes this probably fastest character gen style I use.

It would be nice to do a page on each power with all the variations explained and lists of possible stunts.

I toyed with idea of attribute stunts - a human would learn things like talents but a super strength guy might wand to make stunning claps or ground cracking stomps. Just a Idea at this stage.

Some Min Maxing Notes
A meldsuit with good armour stack with Good or Excellent body armour to Remarkable. Using danger sense for defensive moves to stack with your stats for better odds. Ultra Attribute and Hyper Attribute are good to expand your power ranks also.

When you spend 3000 karma on a new power starts at Fb if not on your power list and Gd if it is

Background options can always help squeeze a extra rank also.

Hyper Attribute - one attribute - feat roll to start then run for rank number of rounds a day. Adds rank numbers directly not as ranks usually do. Ex Hyper Strength + Am Strength bumps to 20 to Monstrous rank. Biological reactor enhances stats temporarily. Stunts in clude other stats or ultra stats or even rocket flight. energy sheath and many more.

Ultra Attribute - one stat has this rank added to existing rank forever. Often taken as a stunt to amp up a stat the power has stunts to improve other stats, Hyper attribute, Ultra health adds rank in health. Stunts based on use of attribute or to simulate talents for slightly sell karma. Ultra Fighting with Martial arts as stunts for example. A kind Ref might let Ultra Strength have weird Flex Mentello type Feats or Ultra Charisma to develop Empathy as a feat or Ultra Reason to learn fields of Science or engineering.

Horrible setting tit bits
My campaign timeline was collapsed together from two others one where superhumans were unknown by public until 1986 (E1) and one where heroes had operated since ww1 (E2). Facts seem to move between these two timelines when doing history. Incongruent fragments of both realities flip flop and confuse time travellers.

UFO and super hero sightings were reported and covered up by authorities. In E2 populace knew heroes by name which peaked in WW2. In E1 public enjoyed comic books in WW2 but did not take them as propaganda enhanced documentary. By 70s increasing hero numbers were getting harder to cover up. By end of 80s was a matter of fact for everyone that aliens and monsters and superhumans were real.

There were teams of costumed mystery men in victorian times.

The first generation was spawned by a cloud of alien space dust in orbit around the sun opposite the earth and contaminated or colonised earth with metahuman dna.

The second gen were spawned by more sentient self aware renegade servants of the cloud attempting to conquer the earth to be a biological spawning pit for alien weapons.

The Third gen were created by earlier meta human gens by opening hidden dna coded into metahuman evolution. Superhuman scientists and posibly several alien races. By this time the space cloud and it's servants were repressed. Superhumans by the mid 90s were several in a million, higher in some places.

The Fourth gen are unknown in origin but seem to be more combat oriented and less specialist than previous gens leading experts to agree some intelligence created them. Remnants of the cloud and her rebel servants have recovered slightly but are not the players they once were.

For every metahuman there are multiple mystery men, robots, aliens, androids, undead, crooks with guns and worse.

Lots of my stuff from my roadwar game is usable here like gangs and weirdos in the outback and extreme roadwar characters might fit in hero plane ok too. Certainly the two realities overlap sometimes.

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