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d100 Lonley Ruins

I had done ruins before and they are still useful for a quick adventure but I got impression re reading them they are the kinds of ruins near people who remember what happened and could be researched to prepare for exploration. They are ready made lairs who's function is obvious. Many are more like dungeons. When I put in next compilation will re title d100 local ruins.

This table a bit more archaeological. They are the kind of remnants nobody remembers that you might find on a hex crawl far from settlements. These are not rumour haunted or gossiped about. Nobody cares or knows anything about them.  They are more ancient and possibly pre human. The bone forest in my setting would be full of ruins like these. Will be more like quick lairs than mini dungeons. A bit more creepy than my earlier set.

Interestingly Scandinavia, Russia and Japan has lots of nasty short magic humanoid spirit folk for monsters while DnD classic not so much. People report Kappa sightings in Japan still. I will have to expand on my gnome option to create other small magic humanoids. Im still unsure if halflings need work to save them in my game or replace them with goblins. Am working on a quick table based setting which im having a lot of fun with.

Im writing a few game culture posts too at the moment - on cheap arse gaming and player fueds

d10 Quick lonely ruin types
1 Shacks and small houses
2 Small industry
3 Shrines and holy sites
4 Elder pre human monuments
5 Villages and small communities
6 Fortifications and military
7 Large industrial site
8 Ancient monument
9 Religious structures
10 City remains

d100 Lonely Ruins
01 Quiet crumbling tiny shack used by local witch who hides invisibly
02 Semi collapsed tiny cottage haunted by phantoms
03 Rotting old farm cottage with serial killing woodsman hidden in basement
04 Crumbling termite eaten log cabin lair of local werewolves
05 Shed built into hillside entrance to a creepy lost mine now humanoid lair
06 Crumbling stone walls of a house offers some shelter, evil dwarf lives under floor
07 Mound of rubble, bones and broken farm goods with a lair dug by wolves
08 Burned cottage still stands, ghast hides under burned wall section with his treasure
09 Large worked stones semi buried in mound from house, giant snake lives in hole
10 Remains of foundation stones and farm rubbish, zombie farmers arise hungrily by night
11  Shed built into hillside entrance to a creepy lost mine now humanoid lair
12 Ruined old mill, mostly a shambles but stone parts intact, angry wight haunts by night
12 Crumbling long shed used for hunters and herdsmen, beastmen lair here now
13 Crumbling beehive shaped grain solos here, now home to a carnivorous ape
14 Lumber yard shed and shacks, even a few axes and saws about, wight lumberjack hides here
15 Trappers shacks with frames for stretching hides, ogre lives here now with pet wolf
16 Fishing shacks, with tattered nets and broken boat, several fish men hybrid brothers live here
17 Remains of log trading post with well, some gods still in shack but marine troll in well
18 Wattle and daub workers shack made by convict labour, now all ghouls
19 Stone cell with torn off door for temporary prisoners, now home to rabid bear
20 Stone carriage house, half collapsed home to a dozen angry albino goblins
21 Small travellers shrine of stone among bushes, now lair of a wild mad man
22 Small wooden shrine house partly burned, a long haired crazy gnome woman lives here
23 Vandalized stone shrine under a battered shelter is watched over a exiled dark elf
24 A small hut shrine surrounded by cobweb filled trees watched by a hidden giant spider
25 A sacred stone erected under a rock formation is protected by angry young elves
26 A crumbling stone hut with a worn shrine is populated with fat belching drunk halfling thugs
27 A crumbling statue is guarded by a mad monk who assumes everyone is a threat
28 A crumbling wooden porch on a cliff face houses a row of small spirit shrines protected by a tiger
29 A wooden archway covering a broken statue is protected by crowman swordmaster
30 Stone shelf with hundreds of broken urns and small headless statues where teen ogres throw rocks
31 A crumbled heap from a worn black basalt obelisk, angry frogmen attack defilers of this holy spot
32 A badly damaged statue of the vampire bat goddess among dead trees is watched by the bat cult
33 A non functional fountain with a broken statue of the lamprey god, with lamprey men pilgrims
34 Crude statue of serpent man face, a crack in the earth in front of it is emitting strange fumes
35 Statue of multi limb demon with broken weapons, cultist martial artists lurk nearby
36 Carving of hairy horned wing demon with human slaves in cliff, a demon boar guards it
37 Cliff face with hundreds of elder pictographs, some defaced, guarded by degenerate morlocks
38 Strange grey stone cone with sighs of blood sacrifices, cannibal cult live nearby
39 Statue of insect god, weathered by age guarded by a giant insect guardian like a preying mantis
40 Statue of huge fat fish swallowing people, a huge fish man berserker lurks nearby
41 Rubble and foundations of long lost destroyed village, were rats live in a cellar
42 Crumbling shacks abandoned during a plague, a goat man wight keeps humans away
43 Row of cottages mostly collapsed, feral children hiding go berserk in fear if discovered
44 Old crossroads overgrown with vegetation, including a store and shacks, swarms of rats live inside
45 Burned out shacks with charred skeletons inside, any fires started summons a salamander
46 Stone foundations and fire pits from stone age, dug up by treasure hunters, home to elder ghouls
47 Crumbling clay adobe shacks, adopted as camp by reptile men bandits
48 Termite ruined collapsing log cabins from log lost settlement, home to a grumpy owlbear
49 Remains of overgrown village half buried by mudslide, badger men have dug a underground lair
50 Ghost town abandoned after mine closed decades ago, doppelgangers welcome visitors
51 Crumbling wall of ancient design with odd battlement style, a redcap bandit lurks here
52 A long collapsed tower with a skeleton wizard trapped inside hostile to treasure hunters
53 Wooden watch tower semi hidden among tree tops, angry vulture men guard nest on top
54 Remains of small log fort overgrown with vines, tribe of forest goblins have occupied
55 Crumbling strange gatehouse half buried, degenerate albino sake men live in tunnels underneath
56 Crumbling remains of stone from once sprawling fortress complex, armed skeletons roam by night
57 Overgrown hill fort with remains of paths and scattered bones, witches gather to collect bones
58 Huge mound of stones from collapsed small keep, cursed fox spirit woman cannot leave
59 Forgotten guard house with supplies and last few patriotic bearded old men still on duty
60 Scattered rubble from ancient fortress with a few intact wall sections, ghouls roam by night
61 Abandoned miners cottages, smelt pits, piles of ore and mine entrances where kobolds now live
62 Sawmill complex sheds overgrown with trees, a treeant and his needlemen keep humans away
63 Massive wool dyeing complex with hundreds of coloured pits, moaning spirit haunts by night
64 Ancient ruined milling complex on scale nobody uses today, devil swine and human slaves
65 Quarry with remains of cut rock, tunnels and dirty pools, large cavemen mega tribe meet here
66 Old boat yard here from when river used to flow, angry tribe of frog men use as camp now
67 Remains of huge cistern under long gone town, unhappy albino fish men tribe dwell here now
68 Stone age quarry with half carved out menhirs and crude statues, brutish orcs camp here now
69 Crumbled foundations of store house complex overgrown with ferns, wild boars shelter here
70 Dilapidated complex once a weapon factory for orcs, some still gather here looking for scraps
71 Worn house size stone head on side, worshiped by mongrel men as ancestor or creator
72 Stone spheres overgrown with tree roots, some smashed by treasure hunters, upsets local hill giant
73 Huge carved stone block abandoned mid move from quarry, sacred to local kobolds
74 Crumbling amphitheater in hillside, haunted by spirits of gladiators who died here long ago
75 Headless statue on plinth (head under leaves not human), cultist lurk in tiny hidden cave
76 Huge statue of mounted horseman, fallen and broken with several horrible centaurs nearby
77 Battered small pyramid tip exposed guarded by jackal men who hate robbers
78 Mysterious stone spheres and heads buried around forest watched by savage tribesmen
79 Sinkhole penetrates roof into a prehuman dome where albino ape men guard treasure
80 Semi flooded memorial hall entry through roof hole, with rows of crumbling statues, a medusa lair
81 Buried megalithic temple chamber exposed by flood, lair of a prehistoric ghouls
82 Broken columns surrounding a crumbling mozaic, dedicated to hunting godess, lair of beastmen
83 Circular brick structure from elder times, guarded by angry frog men protecting their shrine
84 Foundations of ancient church with intact cellar where ghasts dwell
85 Ancient stone fire pit and monument to fire elementals, salamander with fire newt cult guard it
86 Battered stone basin and shrine to water elementals, kelpie and water weird guard a treasure
87 Earthen mound with stone menhirs, earth god temple guarded by stag men
88 A broken stone tower with stelae dedicated to air elementals, guarded by a frost salamander
89 Crumbling plaza with broken ancient demon statues, guarded by angry cultists
90 Great worn statue and altar of god of evil, beast men cultists perform sacrifices here
91 A huge monumental archway surrounded by crumbling walls, living shadow stalk by night
92 Section of aqueduct, connected to buried ancient city, used as shelter by ogres
93 Huge crude earthwork stadium, were horses meet here for running races and to eat victims
94 Dilapidated noble feasting hall among remains of earth works, home to a slimy troll
95 Collapsed huge dome with overgrown garden with rare herbs guarded by undead burnt treant
96 Scattered bricks and rubble mounds of long lost city, undead wander the loneley streets by night
97 A ancient quarry has exposed even older megalithic stone megalith, guarded by a toad demon
98 A gaping open cut brick mine was here till miners exposed undead hyena men buried for aeons
99  Cave shelters where cavemen cultists still dwell, preparing a cannibalistic feast of captives
100 Foundations and walls buried in volcanic ash then exposed by flood, ash zombies arise by night

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