Sunday 8 May 2016

d100 What is in that cultist hiding spot?

Can be used as evidence, treasure all kinds of things

d10 Hiding Spots
1 Behind loose bricks in wall or house
2 In old tree stump
3 In old well
4 In secret nook in chimney or fireplace
5 In secret panel in wooden furniture
6 Hidden inside respectable shrine or altar
7 In roof cavity
8 Under floorboards or paving stones
9 Buried in yard
10 Under floor of animal pen

d10 Containers
1 Black leather sack
2 Worn cloth sack
3 Wooden box
4 Clay jar or chamber pot
5 Small wooden chest locked and trapped
6 Wooden barrel or washtub
7 Child's coffin
8 Bundle wrapped in oilskin
9 Wrapped in woven carpet
10 Stuffed in hay bale

d100 What is in that cultist hiding spot
1 Mummified heart pierced by thorns
2 Ancient exotic sacrificial knife
3 Wig and false nose
4 Goat mask and leggings
5 Drum made of strange beast
6 Skull lyre
7 Trousers made of human skin
8 Candles made of human fat
9 Human skull carved with runes
10 Stone phallus
11 Silver medallions with devil or demon names
12 Contract for human soul
13 List of coven members secret names
14 Astrological charts
15 Flute or pan pipes made of human bones
16 Mummified bats
17 Mummified ball of rats with fused tails
18 Demon or devil horn made into cup
19 Evil eye medallion
20 Mortar and pestle with strange powders
21 Narcotic resin and pipe
22 Hallucinogenic dried mushrooms
23 Live snake
24 Dried placenta
25 Strap on spiked phallus
26 Ritual bowls and cups
27 Creepy wooden idol
28 Evil looking puppet
29 Mirror with occult marks on frame
30 Body or paint
31 Ointment that gives otherworldly visions
32 Weird lens lets you see secret stars and constellations
33 Hand of glory
34 Small ritual cauldron
35 Sickle
36 Monster costume
37 Whip
38 Painted cow or stag skull
39 Occult code book
40 Leather cord with thorns tied into it for whipping
41 Ancient squat stone idol
42 Skull of a monster
43 Leather bundle with odd talisman sewn inside
44 Collection of hair and nail trimmings
45 Bag with mummified testicles
46 Toad or newt for licking
47 Roosters egg
48 Cult robes
49 Block of incense
50 Lewd prints of Sabbaths
51 Collection of flint arrow heads and hand tools
52 Remains of dog sacrifice
53 Rug with design for summoning
54 Bag of dried herbs for many medical uses
55 Bottle of dried blood
56 Map to forgotten stone circle
57 Murdered corpse
58 Drugged and bound child
59 Set of ornamental carnival masks
60 Well crafted child doll
61 Dolly or dog made from bundle of wheat
62 Twig dolly
63 Doll with thorns stuck in and real human hair
64 Doll of devil or demon
65 Sacred stone
66 Notes on vices of local villagers (blackmail, recruiting?)
67 Stolen milk from local cows in a bucket
68 Bundle of knotted cords used in weather spells and curses
69 Strange root shaped like ugly screaming baby
70 A familiar spirit in small animal form
71 A imp or gremlin
72 Disguise kit
73 A ledger of evil deeds
74 Stolen items from church
75 Scroll with a demons true name
76 Human meat, salted
77 Formula to predict next high sabbat location and date
78 Map to ruined castle where a demon lives
79 Zombie manservant servant
80 Instruction book for young witches bound in human skin
81 Note with plot to destroy person and family
82 Letter from senior cultist of region
83 Note incriminating minor official as cultist
84 Stolen farm tools with blood on them
85 Pamphlet on spotting cultists from witch hunters
86 Details of witch hunters persona life observed by cult spies
87 A human headed maggot from hell in a sound proofed pot
88 A witch hunter corpse shrunk to six inches impaled on a nail
89 A list of vulnerable youths the cult hopes to recruit
90 A list of people to frame and fake evidence for emergency
91 A newborn goatman baby chewing a chunk of meat
92 Bundled human skeleton
93 A human tail in a jar removed at birth
94 Unholy water in bottle
95 Bottles of beer and strong grog
96 Holy book cover but really a cult manual inside
97 Holy symbol with concealed knife
98 Holy symbol conceals a unholy symbol
99 Silver unholy symbol medallion
100 A list of all innocent people local witch hunters murdered

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