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Hell's Underworld 2

The underworld is mostly colourless and shadowy. The soil is chalky and greyish. Chunks of rubble and loose soil covers most surfaces with crumbling clffs and hills with loose slopes. Mild quakes shake the land. Gloomy skies with dusky light reveal the distant chasm roof. Palid rays of light pierce dust, ash and fog suspended in the air. Stalactites and stalagmites the size of mountains sink into the distance. Caves and crevices are common.

The land is also a depository of wisdom and fructifying powers of fertility for the mundane world. Depositories of ancient documents are a common treasure. As hell is timeless prophetic lore is available also.

Remnants of the past and future can be found. Future remnants like ruins of your home of damned spirits of people you know or future offspring to still be alive can be disturbing. Promiscuous adventurers might be confronted by their dead children wanting attention. Future knowledge might make powers of the underworld vindictive and unwilling to allow you to leave.

The distant past is also to be found in remnants. Powers of ancient beast and hunter cults can be found. And ancient gods forgotten on the mortal world still live here.

While the underworld is dangerous, imprisonment and depressing tedious gloom is more common. The gods imprison the undying enemies of old here to keep an eye of them. Many beings will try to get explorers to help them. Many are starving or desperate for decent food after an eternity of eating dung and ash.

Hazards are obstacles to impede progress which can be avoided by cunning.
Encounters are mostly combat.

d100 Hell's Underworld Hazards
01 Strong winds blow ash clouds
02 Huge electrical storms
03 Strong hail storm
04 Blinding fog
05 Choking smoke clouds
06 Raining burning sulphur
07 Clouds of thousands aggressive bats
08 Rains chunks of rock from cavern ceiling
09 Mountain size stalactite fall from above
10 Violent earthquake shakes ground 

11 Rolling boulders
12 Lightning striking ground

13 Slope of loose rubble will dump travellers into another hazard
14 Avalanche of rubble slides down hill 
15 Massive canyon in earth
16 Crack opens in earth and threatens to swallow explorers up
17 Huge pool of mud
18 Ash heaps that swallow up any who walk on it
19 Mounds of revolting garbage and feces
20 Mounds of jagged bones
21 Stone wall
22 Devil watch tower
23 Gatehouse and wall with officious devil guards
24 Huge bridge with gatehouse and devil guards
25 Devil fortress ahead watches area
26 Devils rounding up unauthorized damned in wrong area
27 Devils fencing off damned with bone fence
28 Devils tormenting giant in a pit, looking for something to do next
29 Demon bounty hunters looking for escaped prisoner or possibly a substitute
30 Devils blinding a cyclops who goes on murderous rampage when they fly away
31 Swarm of starving damned looking for anything (or one) to eat
32 Screaming mob of damned with clubs, screaming and smashing everything 
33 Zombies climbing from burials
34 Angry skeletons searching for something or someone
35 Burning screaming damned running hysterically
36 Phantoms wandering, become angered by living
37 Gibbering phantoms swarming ahead
38 Giant lifting a boulder and hundreds of hungry skeletons swarm out to escape
39 Line of zombies holding hands for a d6 miles
40 Wall of bound hungry zombies that snap at anything near them
41 Giant golem looking for intruders to stomp on (iron or bronze)
42 Wall of living snakes a mix of poison and constrictors
43 Devils tearing off clothes and robbing newly arrived damned
44 Devils herding damned in corals flailing of their flesh and releasing skeletons
45 A huge sleeping hydra in pit ahead
46 A tree with a huge bearded snake offering healing and wisdom and prophecy
47 A gigantic horned snake 
48 Migration of skeleton animals on way to be be reincarnated
49 A demon with swarms of bugs and lesser demon entourage following it
50 A skeleton beast headed shaman is blessing animal skeletons
51 Lake of fire blocks path
52 Volvanic vent explodes just ahead
53 Styx the river of hate ahead causes rage if touched
54 Lethe the river of forgetfulness causes memory loss
55 Archeron the river of pain causes paralyzing agony to the touch
56 Cocytus the river of wailing ahead causes uncontrolable wailing
57 Phlegethon the river of fire in the distance burns to the touch
58 Ferry jetty with bell on one of the underworld rivers (see 53-57)
59 A underworld river with a devil whale or kraken immune to river fx (see 53-57)
60 A flooded open pit mine with aquatic horrors fighting
61 Dragons fighting up ahead
62 Frozen over river (see 53-57)
63 Drunken idiot giants flinging excrement at each other
64 Devils gambling over larvea
65 Cottage of a nighthag
66 Stables where devils tend thoroughbred nightmares
67 Beastmen cavorting and dancing around totem of the beast god
68 Serpent men worshiping a serpent demigod in a fruit tree
69 Nighthags and devils trading in larvae
70 Devils tending larvae pits on look out for rustlers
71 Hyenamen gorging selves on idiotic damned
72 Sheer cliffs
73 Sea of broken bones
74 A stony maze with a monster living in it
75 Sphinxes block the path through a gorge demanding knowledge or riddle battles
76 Hundreds of statues with a cave in the middle where a medusa lives
77 Wizened forest full of harpies
78 Stymphalian birds guarding a relic out in open ahead
79 Huge crowd of damned listening to snappy maxims of a philosopher blocks valley
80 Iron bull killing damned with deadly fumes he exhales 
81 Desolate poisoned waste with corpses and snakes with basilisk king on high point
82 Cyclops orcs building a monument to their ancestor they seek to deify
83 A lamia territory ahead, enthralled damned slaves attempt to kidnap attractive men
84 Erinyes tormenting and strangling a freshly damned king ahead
85 Manticores being jerks and abusing damned souls 
86 Swarms of stirge owls sucking blood from helpless damned
87 Nightmares frolicking in fields, chasing and eating damned souls 
88 Grey ash heaps full of giant ant lions
89 Queue of damned going over horoizon, freak out if any cut through or push in
90 Thousands of squirming snakes cover plain
91 Shallow water full of corpses, actually zombies and will arise to kill living if disturbed
92 Graveyard where hands of zombies burst out of ground if intruders enter
93 Fungus garden with mushroom men growing crops on sleeping damned
94 Wrestling giants with damned watching for winner
95 Two armies of damned fighting in confused melee
96 Damned farmers scratching soil with farm tools, enraged if anyone walks on fields
97 Chimera sleeping on a peak overlooking plains covered in mauled corpses of damned
98 Bronze bulls gather to fight for kingship of herd
99 Underworld satyrs tormenting nymphs, enraged if seen by mortals
100 Crumbling stone bridge over flaming pit guarded by devils

d100 Hell's Underworld Encounters
01 Zombie mammoth on rampage
02 Stampeding zombie bison migrating to hunting grounds
03 Wolf pack tracking mortals
04 Panthers ambush from cliff or tree or by stealth
05 Giant constrictor snakes
06 Several large venomous serpents
07 Bearded or horned wizard snake
08 Lamia (serpant or other beast body) looking for slaves and food
09 Sphynx is hungry but will spare for a riddle or good titbit of information
10 Shedu looking for wicked up to no good in underworld

11 An evil naga seeks slaves and food, will have human or snake men minions
12 Goat beastmen looking for victims to abuse and eat

13 Underworld nymph and her charmed lovers looking to add to her concubines
14 Wild underworld satyrs like to hurl victims into underworld rivers and steal women
15 Hydra hungry for flesh
16 Medusa wearing hood, approaches strangers to petrify them
17 Iron bull with toxic breath angrily attacks any mortals
18 Night hag on a nightmare seeks souls to convert into larvae and use as currency
19 Minotaur warriors looking for food
20 Ogres looking for food or loot
21 Ogre magi seek victims to abuse or sell to other evil beings
22 Devil swine in human form try to offer feast to ambush guests and enslave them
23 Salamanders (flaming lizard type) crawl from fiery crack to attack
24 Giant looking for food
25 Demon bounty hunters seek intruders to sell to devils
26 Devil troop demand intruders surrender and be judged
27 Vulture men demand meat
28 Rat men who hate human like beings and try to eat them
29 Young inexperienced dragon looking for snack and loot
30 Bronze or Iron golem sent to kill party by a god
31 Skeleton soldiers in bronze armour
32 Skeleton warriors sent by underworld lord
33 Zombies surprise by bursting from underground
34 Wights once ancient noble warriors, vassals of death god hunting the living
35 Wraiths arise from earth hungry to eat that which lives
36 Phantom dead rise from the earth demanding food and wine or blood
37 A horrible spectre rises from the earth rattling chains
38 A ghost arises from a pile of bones
39 A ghoul pack hungrily crawl from barren old crypts 
40 A ghast pack climb from old grave pits
41 Werewolves hunting game for a devil lord they serve
42 Werepanthers in the service of the death god hunting intruders
43 A vampire knight serving a underworld goddess
44 A vampiress with a palanquin carried by seven ghouls looking for lovers to eat
45 A chimera comes charging from it's cave lair
46 Manticores on cliff tops surround party hungrily 
47 Flock of harpies shit diseased turds onto explorers then attack
48 Stymphalian birds overhead shower explorers with razor sharp metal feathers
49 Cyclops hungrily steps from cave licking his lips
50 Crippled titan crazed with revenge on mortals
51 Cyclops orcs warriors seek victory for their ancestral god
52 Grey skinned goblins with bone clubs crawl from pits and charge
53 Hobgoblin soldiers on patrol
54 Skeleton chariots roll over a hill and charge
55 Skeleton cavalry gallop furiously towards intruders
56 Skeleton horse archers circle party and fire while avoiding melee
57 Zombie griffons attack from the sky 
58 Earth elemental mixed with human corpses arises from the ground 
59 A fire elemental arises from ashes of a funeral pyre
60 A water elemental formed from the blood arises from a pile of fresh corpses
61 A air elemental full of choking cremation ash flies from above
62 Stirge owls hungry for blood swarm from the sky
63 A lost bard looking for knowledge or his dead love begs for help
64 Hyenamen warriors laughing madly and hungry for flesh
65 Tasmanian devil men crunching on bones exited by sight of meat
66 Giant hungry lizards crawl out from under rocks
67 Baslisk crawls out of a stinking hole
68 Necromancer with cyclops orc followers needs to top up his life force
69 Necromancy students lost by accident
70 Squad of lesser devils demand to see your passport and travel permits
71 Skeleton wizard riding a zombie t-rex looking for trouble
72 Erinyes accuse adventurers of mass murder and have come to strangle and stab them
73 A styx devil in robe with scythe come to punish the living
74 Skeletal giant with sceptre and wig demands you join his commonwealth or die
75 Filthy giant in ruined rich clothes looking for people to eat
76 Swarm of hungry damned souls bezerk with hunger
77 A giant flying stone head lands and filthy beastmen disembark to attack
78 A screaming vengeful pack of women damned looking to tear people apart  
79 Carnivorous albino apes out for revenge on human kind for supplanting them
80 Doomed centaurs mad at everyone, circle with bowfire then use lances to finish off 
81 Giant regenerating lion hungry for humans with grey fur
82 Rotting naked giant with stag skull and antlers for head, hungry for mortals
83 Hellhounds sniffing out those who don't belong here
84 Imps determined to make your life unpleasant, use invisibility or shape shift for tricks
85 Hungry damned horde demand 90% of travellers blood to pass 
86 Old man on a donkey actually a cup bearer of a death god in disguise
87 A damned relative of explorer found a babbling miserable wreck (one of the lucky ones)
88 A ghost galley sailing in sky drops phantom and skeleton pirates who attack
89 A devil prince offers your help, no catches, honestly 
90 Wailing woman in black robes with gold mask actually a banshee
91 Chorus of mourning damned in black robes turn into erinyes if ignored
92 Lady devil riding dragon demands all gold and silver goods
93 Multi headed crowned devil riding giant panther demands all your wealth
94 Mass of hungry damned fused together in a mess of limbs and revolting features
95 Swarm of damned kids attack, while claiming those who hurt them are damned 
96 Ghost town of damned phantoms who arise to drive off any who might touch their stuff 
97 Silent worn stone statue actually a insane stone golem 
98 Son of demon prince orcus with chaos goat men raiding underworld for larvae
99 Fog coalesces into a hungry giant before explorers eyes
100 Hydrodaemons flop out of body of water greedy for tasty humanish flesh

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