Friday, 17 March 2017

d100 Science Contact Trouble

So third of several of these I've done for TSR's MSH. Could be used when your CHA or POP roll fails to impress a contact. Could just be a problem your contact has or demands help with. Intended for sciences but wouldn't take much to mod to use for archaeology or history or occult (more magic ancient stuff) or arts which probably gets more existential aesthetic problems than sciences. magic contact table next. I will try third d100 love gone wrong table too as i can reference my mighty comic collection in my new pad.

d10 Quick Science Contact Trouble Types
01 Work
02 Red Tape
03 Reseach
04 Reputation
05 Lab
06 Academy
07 Experiment
08 Espionage
09 Superhuman
10 Strange

d100 Science Contact Trouble
01 Drowned in difficult office work right now
02 Involved in office romance 
03 Bullied by co workers
04 Love struck by co worker but too shy
05 Moving office right now
06 On mandatory paid leave
07 Conference interstate or overseas
08 Sent on expedition or field trip
09 Responsible for interns or student training
10 Everyone squabbling for promotion

11 Important research deadline
12 Trying to get access to special equipment

13 Trying to get access to special materials
14 Ethics enquiry committee presentation
15 Applying for extra funding
16 Feud with rival for resources and attention
17 Busy preparing budget and funding applications
18 Arguing with peers in journals 
19 Sitting on consultative committees
20 Sitting on departmental procurement meetings
21 Studying under pile of books and journals
22 Working on important paper
23 Drawing on chalk boards
24 Entering data into computer
25 Devising experiment
26 Drafting plans of project
27 Researching simila work by peers
28 Proof reading new book or paper
29 Researching pre modern methodology
30 Thinking in armchair important new project
31 Rival calls you and a quack
32 Terrible reviews of recent work
33 University offers honorary degree
34 Accused of unnecessary cruelty
35 Accused of sexism or sexual harassment
36 Accused of racism or biological ableism
37 Blackmailed by co worker or boss
38 Work slammed as dangerous by meddling peer
39 Meet a attractive flirtatious brilliant student
40 Work publicly acclaimed as among world best
41 Lab reconstruction needs supervision
42 Lab destroyed in accident like fire or explosion
43 Lab work at crucial stage requiring supervision
44 Lab being shared with angry rival
45 Lab specimen opens exiting research
46 Lab test subject escaped
47 Lab accident hints at new project
48 Lab experiment yields amazing results that need study
49 Lab assistant destroys research project
50 Lab tech requires urgent overhaul
51 Invited guest lecturer at prestigious school
52 Invited to speak at conference
53 Invited to chair academic panel
54 Invited to teaching position with tenure
55 Invited join evil science brotherhood 
56 Invited to join a super villains research team
57 Invited to join think tank
58 Invited to edit important journal 
59 Won a famous prize for work with endowment
60 Invited to present or appear on television program
61 Experiment results in new hypothesis or prototype
62 Experiment attracts attention of government agents
63 Experiment attracts interest of greedy investors
64 Experiment kills someone by accident
65 Experiment creates a rampaging monster
66 Experiment attracts interest from science villain
67 Experiment attracts jealousy and sabotage from peers
68 Experiment accidently creates something wrong but interesting
69 Experiment attracts interest of aliens or things from beyond 
70 Experiment gone wrong provides origin for superhuman
71 Enemy agents try to steal research or invention
72 Secret society try to steal research or invention
73 Rival scientists or corporation tries sabotage
74 Activist protesters attempt sabotage or leak secrets
75 Science villain or secret societies kidnapping project staff
76 Spies infiltrate experiment from many agencies
77 Security scare has lab on lockdown and staff debriefings
78 Secrets or prototype stolen and for sale on black science market
79 Hacker spying on computer network
80 Agent caused accident during theft, triggering origin event for superhuman or monster
81 Supervillain rampage damages work
82 Supervillain demanded research using blackmails
83 Superhuman fight seen on project site but no answers
84 Villain's goons try enter project but stopped
85 Superhuman crackpot demands research cease
86 Superhuman claims research wronged them and tries sabotage
87 Superhuman murdering project staff
88 Superhuman offers to assist the project
89 Superhero battles a mysterious secret society near project
90 Superhumans battling on project site
91 Superhuman from alternate timeline visits
92 Time travellers meddling in project
93 Some strange phenomena is scaring staff
94 Meddling kids try and stop experiment
95 Corporation, syndicate, gov agency or rivals try hosltile takeover of project 
96 Mysterious death near lab
97 A strange gateway opening or closing in area
98 Beings from alternate universe visit project
99 Beings from deep space visit project 
100 Elder entities slowly leaking into our continuum from experiment

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