Friday, 29 January 2016

d100 whats in a bugbears backpack

So post xmas had work cut, evicted, lost pension benefits without being informed, and generally coping poorly. Possibly moving to Canberra for a fresh start as working 4 or 5 jobs on call and varying rosters too hard and rent too close to benefits to be able to live if i get worse. Working through a list of stuff to help myself but here is a quickie for bugbear bags. One project after i move is to scan 32 years of gaming notes, journals and drawings so i can throw them out which should give me a few meters of space.

Bugbears are the mightiest of goblioids and en mass or by ambush scary into high levels. Solitary ones enjoy head hunting and scaring people for fun. Groups are often elite goblinoid special forces. Parents warn children about bugbears who delight in kidnapping and acting like bogeymen. While they dont mind eating kids they prefer to traumatise them for life. Other practical jokes and home invasions like getting under a child's bed or pooping in a farmers boots are a test of their sneaking skills and earn them honour. They get prestige from best joke stories around the clan hearth.

d100 whats in a bugbears backpack
01 Collection of shrunken heads
02 Pickled head in jar, pot or small barrel
03 Ear necklace
04 Head cheese - compressed preserved head sliced for sandwiches
05 Collection of garrotes
06 Collection of teeth
07 Bottles of hair dye to keep looking young
08 Ceramic jar of pickled d6 1=fingers 2=cabbage 3=radish 4=eggs 
09 Flayed and oiled human skin to keep of rain or scare people
10 Scalp collection

11 Bag of toenail clipping useful in afterlife to build boats to cross the Styx
12 Collection of used bandages

13 Dried dead rats for stew stock
14 Jar of leeches for first aid
15 Iron fire poker
16 Iron slave brand
17 Length of chain and leg irons or manacles
18 Whetstone and oil for sharpening blades
19 Tinderbox and human tallow candles
20 Bone needles and woven hair thread
21 Bone fishing hooks and line
22 Jellied eel or lampreys in jar
23 Pipe and dried mushrooms
24 Soap made from human tallow
25 Jar of animal urine for hunting or jokes
26 Bag of catnip and rolling papers for smoking
27 Gremlin in a jar
28 Scented oil to drive away fleas
29 Dried children's bones for toothpicks or snacks
30 Jack O Lanterns and candle
31 Bitter melons
32 Bag of mushrooms
33 Chunks of mystery dried meat
34 Jar full of honey
35 Jar full of hallucinogenic fever inducing honey
36 Henbane and other mild ingested poison 
37 Jar of fermented feces, urine and blood for coating weapons
38 A chewed up dead young goat
39 Necklace of children's skulls
40 A drugged stolen sleeping baby being kept for later
41 Jar of toxic salt for preserving skins
42 Bag of unwashed socks
43 Crude ancestral miniature of ancestor
44 Collection of mercenary contracts from many different races
45 Cat O Nine Tails or bullwhip
46 Bundle of darts
47 A giants toenail
48 Shaving kit
49 Collection of cheap necklaces
50 Leather bag of loose change
51 Treasure map 
52 Collection of pretty rocks
53 Pickled wizards tongue
54 Blood sausage
55 Fragment of statue
56 Demonic cult medallion
57 Camouflage cloak covered in dead leaves and dirt
58 Blowpipe, darts and 
59 Bone whistle makes scary noises
60 Horn for signalling
61 Drum with human skin
62 Fat 40lb bugbear baby, indignant but quiet
63 Musk attractive to bugbears seeking love
64 Exotic coins from underland
65 Troglodyte musk glands fermented in sealed pot
66 Bottle of terrible bugbear grog
67 Skin of fermented hog milk
68 Dried bats or stirge
69 Huge eggshell containing wine
70 Human skull oil lamp
71 Stolen children's toys
72 Bag of dried barley
73 Fancy grog d4 1=dark elf wine 2=dwarf brandy 3=hobbit beer 4=spiced rum
74 Bottle of phosphorescent slime good for making scary decoys
75 Bag of sawdust
76 Stinking flea ridden bedroll
77 Length of woven bugbear hair rope
78 Wooden mallet and iron spikes
79 Wooden clogs
80 Nail polish
81 Dented pewter tankard
82 Cooks clever
83 Thieves tools set
84 Bear or fox trap
85 Length of twine for fishing or traps 
86 White sheet with eye holes for ghost impersonations
87 Black soot makeup for recon missions 
88 Slingshot
89 Bag of huge thorns for traps and torture
90 Bag of dried beans
91 Bag of onions or garlic
92 Loaf of bread with mice cooked in it for flavour
93 Plush bugbear toy for kids back home
94 Bag of children's clothes or nappies
95 Crude wooden mask
96 Carved wooden ladle and birch bark cooking pot
97 Winter fur cape
98 Sealed bag of bedbugs or fleas
99 Ring of keys from past guard jobs
100 Bagged and gagged kobold or goblin slave


  1. You really should do this, no one could ever feel cheated for lack of material.

  2. I'm too cheap to contribute to anyone's Patreon, but I would buy a pdf of your stuff on RPGNOW.


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