Thursday 21 January 2016

d100 Strange Wells

Been making a d100 magic animals but found part of this in notebook and got kids on field trip to help me. Popped out pretty quick. I have gained enough hours at work to stay in town so looking for affordable rent space where i can paint and make art. If not I will move to canberra where a buddy has a house and garage. Had so much fun last sun gaming will squeeze in another BRP sunday of Roadwar and Cthulhu Rome. Got a few more minis and toys too. Ran my Zombie Rush game with kids and have fairly well worked out now so will post sometime.

Most commoners hav sayings like "if the waters good dont ask" or "only a fool questions a good thing". Commoners avoid murder hobo traits like curiosity and seldom look in a well unless a child falls in.

d10 Well Shaft Type

01 A hole in the earth hidden to most by rocks or grass muddy and narrow
02 A crude carved hole in the stone cramped and winding hidden by rocks
03 A sinkhole entering into possible cave complex and ancient remains
04 A clean shaft into earth with cleared space around it in open
05 A smoothly carved stone shaft with chiseled hand holds in stone or ladder
06 A square shaft lined with crude stones which increasingly become slimier
07 A shaft of neatly carved stone blocks fitted with great precision
08 A brick lined shaft with a rusty iron staple ladder going into depths 
09 A slime covered winding shaft caked in living matter surrounded by mud
10 Perfectly smooth shaft in obsidian, cleared area around it and shaft marked with sigils

d10 Fittings

01 None - bare and primative, BYO rope, bucket etc
02 Rope with crude bucket tied to rock
03 Wooden lid with padlock, rope and bucket inside
04 Iron bars locked with chain and bucket
05 A shadoof with irrigation ditch leading to fields or a catchment pond
06 Wooden hut with rope winch and bucket
07 Crude stone shelter with rope and bucket
08 Old fountain with statue, a hand cranked pump, iron bars cover well
09 Well dressed carved stone bricks with chain winch and bucket
10 Carved stone shrine visited by pilgrims, chain and bucket

d10 Water

01 A shallow dirty pool
02 A rapid flowing subterranean stream
03 A underground river
04 A deep dark pool
05 Ancient stone cistern
06 Slimy contaminated pool
07 Muddy puddle but water regular and can be filtered
08 Swirling pool of churning foaming water
09 Sweet pool of clear water seeping through rocks
10 Slightly magical well, sparkling, glowing or weird colour 

d10 Whats below?

01 Small cramped chamber
02 A natural grotto covered in calcium formations
03 A series of caves with d5 chambers
04 A complex of caves d10+2 chambers
05 Cavern complex connected to local dungeons
06 Cavern complex connected to local subterranean underland
07 Winding cramped root filled passages
08 Man made complex d4+2 chambers  d4 1=cellar 2=tomb 3=hideout 4=shrine
09 Man made complex d10+2 chambers d4 1=granary 2=temple 3=dungeon 4=armoury
10 Complete dungeon complex

d10 Quick contents
01 Rubbish and remains
02 Vermin horrors
03 Ancient caves and ruins
04 Hideout 
05 Humanoids and demihumans
06 Monsters
07 Haunted
08 Magic
09 Cursed
10 Weird

d100 Well Features
01 Strewn with garbage, broken tools and mud
02 Garbage and sacrificial animal bones
03 Remains of animal bones and human sacrifices 
04 Remains of murder victims and unwanted children
05 Children in hiding from cruel family, disaster, cult or slavers 
06 Homeless hobos hiding from local thugs and landlords
07 Hermit living in solitude to meditate
08 Thousands of corroded copper coins from well wishers
09 Thousands of broken pots and bottles with some intact
10 Pots of chemicals and reject potions dumped by alchemists servants

11 Hundreds of rats crawling everywhere possibly some giant ones
12 Filled with cobwebs and huge spiders, possibly a giant one or two

13 A huge snapping turtle trapped here and always hungry
14 Crawling with snakes, some huge and venomous
15 Lizards crawling everywhere possibly a giant one like a gecko or cave lizard 
16 Carnivorous ripper fish swarm, biting and hold on to prey
17 Gigantic frog king and hordes of fist sized followers that croak loudly at night
18 Scorpions crawling about possibly a giant one
19 Giant centipedes possibly some huge and gigantic specimens
20 Aquatic carnivorous insect larvae possibly parents like giant dragonflies near by
21 A ancient druid cave shrine with delightful grotto hidden from humanity
22 A shrine with a elderly hermit caretaker seeking a place of solace 
23 A gallery of stone age paintings and mud sculpture, with ancient animal remains 
24 A secret cult shrine possibly still used, often cursed and possibly with treasure 
25 A crypt hidden here long ago 1in6 defiled with undead
26 A secret jail cell with remains of prisoner from long ago
27 A tarpit with remains of ancient animals possibly a few tar infused undead animals
28 Remains of a dilapidated lost temple to some forgotten god
29 Ruined remains of lost civilization with cyclopean rocks and sigils covered in rubble
30 A geothermal pool bubbling cozily, used by ancients as bath and steam room 
31 Gang of bandits hideout with secret entries to surface
32 Gang of thieves hideout for loot and members needing to be hidden
33 Band of inbred cannibals live here occasionally kidnapping surface folk 
34 Band of homeless murder hobos live here to keep loot safe 
35 Adventurers hidden base in here to keep loot safe
36 Wanted criminals hiding here till hunt for them blows off
37 Serial killers live here with collections of human skins and bones
38 A guild use as a secret store room with possible secret entry to local business
39 A witch coven meets and hides here from the patriarchy
40 A magician hides here from the mob 
41 A gang of kobolds building stuff like waterwheels, traps and nests
42 A goblin garden cult have planted food and medicinal fungi
43 Hobgoblins lair here, robbing and stealing by night
44 Bugbears family home, like to creep about by night scaring people especialy kids and oldies
45 Orc bandits lurk here by daylight hours 
46 Dwarves live here with pets and sound proof workshop
47 Elves lurk here d4 1=exiles 2=spies 3=refugees 4=always lived here 
48 Hobbits live here crafting and gorging and possibly theiving
49 Gnomes clan live here operating a d4 1=workshop 2=general store 3=farm 4=alchemy lab
50 Monstrous humanoid lair d4 1=ogre 2=troll 3=stoopid giant or ettin or cyclops 4=formarian
51 An ancient golem commanded to guard well chamber aeons ago
52 A long trapped albino dinosaur placed here by lizard men, some are undead fossils 
53 Dragon with stunted wings and serpentine features, injured and thrown down well as hatchling
54 Gargoyle guardians hidden among stalactites guarding a mysterious calcified door
55 Lycanthrope lair to cover up murder sprees also to keep clothing, treasure and victim bodies 
56 A stone sealed box with a basilisk or cockatrice inside, if escapes will poison well and area
57 A tentacled well kraken horror planted by cultists long ago, mostly it hibernates in hiding
58 A great underground worm or burrowing bug nests here
59 Monstrous bat creatures like giant vampire bats or doombats lair with thousands of ordinary bats
60 Giant albino freshwater crayfish with impressive pincers nips and eats travellers 
61 A sinister old hag or witch dwell here with her pets, adopted children or sisters
62 A ghost, spectre or phantom hovers over the remains of corpse or sarcophagi
63 Piles of human corpses if disturbed arise as zombies, possibly of a superior kind left by a cult
64 Piles of human bones if disturbed arise as skeletons, guarding some ancient necromancer trinket
65 Pits where ghouls sleep by day before nocturnal feasts, defend lair to death if awakened
66 Phantoms reenact their glory days repeatably, ignoring the living
67 A poltergeist spirit where a angry murder victim was dumped 
68 A petty demon or devil lairs here trying to spread local evil and influence (possibly imp or quasit)
69 Mummy crypt from prehistory intered here, keen to murder intruders
70 Withered corpses frozen in agony distract intruders while the unliving shadows arise and ambush
71 Sorcerers lair with dug gen and stoned followers seeking thrills and enlightenment
72 Wizard who moved here for privacy long ago studies here with aprentices
73 Priest guards this spot 1=sacred site 2=holy grave 3=cult treasure hole 4=remains of ancient evil
74 Druid cult meet here and gods demand intruders are sacrificed
75 Necromancer lair with exotic assembled hybrid undead, master might be living dead
76 Summoners lair with animal cages and mystic circles carved into stone floor
77 Elementalist lair with summoning sigils carved into ground and elemental beast guardians
78 Evil sect of spell users meeting lodge with magical guardians
79 Alchemist lair with laboratory, a great monster awaits unborn inside a huge glass apparatus
80 Tribal shaman with guardian and ancestral spirits lairs here since clan was destroyed long ago
81 A hiding spot for a long lost evil relic or magical item forgotten from minds of mortals
82 A temple of a prehuman primordial god of darkness, a guardian lurks for unwary 
83 Doorway sealing a great evil away, tempting voices and illusions bid intruders open the door
84 Strange archway d4 1=class swap 2=gender swap 3=race swap 4=turns you into a monster 
85 Bizarre archway d4 1=alignment change 2=teleporter 3=turn you undead 4=time travel
86 Relic drains magic items, imprisoned in stone mostly and difficult to remove and has a guardian
87 Pool, mirror or crystal ball that allows you to commune with a evil lost god
88 Evil relic used by infamous antihero in past, only works for evil and difficult to destroy
89 Pool of bubbling primal chaos guarded by oozes mutates those who touch it
90 Evil talking relic is imprisoned here will give bad advice and tell half truths to create problems
91 Underground casino operated by locals or non human
92 Goblin market selling strange shrooms and petty magic
93 Hidden monastery where monks train in secret fighting arts 
94 A long forgotten lab with preserved brains and other organs in jars
95 A magical being asleep since dawn times d4 1=titan 2=sphynx 3=dragon 4=angel
96 Healing magical spring hidden from main water source
97 Magical fountain with strange properties
98 Being asleep since dawn times d6 1=titan 2=sphynx 3=dragon 4=angel 5=elder god 6=
99 Spirit or dragon appointed to control local weather by heaven
100 Dimensional gateway with other planar guard 


  1. These are outstanding. Can't wait to use these tables while world building.

  2. Now, THIS was well thought out. Out-standing!


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