Friday, 17 March 2017

d100 Magic Contact Trouble

So i realised while magic could be done with scientist table this would be worth it. Possibly a criminal table  might work and one for boring regular folks or those dependant contacts that you keep around for the karma rather than talents or resources. I might knock a streamlined version of my rules into a booklet - a few other amendments i noted i need to create.

d10  Magic Contact Trouble
01 Mundane world
02 Study
03 Experiment
04 Investigate
05 Cultists
06 Sorcerers
07 Spirits
08 Secret society
09 Monsters
10 Dimensional

d100 Magic Contact Trouble
01 Housing troubles
02 Relationship woes
03 Resources in danger
04 Legal problem
05 Friend in trouble
06 Criminal problems
07 Slandered reputation
08 Mundane accident
09 Medical problem
10 Strange family legacy discovered

11 Visitors ask to be your student
12 Creepy loner asks to be your student

13 Reading a crumbling old magic book
14 Reading a dread elder tome and left disturbed
15 Seeking advice from a master
16 Seeking markings on ancient ruins
17 Visit library in far away place
18 Seek book in strange private collection
19 Study exotic dead language
20 Search for lost relic
21 Accidently freed a ancient spirit
22 Accidently summoned a demon
23 Accidently summoned a elemental
24 Accidently opened a planar rift
25 Accidentally contacted a lost spirit
26 Accidently made a magical curse
27 Accidently communicate with a demonic lord
28 Accidently communicate with someone stranded on other plane
29 Accidently released a entity from overspace
30 Accidently called a planar conqueror
31 Explore a haunted house
32 Archaeological dig of ancient ruins
33 Trade relics and books at a occult auction
34 Investigate strange disappearance
35 Investigate supernatural death
36 Investigate occult related crime
37 Seek a mysterious and hard to find adviser
38 Find out why a nightmare thing is scaring people from a place
39 Explore a ancient cave system
40 Explore  spooky graveyard
41 Investigating a cult
42 Rescuing victim from a cult
43 On the run from assassin cult
44 Ruining ritual of a cult
45 Wiping out a whole cult organisation
46 In a race to beat cult to a relic
47 In a race to stop cult with kill list
48 Confronting a cult leader in battle of wits
49 Sneak into cult HQ during a ceremonial trance
50 Steal favorite of the obsessive cult leader
51 A sorcerer wants to trade research or books
52 A sorcerer challenges you
53 A former magical peer has turned to a enemy
54 A planar being sends it's champion sorcerer to duel
55 A old mentor sends a SOS message
56 A alien sorcerer comes to duel for the Earth 
57 A evil wizard tries a robbery or relics or books
58 Mad wizard on public rampage
59 Wizard deceived into calling a terrible elder power
60 Wizard of elder magic seeks to waken old ones
61 Haunting reported in media 
62 Magic creature sighting gossiped about on internet
63 Missing children in area, survivors tell of supernatural being
64 Some one contacting the dead causing problems
65 Haunted street shunned by locals
66 A spirit tries to contact through non direct means
67 Spirit of a dead friend makes contact in a dream 
68 Phantom drink driver hits and runs
69 Spirits disturbed by meddler using a relic
70 Primordial spirits of pleistocene arise angrily
71 Fraternal brotherhood seek new members
72 Brotherhood or wizards demand join us or die
73 Secret society after artifact to grant them power
74 Secret society obfuscating a important discovery
75 Secret society have a hidden citadel of secrets
76 Confrontation with inner circle of a secret society
77 Stalked by secret society kill team
78 Found paper trail of ancient secret society
79 Being watched by secret society
80 Protecting a potential love interest from secret society 
81 A liogor in hideous draconic form is entering the world and forming a cult
82 A elder beast is awoken by destruction of it's magical prison 
83 Tribal wizard calls one of the great elder beasts to avenge his people
84 A druidic wizard calls great elemental god to punish civilization
85 Alien wizards release a monster of their nightmare world
86 A monster is murdering  people every night
87 A shapeshifting dire wraith warlock or witch calls it's kin from the stars
88 A aquatic sea behemoth is awoken by fish cultists
89 A mutant creature has been dabbling in sorcery
90 Magical construct on rampage set off by wizard
91 Studying a ancient gateway
92 A manual gives secrets of contacting a being from beyond
93 Hospitalised by pressure increase caused by planar interlopers
94 Exploring another dimension
95 Laws of reality breaking down
96 Nightmare realm breaking through from the other side
97 Exploring dreamlands as self therapy
98 Interdimensional raiders from the other side
99 Dream visions sent by otherworldly lover
100 Something from beyond is slipping through into our world

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