Friday 10 March 2017

d100 Problems for Agent Contacts

This is for more dangerous contacts like spies, crooks, cops or other jobs. Could do one for scientists too. Lab jobs pretty dangerous in super hero worlds.

d10 Quick problems for Agent Contacts
01 Training excercise
02 Moral dilemma
03 Injured on job
04 Superiors
05 Violence
06 Disaster
07 Mission
08 Red Tape
09 Big Operation

d100 Problems for Agent Contacts
01 Training exercise kills a student
02 Near death in training excercise
03 Training test goes too far
04 Performed poorly in tests on notice
05 Tests scores result in department change
06 Tests have agent marked for special assignments
07 Tests results get agent investigated
08 Test needs to be resat due to someone cheating
09 Trained in operating new equipment
10 Drowned in homework for annual exams

11 Asked to kill someone you agent knows
12 Asked to produce fraudulent documents

13 Asked to steal documents that seem to hurt innocent people
14 Corrupt co workers try to implicate you in their crimes
15 Corrupt faction cell try to get you to join them
16 Asked to spy on corrupt co workers
17 Asked to spy on friends
18 Asked to cause terrible disaster
19 Realize a close co worker is a enemy agent
20 Suspicious about a leaders loyalty
21 Hospitalised for minor gun shot wound
22 Hospitalised for knife wound
23 Hospitalised for car accident
24 Hospitalised for fall off building
25 Hospitalised for multiple gun shot wounds 
26 Sent to mental health clinic
27 Off duty while recovering from exotic disease
28 Poisoned somehow treated in hospital
29 Hospitalised after plane crash
30 Sent to resort spa to recover from stress
31 Agent being pressed by boss for more results
32 New manager sends agent somewhere far away and dull
33 Acting new manager hates you
34 Suspect a manager trying to kill agent 
35 Being sent away on special assignment
36 Sent on suicide mission
37 Manager demotes agent to admin role
38 Temporary promotion to command 
39 Boss invites agent to social function
40 Boss invites to secret meeting
41 Shot at in street by sniper
42 Armed gunman tries to kill agent
43 Armed gunmen try to kidnap agent
44 Violent high speed car chase
45 Fight inside aircraft or train
46 Barfight with dozens of thugs
47 Brawl in public in knife wielding thug
48 Shoot out in alleyway
49 Brawl in industrial area with dangerous machinery
50 Attacked in home or public by assassin
51 Caught in multi car explosion
52 Caught in plane crash explosion
53 Caught in burning building
54 Caught in industrial accident
55 Caught in massacre by crazed gunman in public
56 Caught in huge chemical spill
57 Caught in building or structure collapse
58 Caught in flash flood
59 Caught in electrical or nuclear accident
60 Caught in military battle lines
61 Sent to exotic postcard foreign country
62 Sent to isolated location rarely visited
63 Posted to infiltrate rival faction
64 Posted to spy on a organisation
65 Search and destroy a enemy agent or target
66 Sent to recover goods stolen by rivals
67 Sent to recruit a target to your faction
68 Sent on raid to rival factions base
69 Sent to infiltrate a complex for intel
70 Bodyguard VIP or escort goods
71 Research public information 
72 Analyzing reports and data
73 Taken off duty pending investigation
74 Being observed by co workers
75 Mountains of paperwork and stock control
76 Debriefings of  last mission
77 Interrogation of suspects
78 Involved in internal investigation, weapons recalled
79 Imprisoned temporarily
80 Detained and tortured in security check
81 Sent on operation to destroy rival organisation 
82 Sent to foreign country to network ally orgs
83 Send to make deal with former enemies
84 Sent to uncover new organisation
85 Join team hunting secret society 
86 Join team hunting a traitor  
87 Join team engaged in violent blood feud with rivals
88 Join team infiltrated with enemies
89 Investigating organisation for infiltration
90 Join operation where treated as traitor to uncover traitors
91 Obfuscate a hero investigating a organisation secret
92 Observe a super human target
93 Observing target you suspect not human
94 Investigate horrible murders seemingly inhuman
95 Join operation to spy on superhumans incognito 
96 Infiltrate gang of goons working for a villain
97 Infiltrate a secret base of superhuman villains
98 Sent to mentor a new superhuman for the org
99 Terminate a superhuman with extreme prejudice
100 Kidnap some super human children for the organisation

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